Do NOT talk to me about how ALL THESE HOSSES ON THE OFFENSIVE LINE are MOVING-UP the depth chart. Good Lord Kirby. Start your BEST PLAYERS. You know Kirby ? The ones you RECRUITED on the OL 2016 and 2017.

If you look at the guys who could NOT even win the job last year on that horrible offensive line and pick among them for your STARTERS 2017 then 2017 will be the END for Kirby.


Trust me on this.


There is NO SECOND HONEYMOON for Kirby 2017.


2018 features a completely depleted roster compared to 2017.


It is 2017 which has us with the TOP 5 in the NATION talent.


Then after 2017 we have the MOST NFL DRAFT PICKS in the ENTIRE NATION.


Then 2018 is NOT THE YEAR.





Don’t talk to ME about NEXT YEAR or how well the great OL recruited by Kirby 2016 and 2017 are moving-up on the depth chart.  START them now.


Kirby just does NOT get-it on offense.


Kirby IS SAYING he is going to START those little bitty guys who could NOT even win the job over last year, over those who departed from here after last season who SUCKED.


How is THAT moving-up the depth chart ?


It IS instead an indictment on Kirby’s inability to EVEN RECOGNIZE talent on the Offense.