Jon Ossoff with most of his money from California filled our damn airwaves with his bullshit and the second most of his money for all that crap was from New York. In affluent North Atlanta where President Donald Trump won by two percentage points MORE THAN TWICE that is our VOICE SPEAKING AGAIN. Despite all the shit disgruntled same-old-story Democrats fed us with California and New York MONIES telling US how to vote WE voted AGAIN as always since 1979. Citizenship for lawbreakers NOT PAYING TAXES and DRIVING WITHOUT a license is NOT MY IDEA of where we need to be and neither is someone who can’t even be BOTHERED to LIVE IN MY DAMN DISTRICT. Piss-off Jon Ossoff who says he isn’t even sure he will run in 2018 AT ALL.

You told us all day every day how Jon Ossoff would win.  He not only did not win but lost by MORE than twice the percentage points President Donald Trump beat Hillary with.  That is a BLOW-OUT loss of a liberal bleeding heart.  We hate Nancy Pelosi here in the 6th district.




All of us.


And so the democratic stronghold in California and New York send ALL their monies HERE to TELL us how to vote.


NO other ad ran.


Just Jon Ossoff.


You called my cell phone repeatedly.


You stood outside the voting place.


You sat in benches with T-shirts on outside the polling place.


And you rallied support for your side thinking Southerners are backwards stupid uneducated and needed YOU to tell US how to vote.


They even showed-up trying to vote when they do not live in the 6th district.  Why not ?  Your candidate does not even live here either.  He lives in an apartment and easily could have represented HIS DISTRICT by living here among us.  But no that is too much damn trouble for Democrats.


They told us in EVERY POLL Jon Ossoff would win and did win.


Then we voted.


They told us THEN that it is a referendum against Republicans with their tired old rhetoric.


They never did tell us that Jon Ossoff wants to give citizenship to cheating lawbreakers who do NOT pay taxes and don’t have a driver’s license.


They told us how attractive Jon Ossoff is.


They told us that Republicans would not control the House.  We have 47 more Republicans than Democrats.  47.


And the Democrats who are MOSTLY from out West and up North tell us how bad all this is.  You can’t win.  Even when you tell us how you WILL you don’t.


Jon Ossoff ?


Really ?


Nearly three-quarters of us have college degrees and make $ 160 thousand dollars a year every year.


And you bring your tired bullshit down here to our airwaves to tell US how to vote ?


I am so fed-up with your tired worn-out rhetoric of how bad all this is for YOU.


It is a BLOW-OUT of Biblical Proportions by MORE than twice the percentage points President Donald Trump beat Hillary with.


It is NOT at ALL what you said it would be.


You LOST again.


Your leaders in the Democratic Party are NOT our leaders.


We’re SMARTER than that.


I have news for you in California and New York that not only are you out-of-touch but also we do NOT like your kind.  Try your tired old bullshit somewhere else.


Jon Ossoff has the lead.  Jon Ossoff will win.  Those of you who did show-up to vote were pissed-off.  You are EVEN more so now.


Jon Ossoff was defeated by MORE than TWICE that by which Hillary was here.  Make them citizens ?  Tell them to vote for you then – try THAT.  Give us YOUR GUY who doesn’t even BOTHER to TRY to live in my district ?


Bad job Democrats.  Bad ads.  Wrong idea.  I am sick and tired of your ads Democrats.


Take your cash back to California and to New York the number one and number two places where all those ad monies came from and BURN IT THERE dumbasses.


You LOST again.  Ha ha.  Lol.


You don’t listen – do you ?


I listen.  I studied your words.  I get it.  You do not.  There were 71 better shots for Democrats than this 71.


Who told US we lose to Jon Ossoff ?  SurveyUSA GBA Strategies/House Majority PAC (D) Gravis Marketing Anzalone Liszt Grove Research (D) WSB/Landmark Communications Trafalgar Group Revily FOX 5 Atlanta/Opinion Savvy AJC/Abt Associates


6-20-2017 at 11:35 p.m.

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