I am not comfortable that we have the guys listed correctly on the depth chart who are the better players and this is ALL on just only Kirby. That is the HEAD COACH who determines who is his STARTER who his back-ups are and in what pecking order. That is not the offensive coordinator either any more than it would be that Kirby told Jim Chaney he wanted us to run on 1st Down all 2016 despite the fact that it did not fit the personnel he himself Kirby sent out there to block on those running plays. Kirby had help. He steadfastly refused to play his help. Now 2017 Kirby is doing MORE of the same.

Kirby got my attention last year when in 2016 Kirby tried to redshirt Mecole Hardman Jr. and then only gave him one touch all season on offense or special teams.


Kirby you recall was questioned about his OL choices 2016 given that he had recruited 3 huge big OL 2016 but between the 3 of those he only gave them one snap all season.  Criminal given the problems Kirby had on HIS OL 2016 blocking for the pass and blocking for the run.  They were just too damn small yet Kirby recruited great help 2016 to help-out but refused to deploy those resources.


Kirby gave Isaac Nauta only 5 starts in 13 games yet he is All-America.


Kirby said Greyson Lambert was a better QB than Jacob Eason.


Kirby said 2 injured running backs were better than Brian Herrien yet I called for Brian Herrien to start at Tailback 2016 starting July 4 on THIS BLOG.




Kirby is not and has not played the right players at the right position on the depth chart.


Not all of that is Mark Richt’s fault.


That is on Kirby.


One would have thought that Sony Michel would have gotten the ball out in space and yes I hold Jim Chaney responsible for not identifying what pieces he has and telling Kirby to deploy this guy in this fashion but note if you will that Jim Chaney has to TELL KIRBY that.


I know that we certainly did not last year either and that Kirby was headstrong stubborn bullheaded obstinate and inflexible all of 2016 with his depth chart once he made his mind up.


I felt like we needed to shake things up 2016 with Kirby’s depth chart across the board.


I am more convinced Kirby has to change his current depth chart now 2017 season.


Kirby has not done a good job coaching.


For the most part Kirby has done an admirable job recruiting except for the 2018 recruiting with all these 20 guys going to the NFL Draft after this 2017 season all 20 who started for Kirby here. So on recruiting the fact that Kirby has only 1 of the top 310 players committed for next year 2018 is very concerning.


But the problems around these parts are that Kirby clearly is not doing a good job coaching because he can not figure out that the following are just not true :


Kirby has Willie Erdman (walk-on, redshirt freshman) ahead of Ahkil Crumpton at slot.

Kirby has Jayson Stanley ahead of J.J. Holloman at Wide Receiver.

Kirby has Isaiah Wynn at left tackle, Pat Allen at left guard, Lamont Gaillard at center, Solomon Kindley at right guard and Dyshon Sims at right tackle all ahead of •Netori Johnson consensus # 4 OG in the nation •Isaiah Wilson consensus # 2 OT in the nation •D’Marcus Hayes # 5 consensus OT in the nation •Justin Shaffer on the OL •Andrew Thomas consensus # 11 OT •# 7 consensus OG in the nation Ben Cleveland. This is a deal killer for Kirby 2107 if he does not relent and get his top flight OL out there finally playing 2017. Kirby bragged that small OL would not get the job done. Kirby recruited and signed big OL and NOW Kirby has the audacity this week to brag to the press that




Bullshit Kirby.


Just bullshit son.


Kirby has Tyrique McGhee as a better football player ahead of DeAngelo Gibbs and Mecole Hardman Jr.


D’Andre Swift is being discussed as a possible redshirt 2017 when he just has to play offense and special teams somewhere – make room for him Kirby.


2017 Depth Chart Kirby Georgia Bulldogs UGA football August Kirby not playing better players.