Jacob Eason named 1 of the top 10 players in The SEC for 2017 and # 9 of The Mighty SEC’s leading candidates to be one of the Final 5 Candidates for Heisman Trophy Winner 2017 season. Well that would certainly set him up for expected 1st Round NFL Draft Pick and as All-American. All this would put Jacob Eason inline for College Football Hall of Fame. This is where we are with an OL Kirby insists sending out there for Jacob Eason who can neither block for the run nor the pass. Pretty sad Kirby given all the talent on the OL you do have son.

In fact Athlon Sports not only names Jacob Eason one of the top SEC Candidates to make the Final 5 Candidates for the 2017 season Heisman Trophy Winner and one of the top 9 in The Mighty SEC to win the Heisman Trophy for the 2017 season but so too is Nick Chubb.


And why NOT ?


They both are two of the most ballyhooed players we’ve EVER had.  And both are projected by EVERYONE to be one of the very top 1st Round NFL Draft Picks Nick Chubb after this season and Jacob Eason after not this season but after next season.








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