Here are our teams who ended the season UNRANKED not ranked in ANY Top 25 this latest season for Greg McGarity starting now his 7th season as AD : 1-Football 2-men’s basketball 3-women’s basketball 4-volleyball 5-men’s golf 6-soccer 7-softball 8-men’s cross country 9-women’s cross country and 10-baseball. The 10 double-digit unranked teams for this latest season includes all the high profile sports here at UGA – all unranked in ANY top 25 for the latest season.

Unranked for Greg McGarity’s latest season :


  1. football
  2. men’s basketball
  3. women’s basketball
  4. volleyball
  5. men’s golf
  6. soccer
  7. softball
  8. men’s cross country
  9. women’s cross country
  10. baseball


Because Greg McGarity has predicted SEC East Championship 2017 while I have guaranteed SEC Championship 2017 in football Greg McGarity states that he should not be fired today.




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