Kirby takes pot shots at his players in the press again today trying to sound so tough Kirby thinks but this is all his shtick is – Kirby’s comic routine – Kirby’s GOOFY act – his shtick – Kirby’s BUNCH of BULLSHIT he tries to FEED the PRESS EVERY freaking God Damn Day. And Kirby’s idiosyncratic shtick has grown old. His players he criticizes AGAIN THIS MORNING are doing VERY WELL and Kirby ? Well HELL NO Kirby is NOT doing well by comparison with them now is he ? No. Kirby is WIDELY CRITICIZED by EVERYONE. Here’s what Kirby has to say today about his players. Just only today now mind you. Ok ?

Kirby  :   “Ben Cleveland has got to continue to get better. We expect more from him. We’re searching for a right tackle. You know Dyshon Sims was probably playing better than him but Ben has a lot of potential. He’s got great size. So Does Isaiah Wilson. But neither one is playing up to the standards of what we expect right now so we’ve got to keep growing in all those areas.”


Kirby : “Jacob Eason still has a long way to go.  And I think he’s the first to acknowledge that.’’


Guess what Kirby ?


These 3 guys are all 3 a LOT better than you are and better than you are as our coach too Kirby.


It’s NOT THEIR fault that you failed to meet your own expectations Kirby losing to 3 unranked teams Ole Miss Vanderbilt and Georgia Tech along with losing to BOTH your major rivals Kirby vols and Florida.





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