Kirby says we’re a young team but PHIL STEELE says UGA is 3rd in the MAJOR CONFERENCES in EXPERIENCE 2017 and trail only Auburn in The SEC.

If you consider that Phil Steele shows Kirby’s OL 2017 as the WEAKEST LINK in experience on our roster 2017 really then this is a huge ADVANTAGE for Kirby 2017.


NOT one of his weaknesses.


In fact since the OL trotted-out by Mark Richt who REMAIN Kirby’s odd choices to START again 2017 despite their diminutive stature are in fact our one weakest link on experience according to Phil Steele TODAY then really this is ANOTHER ADVANTAGE KIRBY HAS 2017 because Kirby surely should NOT be starting small OL but the stock-piled BIG BOYS on the OL he has been recruiting last year and this year.


So if Kirby learns anything from the EXPERIENCE LEVEL he has on his ROSTER 2017 then he would START the recruits from last year and this year on the OL and become a play-off contender 2017.


Phil Steele # 1 Pre-Season Magazine




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