Despite only 4 other teams having more combination of talent and experience back 2017 than Kirby does here for The Georgia Bulldogs – Kirby is not presented the HYPE one might expect given all these STARTERS BACK and all THIS TALENT 2017. And why is THIS ? Why is Kirby DOWNPLAYED in the press 2017 deploying his troops ? Well he lost to 3 unranked teams Georgia Tech Ole Miss and Vanderbilt and he let his 2 major rivals both beat him IN ADDITION vols and Florida. So the expectations for Kirby 2017 are tempered with subdued lower expectations even with finding only 4 other teams with more talent than Kirby 2017.

Personally I fully expect us to win The SEC Championship 2017 for the first time since 2005.


Remember that year ?


We took MARTA down there to the Sugar Bowl and before we could get settled-in in our seats booing Mike Adam$ and his wife we were down nothing to 28 to West Virginia.


You see ?


It is the FAILURES of Mark Richt that Kirby has on his shoulders too 2017.


Not just the lousy sorry season Kirby put up 2016.


But that that is what is EXPECTED of The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs any longer around here Mark Richt or NOT.




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