Oregon State 4-8 lost ? Duh they were 2-10 year before that. And 5-7 the year before that. Did you think Oregon State is ANY good at all ? Well did you punks bragging on Mike Bobo who is 7-6 both years at Colorado State. 7-6 in what is LEFT of the Mountain West Conference. Mike Bobo got Mark Richt FIRED because he was a NO SHOW in the big games losing 18 of 24 games vs the top 15 as Mark Richt’s Offensive Coordinator DESPITE all the TALENT handed to Mike Bobo HERE talent no one wants to go join Mike Bobo with out there. This horrid Oregon State lost 2 fumbles and threw 3 more interceptions.

Don’t tell me how great Mike Bobo was here.  If he were we would not have been the laughing stock of college football losing to unranked teams 12 times with Mike Bobo as our offensive coordinator and barely above 50 % against even just the 84 bowl teams.


7-6 coach 2 years at Colorado State is great because he beat Oregon State who has gone :


4-8 Oregon State 2016

2-10 Oregon State 2015

5-7 Oregon State 2014

0-1 Oregon State 2017

11-26 Oregon State 2014-2017


29 % win percentage after 2013 for Oregon State.


Don’t give me this crap that Mike Bobo is great because he beat Oregon State.


You are so FOS about Mike Bobo and always have been.


You are happy to see Mike Bobo do so well at Colorado State ?


There is NOT one player in America who wants to play for him.


Not one.  He can not recruit his way out of a wet paper bag.


He did not do diddle-e-squat here beating top teams or even NOT LOSING to cupcakes.


And we gave him tons of talent to waste.


Which he did.


Now he beat a team who has a 29 % win percentage after 2013 and you brag on him for being 7-6 two years out there ?








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