Seth Emerson AJ-C DawgNation takes POT SHOT at Kirby stating that Kirby is a BETTER RECRUITER than a coach developing players. Seth Emerson goes on that the BOOK is long since OUT on Kirby recruiting well but NOT DEVELOPING PLAYERS.

Of course Seth Emerson it is pretty darn hard to DEVELOP players when you categorically REFUSE to play them.


If all you do is RECRUIT them and then not play them, you are NOT developing players.


Are you Seth Emerson ?


As one of the other questions this morning asked of Seth Emerson about Kirby : Just what is it that you can point your finger to that was the undoing of Mark Richt and that Kirby really has not properly shown ANY improvement in either Seth Emerson?  Seth Emerson said it was the OFFENSE.  That the offense cost Mark Richt his job and that Kirby thus far has nothing but questions and no good answers on offense EITHER.


Kirby does not know whom it is to play on offense either any more than Mark Richt did.


Both suck at determining whom it is whom we should be playing on offense and whom it is we have on offense who should not be given the job based upon seniority alone.


Some judgment based upon merit would be better.


Kirby needs to do more of promoting players on the merits of their play rather than seniority alone which has dominated his thoughts thus far 2016 and 2017 already now too.




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