LET’S KEEP WORRYING ABOUT HERSCHEL WALKER 37 years later and telling each other wait until NEXT YEAR like we always do. There is NOTHING WRONG with that again this year : Jesus Christ lighten-up eveything is fine. When can we shut the hell up about wait until next year and let’s stop and praise Herschel Walker again 37 years after he left to go to Texas. Now Chipper Towers wants to talk about Herschel Walker today again. For these last 9 years we’ve LOST 37 games an average of MORE than 4 losses a season for 9 years and counting now. Is it ok if we talk about NOW ? Not wait until 2018 next year. Not talk about Herschel Walker again 37 years later. But 2017 us with top 5 team in talent and SEC Championship 2017 season. Get with the program folks.

After this season we will lead the nation in NFL Draft Picks. 20 who started here at UGA will be GONE after this 2017 season. Do you want to explain how our roster will be improved in the next 2 – 3 years then ? It can NOT be.

When are we going to quit talking about Herschel Walker as fans here at UGA ?

When pray tell ?

It has been 37 years since he gave us our last NC.

37 years of mediocrity.

The last 9 years we have 37 losses.

37 losses for latest 9 years is MORE than 4 losses a season.

Let’s concentrate on 2017.

NOT next year.

NOT 37 years ago.



2017. 2017 we are Top 5 nationally in talent.

There is NO HONEYMOON for Kirby AGAIN 2017. He has to produce with all this talent.

He needs to show he can do something with offense and special teams as he has already shown us he knows defense just fine.

I was SURE this was a JOKE url link when I saw that Chipper Towers wants us talk about Herschel Walker AGAIN 37 years later.

On the very eve of this 2017 season of such promise.

I am GUARANTEEING an SEC Championship season 2017.

2018 ?

Not going to be the year that 2017 is. It can not. Not after we lead the nation in NFL Draft Picks and lose 20 who started here at UGA after this 2017 season.

Figure it out folks.

Herschel Walker is GONE.

As a program we are NOT getting the job done.





Jesus Christ Chipper Towers.  Shut the F up.


I consider our own fan base our biggest obstacle to success for we as a fan base want to just talk about Herschel Walker 37 years later and brag on our recruiting and NEVER SAY we average MORE than 4 losses a year for these latest 9 years – or like that is Mark Richt’s fault and he gone with Kirby 5 losses.




Join ME on THAT.


How about THAT instead ?


Everything is fine.


Give it a couple of years.


Never mind that Kirby has top 5 talent in the nation 2017 season and then he loses 20 who started here after this 2017 season with the MOST NFL Draft Picks nationally after 2017 season.


Wait until NEXT YEAR when we are  depleted roster compared to THIS 2017 roster.





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