So we are the MOST OVERRATED team in college football and have not done diddle-e-squat in 37 years now but we have the most NFL Draft Picks and average the 2nd best in recruiting rankings while all the while averaging MORE THAN 4 losses a season for 9 years now and counting. So Chipper Towers writes an article that HE THINKS we need to STOP and celebrate Herschel Walker more today. THAT IS EXACTLY that which we SHOULD NOT DO.

Wake up numbnuts.


This is what our fan base is nowadays.


Brag on our recruiting.


Wave flags about NC 37 years ago with Herschel Walker.


Ignore we average MORE than 4 losses for 9 years and counting.


Slap each other on our backs and act like we are great.


Tell anyone who says WAKE UP that THEY need to tone it down be happy everything is fine wait until next year before this year has even begun.


We became the new Clemson after 2007 and the reason is our fan base are pussies.  We have NO EXPECTATIONS.  We are happy in our ignorance.






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