Mecole Hardman Junior looks like a man to me. You know what else ? Mecole looks like a very smart and fine young man to me. Mecole is a handsome guy.

One touch all of 2016 and Kirby wonders why Kirby did not live up to Kirby’s own personal expectations of Kirby 2016 ?


For a smart guy Kirby sure is dumb.


It is really being stubborn.  That’s what it is.  He is biased against Freshmen in 2017 like he was in 2016.  Kirby also is a poor evaluator of talent on offense or special teams.


Kirby gave Isaac Nauta 5 starts out of 13 games.




Kirby did not play Brian Herrien when BOTH Sony Michel and Nick Chubb were BOTH INJURED.


Kirby did not play Ben Cleveland Chris Barnes or Solomon Kindley on the OL yet was desperate to do that too.


Kirby barely let Charlie Woerner have a chance at all.


Kirby did not play Elijah Holyfield either.


Kirby did not let Jacob Eason take a single snap with the # 1 offense all Spring or really all Fall either then threw him into the fire anyway.


All of these guys are on OFFENSE and SPECIAL TEAMS.



When you get right down to it, yes Kirby has the # 5 best talent in the nation as yet another person reported today – but he does NOT LIKE TO PLAY HIS FRESHMEN – but to criticize their asses instead.


He loves the shit out of that.





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