Most recent 11 years ACC 45 bowl wins 55 bowl losses SEC 71 bowl wins 39 bowl losses. All-Time ACC played in 242 bowl games with a LOSING RECORD while All-Time SEC WON 242 Bowl Games. All-Time ACC 129 teams ranked in Final AP Poll while SEC has 321 teams in Final AP Poll. ACC better football conference ? What a DAMN joke.

I hardly see how the conference who has won 45 bowl games the latest 11 years and lost 55 is better in football than a conference who has won 71 bowl games the latest 11 years and lost only 39.


One is NOT CLOSE to the other in football and EVERYONE knows that.


ANYONE making-out otherwise is so full of shit as to render their words useless here on out on any topic.


Any manner you measure a conference SEC has 10 national championships starting 2000 and only 4 other teams have won any at all with the ACC winning only 2 of those 4.


THAT does NOT make the ACC the better football conference.  What fools to try to pass that off as if they are.


The SEC Won the national championship in football :


2003 LSU

2004 * Auburn was undefeated and consensus next in line since USC vacated nc game win

2006 Florida

2007 LSU

2008 Florida

2009 Alabama

2010 Auburn

2011 Alabama

2012 Alabama

2015 Alabama


10 SEC National Championships in Football starting 2003


Starting 2003 season The SEC WON football national championship 10 times

Big 10 once.

ACC twice.

Big XII once.

Pac-12 has NOT won the national championship in football since 1972.