“Richt Era: 15 Years in Athens” (book): by Han Vance Big Hairy Blawg.com : WHO GIVES A SHIT 600 days today AFTER we FIRED HIM with cause ?



2008 until fired in 2015 for his 73-32 record an average of 4 losses a season his last entire 8 years here and 600 days ago today we FIRED him for it so today you write a book about it.  Did you SAY THAT once Han Vance Big Hairy Blawg ?


Do I need to read it to know whether you did or did NOT say that Han Vance ?  Well do I boy ?


Let me know Han Vance ?


He’s NOT our coach.  Kirby is.  Try figuring it out Han Vance.  What kind of a name is Han Vance anyway ?  You’re NOT Big Hairy Dawg.  Han Vance wanted me to write for him but I told him that I would determine what to write and when NOT HIM.


Mark Richt LOST it after 2007.  He lost a dozen games after 2007 to unranked teams.  Mark Richt was # 41 in the nation with the average # 7 recruiting ranking vs top 15 teams after 2007 losing 20 of his 27 games against the top 15 after 2007 for his last entire 8 years here for # 11 all-time wins’ program UGA Georgia Bulldogs.


Mark Richt LOST 20 of his 27 games against Top 15 teams AP Poll or Coaches’ Poll time of game his last entire 8 years making us the God Damn Laughing Stock of the entire nation with his average # 7 recruiting ranking by Scout.com.  He peed his pants on the national stage for 8 years and you write a freaking book about him 600 days after we fired him for it Han Vance.  Wow boy.


No one CARES about Mark Richt June 29 of 2017 when we FIRED HIM November 29 of 2015 some 600 days ago dumb shit.


So you write a book 600 days later.  Whoopee !


Good riddance to the guy – a nice guy mind you – but a bad coach after 2007.


15 years of Mark Richt ?  It is a tale of 2 halves of his career.  His first half of his time here he was good.  The second half of the Mark Richt Era after 2007 his latest 8-year period he was ONLY 73-32 averaging 4 losses per season for his last entire 8 years.  Telling me 600 days LATER that he did this or that is telling me about what he did NOT his entire 15 years here but what he IN FACT did here his last 8 years for which he was FIRED summarily.  He could not beat the top teams any longer.  He lost to unranked teams 1 or 2 a year all of a sudden.  He got blown-out on the national stage when he NEVER did that either 2001 through 2007.


He quit caring.


Write a book about what Mark Richt did his LAST 8 YEARS here.


Try that dumbass.





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