HAPPY 4th of JULY. If the main problem on the field in execution of the offense 2016 wasn’t the offensive line then the OL would have blocked better for the run too and they did NOT.

Happy 4th of July !





So I think the ONLY FOCUS for Kirby this Summer is to figure out how to replace the OL , which remains, with his top OL recruits of his 2016 and 2017 signing classes because the guys who could not beat-out those who left after last season CERTAINLY are NOT the ones to play 2017.


THAT would insure The SEC Championship 2017 I have GUARANTEED.


Of course if Kirby stays the course he has headed down and starts all these UNDER-SIZED OL instead then 2017 is shot when 2018 will see Kirby working with a DEPLETED ROSTER due to having the MOST NFL DRAFT PICKS in the entire nation after this 2017 season.




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