Seth Emerson AJ-C DawgNation says Kirby is at 84 Scholarships right now today including taking-on Akhil Crumpton in his 84 On-Scholarship Number today 24 July 2017. That 84 number of On-Scholarship today also includes Robert Beal and Devonte Wyatt NOT HAVING QUALIFYING SCORES which they do NOT. So where does that leave us ? Well it leaves us with a ton of players who DESERVE a scholarship with only one to give the lot of them. And it leaves us with I figure 20 players who join the NFL Draft after this 2017 season all 20 of whom started for Kirby here. So by MY COUNT Kirby has a full scholarship class he can sign next year 2018 of 25 Kirby can sign only needing attrition of 4 between now and next February. 84 on scholarship 20 leaving = 64 minus 85 is 21 scholarships available for new recruits 2018 plus at least 4 more attrition between now and then. You get any of that Seth Emerson ?


None of this explains why Kirby is sucking the hind tit in recruiting 2018.






There are NOT questions about Kirby. There are only answers and none of them are ANY good at all except for his defense and his recruiting and frankly Kirby has questions there too but MOSTLY NO ANSWERS on offense or special teams from Kirby.


football coach Juan Carlos Osorio from Columbia bumped officials AND cursed them and so was BANNED from coaching soccer for 6 games but hides-out in a SUITE at the games and MANAGES Mexico anyway. He should be BANNED ANOTHER SIX GAMES for that. MEXICO FACES MORE SANCTIONS.

Mexico is eliminated by lowly Jamaica shut-out when supposedly Mexico is the best soccer team in the CONCACAF although America has actually been the more consistent power.


Mexico’s head coach Juan Carlos Osorio of Columbia will now have to finish-out his “sentence” of coaching Mexico from the comforts of a Stadium Suite hiding-out while maintaining complete control managing Mexico in the up-coming FIFA soccer matches in September in World Cup competition.


Mexico is under heavy pressure by FIFA officials already for its on-going jeer of opponents calling them puto the Mexican word for male prostitute.


Now this.


What an affront to FIFA soccer that Juan Carlos Osorio of Columbia was allowed to manage Mexico from the comforts of a Stadium Suite last night when he was BANNED by FIFA for 6 games from managing ANY team.



I am NOT satisfied with Kirby nor ONE WORD which has come out of his mouth since the very day he said it would be his DREAM JOB to come here SATURDAY 28 November when Greg McGarity called Kirby and asked him. David Pollack spoke his mind and so have I : “I felt bad for Nick Chubb and Sony Michel at times watching them have to make their own holes.”

Kirby is not ready to be a head coach yet.  One day maybe he will be.  Until then he’s JUST NOT.


I would have FIRED Kirby on November 29 the day AFTER Greg McGarity offered him the job.  I listed a host of PROVEN HEAD COACHES we should have hired and did not.  I did list Kirby as the ONLY NON-PROVEN HEAD coach who would be an improvement over Mark Richt.


That is not saying much.


It’s really just more of the same.


Once Kirby demanded he stay at Alabama while Nick Saban was TELLING KIRBY IN PUBLIC THAT HE SHOULD COME HERE, I wanted Kirby FIRED.


I would have fired Kirby for it.


Absolutely and said it here on this blog then.


I don’t understand what Kirby is up to.  It doesn’t follow that which he does.  It makes no sense especially for someone as smart as Kirby.  He is just stuck in his ways is all.


I am VERY disappointed in Kirby and REMAIN so.




Every word out of his mouth.


There is NO WAY that Greg McGarity did OTHER THAN call Kirby Saturday November 28 and ask Kirby if he wanted this gig.  There is no way that Kirby did other than assure Greg McGarity that this would be his dream job.


Otherwise nothing that happened after that makes any sense either.


I still say Greg McGarity will not suffer Kirby screwing-up this SEC Championship he has 2017 by NOT PLAYING HIS STARS on offense and special teams AGAIN as he did NOT 2016 either.


And he is NOT going to.


Trust me on this.



Kirby has made it clear to me and to David Pollack that Kirby is NOT going to play his stars on the Offensive Line 2017 but instead small guys who could NOT even beat-out the ones on the OL now gone who were our worst OL of all-time.