Ahkil Crumpton. If I were a receiver I would look at all the drops 2016 and come here.

43 yards per kick-off return

rumored 4.39

31 yards per punt return

Temple thought they had Ahkil Crumpton who was going to be in what was Kirby’s first recruiting class 2016.


Clearly the scholarship is available with 3 slots opened-up with an arrest and 2 failed to qualify.


This assumes he has qualified yet no one concedes Kirby has Ahkil Crumpton.


It just made no sense to me that any WR would watch the tape and watch our receivers drop pass after pass and us with Brice Ramsey Jake Fromm and Jacob Eason and not come here.


Talk about an opportunity.


Again this also presupposes that (1) Kirby plays Ahkil Crumpton and that (2) Kirby plays his 2016 and 2017 OL signees but assuming Kirby is as smart as we all know he is and feels the heat as he said he does apologizing for 2016 as unacceptable Kirby said of his performance I still guarantee SEC Championship however miffed that makes Florida Gators.




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