Zamir White ranked # 7 overall prospect nationally and the # 1 running back nationally 2018 has offers and is dearly wanted by Alabama Ohio State Notre Dame Florida Auburn Clemson Florida State LSU Ole Miss NC State North Carolina Nebraska Oklahoma Penn State Wisconsin South Carolina vols Michigan and Miami of Florida Mark Richt but Kirby Smart CONTINUES his GREAT RECRUITING and gains his commitment since we do lose Nick Chubb and Sony Michel after this 2017 season. His number is jersey # 34. He is 6′ 1″ and 220 lbs. from Scotland High who won the North Carolina STATE CHAMPIONSHIP 2011. It is 296 miles mostly out I-20. Zamir White is a good-looking fine young man.

We have a ton of success in North Carolina.


I know how that STINGS to ALL the colleges in North Carolina.


We ALWAYS recruit the state of North Carolina extremely well.


Kirby CONTINUES his successes in RECRUITING.


Kirby also has a GOOD defense.


This commitment moves UGA to # 10 nationally in average rank per recruit for 2018 giving us 7 commitments so far with a full class of 25 to sign since we lose by my count 20 who STARTED here at Georgia after this 2017 season as AVAILABLE SCHOLARSHIPS.  Our average rank per recruit jumped to 3.57 for 2018.







A coach can be judged to be a good coach if he PLAYS good players.  That seems to be a secret to some that that really does make the coach seem to be a good coach when he has good players.


I tend to be technical.


This 2017 season is so important for Kirby and it promises to be I think SEC Championship ending the 3rd longest drought in our entire history.  With the 150-year anniversary of collegiate football the year after next we have a proud tradition and a great school.




More than 4 losses a season for 9 years now today has to end somewhere and 2017 is IT.





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