We all know that Mark Richt WASTED TALENT. It is just like we did last year 2016 too. Some examples are AJ Green going ONLY 24-15 won/lost here as a player starting only 27 of his 39 games and NOW he is the NFL # 23 best OVERALL player 2017. Despite ranked RISE # 1 OVERALL PROSPECT in high school AJ Green starts only 27 of his 39 games here. So Mark Richt KNEW he had to start AJ Green MORE than 27 of his 39 games here. And we all recall as well the WASTING here TOO of Geno Atkins the Florida 5-AAAAA PLAYER OF THE YEAR in high school. ONLY to start for Mark Richt ONLY 23 starts of Mark Richt’s 39 games of Geno Atkins’ time here at UGA. Only NOW to find Geno Atkins is the # 43 BEST PLAYER in the NFL 2017 today as well. Head-scratching decisions such as THESE just stand-out in our recent head coach decisions to NOT PLAY our BEST PLAYERS and to NOT TAKE ADVANTAGE of the TALENT on our teams and SUFFER as a result. We FIRED Mark Richt for it. What will Kirby do 2017 with all this talent ranked # 5 most talented team in all of America 2017. Is Kirby going to DRAG HIS FEET again like Mark Richt did his last 8 years of mediocrity here – us with our average of MORE than 4 losses per season for 9 years now and counting. Let’s look at that to see what Kirby will do 2017 shall we ?

# 43 player overall of 1696 NFL players 2017 : Geno Atkins started ONLY 23 of 39 games for Mark Richt.   58% basically started only slightly more than half of his games here.  Now Geno Atkins is top 2% in the NFL coming here ranked state of Florida 5-AAAAA PLAYER OF THE YEAR in high school.  Idiot coaching.



# 28 player overall of 1696 NFL players 2017 : AJ Green started ONLY 27 of 39 games as well for Mark Richt.   69% basically started 2 of every 3 games here and yet now  AJ Green is top 2 % in the NFL.  Coming here ranked RISE # 1 player in the nation in high school Mark Richt was stubborn about that which he should have known better.  This blog certainly told him.  Idiot coaching.






What is Kirby going to do on our :

  1. Offensive Line 2017 after NOT PLAYING Ben Cleveland last year
  2. after ONLY giving Mecole Hardman Junior one touch all of 2016
  3. after NOT giving Brian Herrien the starts to begin last season when BOTH Sony Michel AND Nick Chubb were BOTH INJURED
  4. after NOT STARTING Jacob Eason but Greyson Lambert the 2016 season by Kirby not so smart then when Kirby had FAILED to give ANY snaps with the # 1 unit to Jacob Eason making Jacob Eason the starter ANYWAY without the requisite experience with the # 1 unit
  5. after NOT STARTING Isaac Nauta except for 5 games of the 13 games 2016 THROW-AWAY SEASON despite Isaac Nauta named the # 2 OVERALL best football player in the state of FLORIDA coming-in only to make All-America despite only 5 starts in 13 games 2016 for Isaac Nauta.



The beat goes on…


I will tell you what I think based upon what I have seen from Kirby ALL OF 2017 and that is that he is going to HOLD-BACK all his offensive linemen AGAIN that he is STOCKPILING here and play INSTEAD little guys on the OL as he has indicated he will ruining 2017 a year of such promise I Guaranteed an SEC Championship for Kirby 2017.  And I think and predict as well that Kirby will hold-back JJ Holloman as well.


Because that is what our coaches do here.


Isn’t it ?


Then they make it to the NFL and are recognized as the top 2 % of the ENTIRE NFL.


Our best players here at UGA Georgia Bulldogs certainly join the NFL WELL-RESTED.  I can tell you that.


How do we average MORE than 4 losses a year for 9 years now DESPITE ALL THIS TALENT ?


Idiot coaching.


When are our coaches going to WAKE-UP  ?








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