I came across my 1975 Russell Hall Cork Bulletin board list of Night Clubs in my Summer Cleaning just now with all this rain we got. Here it is.

I checked-marked the first night club B&L Warehouse 244 Oconee 546-6860. We all went down there the first night after moving-in. That would have been 1975. I never returned nor went to the many other night clubs listed.


I was there at UGA for an education. I knew what I wanted. I was not side-tracked.  I was working full-time as restaurant manager training all the assistant managers for all 17 restaurants our chain owned at the time. Dad figured I could do better. He would pay for my college if I would go.


I kept working.


I chose to be in Russell Hall in-between Brumby and Creswell and chose the room one floor up from the basketball court. I signed-up for 7:50 a.m. class and ran them consecutively until after the noon rush at Snelling Dining Hall. Then I would return to my room and study until I was ahead in every class. Then I played basketball until I dropped. Then shower and back to Snelling for dinner. Then to bed very early with a night light studying and reading on-and-off until classes the next day including all weekends never going back to Atlanta.


I would wake-up at 5 a.m. and be the rabbit for the Track Team then shower and then go to work in the mornings for an hour or so and then go to Snelling for breakfast then classes.  I NEVER missed a class.


239 hours of all A later I made a B finally in my senior year at UGA. I went straight through including full loads every Summer.  Dean Fluellen had to approve my class schedule since I was WAY OVER-LOADED on hours.  Reluctantly at first I talked him into it and later-on he was just proud of me.  I was a Walk-On and never played.


I have $ 5 million including retirement to show for it.


The other night clubs listed ?


B&L Warehouse 244 Oconee 546-6860

Chameleon 110 Foundry St. 543-1136

Daddy’s Dollar 230 North Findley St. 543-6511

Dog House 198 W. Broad 548-9356

Embers Lounge at Howard Johnson’s 2455 W. Broad 548-1111

Episode 247 247 E. Washington 549-9574

ERA 1930 at the Station 95 Hoyt St. 549-4081

Fifth Quarter 2260 W. Broad 543-9422

Frog Pond at Ramada Inn 513 W. Broad 546-8122

George’s Place 2240 Atlanta Highway 543-9419

The Hedges 1294 Prince Ave. 543-9190

Inn Place at Holiday Inn Broad & Hull 549-4433

Irelands 1063 Baxter St. 543-9190

J&J Center 1720 Commerce Rd. 543-9335

The Last Resort 184 W. Clayton St. 546-6262

Marty’s Garter Lounge 1075 Baxter St. 543-3333

Playmate Lounge Atlanta Highway 548-9328

The Prime Time 2303 W. Broad 549-5982

Somebody’s Uptown Clayton & Lumpkin 546-6681

T.K. Harty’s at the Station 549-5052

The Other Place 450 E. Hancock 543-9424


Why point this out now that Summer Vacation is in swing ?


Because it is MY HOPE that 2017 all the players and coaches are dedicated to DOING the BEST THEY CAN DO at their studies and sports and as well STAY OUT of the night clubs.


Yes Athens is the # 1 college football town.  THAT was NOT what I was there for.




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