The AJ-C has been particularly BRUTAL to Kirby nowadays.

Every day every article is just harsh on Kirby in the AJ-C now that the new season is only a few weeks away.
It’s like they don’t expect Kirby to do well 2017.
I certainly do think 2017 will be Kirby’s best year here in some time forward after 2017 with all this talent.
Taking his lead from Seth Emerson Chip Towers now says too that Kirby is a bad coach. Well it is pretty hard to argue the oppoiste position when we lost to 3 unranked teams Georgia Tech Ole Miss and Vanderbilt and 2 more losses to our 2 major Rivals vols and Florida.
While Kirby recruited well 2016 and 2017 and is again for 2019 he has not for 2018 with only 1 commitment of the top 310 players in the nation for next year.
Kirby showed up late here last year with other schools more important to Kirby and then when he did get here Kirby had problems meeting with the press and meeting his own expectations deploying his recruits.
Kirby so far last year and this year has seemed to hold back some who clearly could have helped him more meet his own expectations for last year and appears headed down the same road AGAIN 2017 on the OL and with the WR.
Now after this season when 20 guys move-on – 20 guys who will have all 20 started here for Kirby – Kirby has only one commitment of the top 310 for 2018.
And the 20 open scholarship slots after this year coupled with this sorry 2018 recruiting class  leaves next year 2018 after this 2017 season very much in question.
However I have guaranteed an SEC Championship for Kirby 2017 with this roster ranked by EVERYONE with only 4 other teams in the entire nation as talented as Kirby’s squad this 2017 season. To get there Kirby is going to have to play the guys he held back last year this 2017 season. If Kirby holds back this recruiting class with 15 players in the top 100 nationally Kirby signed this 2017 year like he held back his # 6 ranked recruiting class 2016 Kirby’s days will be as numbered as the guy he replaced here.
Mark Richt lost to 12 uranked teams AP or Coaches’ time of game or for season after 2007 and he also lost to 18 of the 24 teams ranked in the top 15 time of game after 2007.
So I would not say Kirby is any improvement and he must be to keep his job.
2017 is Kirby’s best shot.
Let’s hope Kirby plays the OL he just recruited not the ones who could not earn a starting job last year when that OL was very poor against pass rush and blocking for the running game. Kirby also has shored-up some of the problems at WR with those he added in recruiting but again he is going to have to play those guys too.
This is a small window 2017 for Kirby.
Kirby has to make hay while he can.