Seth Emerson AJ-C DawgNation says Kirby is at 84 Scholarships right now today including taking-on Akhil Crumpton in his 84 On-Scholarship Number today 24 July 2017. That 84 number of On-Scholarship today also includes Robert Beal and Devonte Wyatt NOT HAVING QUALIFYING SCORES which they do NOT. So where does that leave us ? Well it leaves us with a ton of players who DESERVE a scholarship with only one to give the lot of them. And it leaves us with I figure 20 players who join the NFL Draft after this 2017 season all 20 of whom started for Kirby here. So by MY COUNT Kirby has a full scholarship class he can sign next year 2018 of 25 Kirby can sign only needing attrition of 4 between now and next February. 84 on scholarship 20 leaving = 64 minus 85 is 21 scholarships available for new recruits 2018 plus at least 4 more attrition between now and then. You get any of that Seth Emerson ?


None of this explains why Kirby is sucking the hind tit in recruiting 2018.






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