Mark Richt FIRED for 9 seasons out of 15 winning 10 games at a time when the top teams played 15 games in a season – a particularly average showing with the # 3 talent nationally for # 11 all-time in wins UGA. Today he sends tweet to UGA like someone here misses him. He won 9 games at Miami of Florida losing to teams like Notre Dame who had a 4-8 record itself but BEAT Mark Richt. North Carolina an 8-5 team last year also beat Mark Richt but Kirby beat them.

Thank you for the tweet Mark.  Don’t you think you should be talking-up your own team instead Mark ?


No ?


Never accused of being the sharpest knife in the drawer – here we are 2 weeks before the season starts and Mark Richt sends US a tweet about our success 2017 season.