Hugh Freeze told to resign Ole Miss or be fired. Hugh Freeze has been the problem with Ole Miss his entire tenure now over. Hugh Freeze fired from Ole Miss with a LOSING RECORD at Ole Miss against SEC teams at 19-21 vs SEC. Half of the 8 Level One Violations were Hugh Freeze. So why did he tell the press it was all on Houston Nutt’s time as coach ? All of the Laremy Tunsil VIOLATIONS were ALL with Hugh Freeze as head coach. Ole Miss has been DRAGGING its feet on this NCAA PROBATION from the start and that is NOT Hugh Freeze – that is on Ole Miss itself. Ole Miss ADMITS loss of 11 scholarships from 2015 to 2018. Ole Miss ADMITS postseason BAN 2017-2018 season. “Nine of the 13 allegations levied against the Rebels occurred under NOW FIRED coach Hugh Freeze including four Level I violations two Level II violations and three Level III violations.” ESPN Mark Schlabach. In his 5 seasons at Ole Miss Hugh Freeze AVERAGES 5 losses per year 25 losses. NCAA says Level 1 Offenses include cars provided on a free loan to two players. NCAA also says Laremy Tunsil’s step dad was given $ 800 by Ole Miss booster. NCAA says hotel owner in Oxford provided hotel to Laremy Tunsil’s mother and his stepfather Linsdey Miller. THIS BLOG called for Hugh Freeze to be FIRED September 24 last year 2016.

So take your penalties already Ole Miss.  Good Lord.


Admit to the wrongdoings Ole Miss and take your NCAA Probation.  You sitting there dragging it out has made it worse on EVERYONE at Ole Miss.


There is no saving face on ANY of this Ole Miss.


To-date Ole Miss as a University has NOT done ANYTHING about this NCAA Probation to bring it to an end.


The proof against Ole Miss is irrefutable.


Nice recruiting in the state of Georgia there Ole Miss you God Damn CHEATERS.