Some God Damn FOOLS calling themselves COLLEGE think DUKE with a LOSING RECORD of 474-493-31 who has a 4-8 record in football bowl games all-time is a BETTER football school than UGA. They also think TCU is too. TCU. TCU is # 63 all-time in football wins and also has a LOSING BOWL RECORD of 15-16-1 but TCU is a BETTER FOOTBALL PROGRAM than UGA according to COLLEGE FACTUAL rankings. Bullshit college When TCU and Duke compare to The University of Georgia in COLLEGE FOOTBALL let me know until then shut the friq up. Wisconsin is # 42 in wins all-time in football and THEY TOO are better at Football than UGA as well. You are SO FULL OF SHIT college factual .com. Baylor who is # 88 all-time in football wins is ALSO better than UGA in football with a grand total of 12 bowl wins ever. Baylor. Clemson and Georgia Tech are BOTH better in football than UGA too. Here stick this up your God Damn Asshole college non-factual .com


If that is an example of the best you can do college then just give it up and quit.