Who gets to criticize the recruiting for 2018 by Kirby ? Are prospects feeling that Kirby DID NOT prepare his freshmen class 2016 and lost 5 games as a DIRECT RESULT thereof ? Is it KIRBY who has the MOST TO PROVE 2017 with all this talent # 5 most talented team nationally Kirby trots out there 2017. Some player has MORE to prove than Kirby ? ARE RECRUITS holding back 2018 FROM KIRBY ? Well are they ? 247 Sports.com Composite has Kirby at # 51 and Scout.com says Kirby REALLY only has 1 ranked commitment 2018.

After the recruiting class Kirby signed for last year one would have thought Kirby would be further along 2018 now but he is not.  Is this an indictment of Kirby by the prospects ?


I saw one blog here yesterday stated hey is it this player or that player who has the MOST TO PROVE 2017.


I think it is Kirby.


I think the prospects are sending the mandate that it is Kirby.


I have guaranteed SEC Championship for Kirby 2017 with top 5 most talented team in America.


But 2018 is surely looking AWFUL frankly isn’t it ?


And why is that ?


Why is it Scout.com states that all Kirby has for all of 2018 recruiting is one (1) ranked commitment ?


247Sports.com # 745 player a TE committed to Kirby last night.


Remember last year when Kirby had 15 commitments from Top 100 players ?


Well he has one of the top 325 for 2018 now and yet Kirby will have the MOST NFL Draft Picks after this 2017 season with 20 starters gone for Kirby from this 2017 team next year 2018.





Are recruits saying that it is IN FACT KIRBY who has the MOST TO PROVE 2017 and not some UGA player ?




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