Kirby now has two (2) of the top 316 recruits in the nation for next year 2018 which is now the # 26 recruiting class for 2018. This despite we are the 3rd best state for recruits in the nation and despite the fact that we have 20 openings for 2018 representing the largest group of NFL Draft Picks 2018.

It is a really fine blend of existing talent and returning NFL Draft Picks for this 2017 season.


This one-year window.


Surely 2018 can not possibly be a better season for The Georgia Bulldogs in football not losing 20 who STARTED for Kirby after this 2017 season.


I remember the solar eclipse of 1979 which was 38 years ago in the Spring.   We were in Florida and watched with pinholes.  During the day it just turned into night.  Dogs and cats sleeping with each other.






236 p.m. next Monday 21 August total eclipse of the sun.  This is one going to be a total eclipse here the sun lining-up behind the moon where the moon appears to gobble-up the sun completely with a ridge of sunlight around it at 236 p.m.  If you put a pinhole in a white sheet paper and put your BACK toward where the sun was it will project onto a 2nd piece of white paper like when we watched it 1979.  I remember it well.






6:38 minute mark Full Solar Eclipse 1979 Helena Montana noon 1979 February 26.  How exciting.  Midnight at noon it was.


360 years when a complete solar eclipse comes to any place on Earth.


It will be midnight at 2:36 p.m. best places to watch ?  Pinhole to 2nd sheet paper.  TV.