NCAA Probation of Ole Miss shows 21 NCAA violations 17 of which Hugh Freeze is head coach so February 2017 Ole Miss self-imposed NCAA postseason ban on Ole Miss due to these alleged NCAA violations 80% of which are Hugh Freeze head coach. Why would Ole Miss AGREE with NCAA postseason ban 2017 if these are just alleged NCAA violations ? Hugh Freeze 19-21 losing record at Ole Miss in The SEC. In his 5 seasons at Ole Miss Hugh Freeze AVERAGES 5 losses per year 25 losses. NCAA says Level 1 Offenses include cars provided on a free loan to two players. NCAA also says Laremy Tunsil’s step dad was given $ 800 by Ole Miss booster. NCAA says hotel owner in Oxford provided hotel to Laremy Tunsil’s mother and his stepfather Linsdey Miller. Ole Miss went 5-7 last year but BEAT Kirby Smart in fact they were ahead 45 to nothing before Brian Herrien scored twice late.

This is what The SEC media days were all about for Ole Miss 2017.


Compare Georgia to Ole Miss.


“In a 154-page response to the NCAA Ole Miss announced that it had self-imposed the loss of 11 total scholarships in football over a four-year period from 2015-18 including a reduction of three initial scholarships in each of its next three recruiting classes – which would allow the school to sign a maximum of 22 players in each class.”


You really had your team prepared for that one Kirby.


45 to nothing.


Let’s see now.  That is Jacob Eason’s fault right ?






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