Leo Lewis granted immunity for what he did back when he was the # 1 inside linebacker in the nation as a high school player at Brookhaven Mississippi says he needed the money and took money from a guy who can prove he was NOT WHERE Leo Lewis said he was paid by him ten thousand dollars a booster for Ole Miss but Leo Lewis plays at Mississippi State as one of the top freshmen in The SEC and nation 2016 last year. Ole Miss is going down. Now fix your state flag Mississippi. Good Lord.

Leo Lewis started all 13 games last year at Mississippi State and was the second-leading tackler on the entire team as a freshman including 4 unassisted tackles against Ole Miss and 2 more assisted tackles in their blow-out of Ole Miss who slaughtered Kirby.  Mississippi State was 6-7 but they beat Ole Miss at Ole Miss who was 5-7 but was ahead of Kirby nothing for Kirby 45 for Ole Miss before Brian Herrien finally scored twice late for us.


Speaking of which Kirby you did a sorry job of coaching us last year according to yourself.  And what is this excuse that you practiced the team too hard before losing to Vandie as your excuse for that loss Kirby ?  You lost the game because you handed the ball to Isaiah McKenzie.  That was YOUR CALL Kirby.  You.  You pulled such calls all year long 2016.  Now you are similarly making absurd judgments Kirby 2017 with regard to all this talent we have given you finding only 4 other teams with more talent than you have 2017 here at my alma mater Kirby.  Get our best players out there practicing and playing with our # 1 unit.  You have a week left Kirby and better win The SEC Championship 2017 for 2018 is going to be BAD NEWS for you Kirby losing 20 players after 2017 season all 20 who STARTED for you here Kirby.


Leo Lewis had 4 and a half tackles for a loss including a sack and he had a pass break-up as a freshman last year 2016.


Before attending Mississippi State University Leo Lewis was committed to Ole Miss.


Did you get that ?


Ole Miss has already fired the coaches involved and all of this will be revealed September 11 Monday for public consumption in the NCAA hearing.


Lindsey Miller who is Laremy Tunsil’s stepfather right here will also testify on this.


I have been urging Ole Miss to quit dragging its feet on this NCAA Probation for some time now which they are doing anything but.


There are no winners in any of this.  And Ole Miss is certainly not winning anything now are they ?


Ole Miss does not understand one word about NCAA Probations and has done nothing but make everything worse for themselves in this entire losing effort by Ole Miss.


Ole Miss thinks that they can make a point or two in this NCAA Probation.  They can NOT.  All they have done is to delay what they should have long since admitted thoroughly as I have maintained from the beginning.




George Washington held slaves but is on the dollar bill.  Thomas Jefferson held slaves but is on the two dollar bill.  Ulysses S. Grant Commander and Chief of the Union Army in the War of Northern Aggression held slaves and so too did his wife he also was in charge of.


Andrew Jackson held slaves, was a slave trader and did not free his slaves in his Will even but has been on the twenty dollar bill.


James Madison held slaves and stated that slaves were three-fifths of a person and he also did not free his slaves in his Will even either but has been on the five thousand dollar bill.


Obviously all of this is bad wrong needing correction and restitution.


Folks who support mistreatment of others because of who they think they are should not have that right.  I went into Lester Maddox’s “store” in Underground Atlanta with my sister and stood there giving him all I could muster to his face until he had me removed from his store.


I will NOT stand for it or the lies about it.


The Yankees or Northerners in the War of Northern Aggression are not in the least exonerated in this grievous miscarriage of right and wrong.  It is not at ALL how it is painted now about then.  Now is it ?


Blacks fought for The Rural South in the War of Northern Aggression.


I am very saddened by folks who think they are better than another person because of who they are or who they think the other person is.


Let me make The Message clear that as a team we’re all about fair, for we’re still living in times, and certainly have seen in our lifetimes, that everything has not been and is not fair.

This has been wrong and harbors injustice today still.

We have seen this.

We’re all in this together as a team, and we’re going to see equal.

One is better ?  That is so inherently wrong and intrinsically incorrect.  We’re humbled that we even have to still discuss this in 2017.  We’re in this together.  We wear uniforms and love each other – all of us.  I support all This Message.  I want this abundantly clear, please.

If these folks are not getting The Message, then I want them to.

Unfairness in 2017 is embarrassing to the folks not hearing The Message.

We are together.  We are one.  We are the team.

It is wholly unacceptable that prior, and certainly still in 2017, that there are folks who think themselves a way, and therefore treat others, given that.  We will make The Message to such folks clear to even they even in 2017.  This is what we’re all together on.

Hear me, please.


Look I watched Henry Aaron and cheered him on as a great man who maintained himself in the proper manner a hero to all and I agree with him that someone should give Colin Kaepernick a chance.


We had better treat each other as equals with respect in my lifetime at some point.  You have to be kidding me that one is better than another because of who they are.  That alone should tell you all you need to know about them.  Look around there are plenty of me.


Robert Lee ESPN Announcer can not now do his profession and announce the up-coming college football game because of his name.


Ole Miss is going down.  Now fix your state flag Mississippi.  Good Lord.