We can NOT afford what is happening to Kirby in 2018 recruiting.





University of Michigan is seeing fewer and fewer applications to attend the school. According to Semesterz MICHIGAN is seeing a decline in applications to the college. Virginia Tech has seen a decline in applications and is having to accept nearly everyone. Cal Berkeley is having an even bigger problem than Virginia Tech having students wanting to attend there as well. Other football schools who are finding their college is not being well-received and are experiencing head-scratching DECLINES in APPLICATIONS are : Michigan Wisconsin Virginia Tech UCONN Boston College Navy Air Force Cal Berkeley BYU and Rutgers. The University of Georgia is doing VERY WELL by stark contrast.

The University of Michigan is suffering a decline in applications there nowadays :






Virginia Tech has seen an even larger decline in applications and is having to accept nearly everyone :






Cal Berkeley is having an even bigger problem than Virginia Tech having students wanting to attend there as well :






Navy pays for the entire tuition and room and board for 5 years and they are doing even worse getting any interest for students to come there right now as well :






UCONN has dropped nearly 10 percent in student applications up there which is severely slowing UCONN’s progress :






BYU has seen both its applications and its acceptance rate both drop :






Air Force with all it is offering in perks and benefits can not stem the tide of decline in applications by 21 percent.






Boston College has seen applications there drop by 27 percent. Wow :







University of Wisconsin accepts 89 percent of all applications and still has a decline of over 8 percent in applications there both of which are a really bad combination for Wisconsin.




Another University of Wisconsin campus is suffering more than a 17 percent decline as well :




And a third University of Wisconsin campus is suffering an astonishing more than 23 percent drop in applications there :









Rutgers is suffering an over 11 percent decline in their applications at all their campuses :








The University of Georgia is not only one of the top U.S. News & World Report Rankings for Top Universities but the top football power UGA also tops all these schools in strong applications to the University of Georgia itself as well.


Why attend The University of Georgia ?


How about because it is MORE POPULAR than these schools listed here ?  That would be a very good reason to attend UGA.