GridIron Mike Huguenin “A flawed offense where there are questions about the offensive line who did not look good 2016 and still do not look good in 2017 either. And questions about – especially – the receiving corps too. This is a pedestrian receiving unit who will benefit from Jacob Eason’s arm. At the same time it’s hard to see him truly reaching his potential because of that group’s limitations too.” Is Kirby really giving Jacob Eason what he needs to succeed with Jim Chaney and Kirby’s choices to play OL and WR 2016 and 2017 ? Of course I say HELL NO KIRBY IS NOT GIVING JACOB EASON WHAT HE NEEDS TO SUCCEED.



Furthermore I hold no confidence that tomorrow’s scrimmage will see Kirby do anything then either to provide Jacob Eason what he needs to be successful for Kirby.


In fact I am totally certain that it will NOT.






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