football coach Juan Carlos Osorio from Columbia bumped officials AND cursed them and so was BANNED from coaching soccer for 6 games but hides-out in a SUITE at the games and MANAGES Mexico anyway. He should be BANNED ANOTHER SIX GAMES for that. MEXICO FACES MORE SANCTIONS.

Mexico is eliminated by lowly Jamaica shut-out when supposedly Mexico is the best soccer team in the CONCACAF although America has actually been the more consistent power.


Mexico’s head coach Juan Carlos Osorio of Columbia will now have to finish-out his “sentence” of coaching Mexico from the comforts of a Stadium Suite hiding-out while maintaining complete control managing Mexico in the up-coming FIFA soccer matches in September in World Cup competition.


Mexico is under heavy pressure by FIFA officials already for its on-going jeer of opponents calling them puto the Mexican word for male prostitute.


Now this.


What an affront to FIFA soccer that Juan Carlos Osorio of Columbia was allowed to manage Mexico from the comforts of a Stadium Suite last night when he was BANNED by FIFA for 6 games from managing ANY team.




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