Archie Manning says : “Jacob Eason’s mechanics were good and the ball was coming out good last weekend at the Manning Passing Academy in Thibodaux Louisiana. There’s no reason to believe that Jacob Eason is not going to get better and better. Kirby agreed with me when I called him to ask Kirby to have Jacob Eason come to kind of be around Peyton Manning. Peyton’s right at almost 6-foot-6 himself and there are a lot of similarities there in their style. Jacob Eason picked up some things from Peyton and from Eli Manning. That is why I wanted and asked for Jacob Eason to attend the camp this weekend being as young as he is. I am certain that Jacob Eason picked up some things. I liked what I saw from Jacob Eason as he also carries himself well on and off the field. From my observation I thought Jacob Eason did very well. One night it was in the rain and he still performed well.”

Of course Jacob Eason had his ups and downs 2016 with Kirby not preparing him with the # 1 unit until AFTER Kirby made Jacob Eason his starter.


And then Kirby’s choices on the OL left the fan base questioning that as well with the 3 big OL Kirby did add 2016 and could have beefed-up the OL with but did not.


And then there were the wide receivers Kirby sent out there all of 2016 seemingly as well with no plan or thought even when the ones Kirby did let play receiver dropped every pass thrown to them again and again all season long especially Isaiah McKenzie who flunked-out during the 2016 season and had to turn to the NFL Draft.


All the practice Jacob Eason can get with real talent on the OL and real talent from his receivers will benefit Jacob Eason which will benefit Kirby and Georgia.  So it was smart of Kirby to tell Archie Manning sure I am happy to send Jacob Eason to your camp Archie.  Peyton and I are close friends for many years now Kirby replied to Archie when Archie asked to have Kirby send Jacob Eason to the QB camp Archie runs each year.


This is ALL yet MORE independent analysis of ABSOLUTE EXPERTS who ALL say Jacob Eason is the REAL DEAL and that the problems with Kirby’s offense are EVERYWHERE but Jacob Eason.


Jim Chaney’s play calls Kirby allowed Jim Chaney to call were novice play calls and not designed to have Jacob Eason shine at all.


I am not making EXCUSES for Jacob Eason.  Like EVERYONE else I know what I see in Jacob Eason.  I also know what I see on our OL our receivers our offensive coordinator and our head coach so far during Jacob Eason’s True Freshman Season and so far 2017 as well on ALL ACCOUNTS. and Dan Matthews of GridironNow both do a great job of sports’ reporting and are RECOGNIZED for their insights and EXPERT analysis.




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