Kirby # 6 recruiting 2016 and # 3 recruiting 2017. Kirby is even # 2 recruiting 2019. So what is the problem now that Kirby is # 52 officially for next year 2018 ? What does # 52 for 2018 say about Kirby’s commitment to the recruits themselves ?

# 6 ranked recruiting class Kirby 2016

# 3 ranked recruiting class Kirby 2017 # 2 ranked class

# 2 ranked recruiting class Kirby 2019

# 52 ranked recruiting class Kirby 2018


What is wrong with this picture ?


Kirby loses 20 who started for him after this 2017 season so the openings are there big-time after this 2017 season for recruits yet Kirby is # 52 for next year despite this drop-off in talent after this season with all these openings.


THIS is what is wrong with this picture.


This is quite the statement by the 2018 prospects to Kirby that Kirby just does not make positive statements about his 2016 recruits nor his 2017 recruits and frankly that Kirby has done all he can do to NOT play either.  Kirby is going to have to FIX THIS 2017 by PLAYING his 2016 and 2017 recruits because after this season all he is going to have are our 2016 and 2017 recruits – unless of course Kirby does in 2018 that which he has FAILED to do 2016 and failed so far to do 2017 either and that is PLAY HIS DAMN FRESHMEN – a  particular problem ONLY Kirby suffers from in 2016 fifty years after freshmen were not allowed to play.  Then maybe if Kirby PLAYS his freshmen from 2016 and 2017 here in 2017 then maybe Kirby can finally get some 2018 recruits.


Right now that is NO on all 3 accounts.


Nowadays Freshmen either make or break your team.  If you don’t play them your team SUCKS and if you do then your team is FAR BETTER OFF than if you do not.


Instead at The University of Georgia we have dimwits who call themselves our fans who say Oh don’t start a freshman at Georgia for God’s sake – no freshman ever did diddle-e-squat in The SEC ever.


What total hogwash.


Yet THIS is where we are 2017.  Kirby either plays his 2016 and 2017 OL recruits or frankly Kirby’s entire career is on the line.


We suffer as fans of a program here at Georgia holding our program back having NO EXPECTATIONS of our program and settling for mediocrity.


I don’t know what YOU call 37 losses the latest 9 years but I call it AWFUL averaging MORE than 4 losses a year for 9 years and NOT GETTING ANY BETTER.


Here we are with all these hosses to play on the OL 2017 and Kirby saying EVERYTHING BUT that they are the ones he will rely on but instead itty bitty teenie weenie little guys on the OL who could not even get on the damn field last year with that crappy assed OL we trotted out there last year.  So this year they are world beaters Kirby tells us all Spring then G-Day they SUCKED like I told you they would all last year and all this year so far.


The season – this SEC Championship Season for UGA – hangs in the balance on what Kirby does and does not do to get his hosses on the OL he himself recruited here 2016 and 2017 out there playing on the OL instead of relying on the back-ups to those who did NOT get the job done 2016 and damn sure did NOT show shit G-Day either.


Contrary to the every word out of Kirby’s mouth on the topic.





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