Disaster scenario for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs 2017 football season Saturday Down South ? How about Kirby plays the OL he says he is who could not win a job last year on that lousy OL and could not do jack this Spring G-Day either. That would be DISASTER SCENARIO for us 2017.



Trust me Andrew Olson we have 5 top-notch OL to line-up 2017 if Kirby will play them.  If not this season is shot to hell and with it Kirby.  Certainly Greg McGarity will not survive that scenario leaving all our big top OL on the sidelines again 2017.


Kirby will make it through another year.


But 2018 without the 20 who leave after this season all 20 of whom Kirby started here will be an impossible season and would then result in Kirby being sent packing.  In time Kirby might learn to be a head coach learning offense and special teams but right now Kirby is too headstrong and doesn’t have the requisite knowledge to be a head coach at UGA.


If he doesn’t play his hosses on the OL 2017 Kirby will not recover here not with what he faces 2018 in 20 lost starters who started for Kirby here after this 2017 season.


Mark it down.


It’s the OL stupid.  Play them Kirby or mark my words your boss is done and your goose is cooked Kirby.








Kirby wanted to and for all intents and purposes did redshirt all 4 so if Ben Cleveland Mecole Hardman Junior Chauncey Manac Soloman Kindley do well 2017 and have break-out seasons what does that say about Kirby as a coach that he MISSED that 2016 and did not play ANY of these guys 2016 ? Well what does it say about Kirby ?

I will tell you what it says about Kirby. It says that which we all know about Kirby by now anyway and that is that Kirby is shit for a judge of good offensive and special team players.




That is what that tells us.