Full of shit Han Vance : “Hutson Mason, Greyson Lambert, David Greene and Aaron Murray who developed into such incredible college football players but Jacob Eason is not to-date tracking to achieve like those incredible college football players.” BIG HAIRY BLOG BULLSHIT AGAIN TODAY

Hey numbnuts Aaron Murray never did SHIT as QB and neither did Hutson Mason whom you went to high school with nor Greyson Lambert.


On one hand there is this argument of yours that David Greene was great because he WON 42 of 52 games as our Starting Quarterback at 42-10.  And in your very next breath in the same damn sentence Han Vance you write of Aaron Murray but FAIL to disclose he LOST 17 of 52 games as our Starting Quarterback and was only 35-17.


For one that is the measure of him that he was 42-10.  For the other anything but his won/loss record of 35-17 is all you can ever bring up.  Be consistent Han Vance.  If David Greene was great because he won 42 of 52 games then Aaron Murray sucked because he won only 35 of 52 games.


As for Greyson Lambert and Hutson Mason neither of them ever did SHIT either Han Vance.


God damn FOOL.




We don’t know what Jacob Eason may accomplish here but I can assure you of this that it would take one year of him doing well to pass by these others who had such incredible college careers with no one having ever heard of him before during or after said incredible college careers dumbass.


Establish what it is you are going to use to judge a QB.  If he has no OL no WR no OC and no experience as head coach but held responsible for ALL THAT just say that is your premise.




DISNEYdawgs.com Han Vance who STOLE the name for his blog from “Big Hairy Dawg” whom Han Vance has NEVER BEEN.  DISNEYdawgs.com when here we are averaging MORE than 4 losses a season for 9 years now after 2007 and Han Vance thinks these guys have been GREAT.  Total hogwash.


236 p.m. next Monday 21 August total eclipse of the sun when in ancient times we would hope Han Vance would be consumed by the sun.  He once offered me a job writing HIS BLOG for HIM but I turned him down telling him I will decide what I write and when.




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