senator BLUTO gtp : “I’m sure it’s tempting for many to declare that we’ve got ourselves a full-blown controversy – if not ready to change starters for good – but I’m not there yet.” I fully expected him to say that because he is – was – and remains a dumbass. TELL ME BLUTO what does it take to convince you ? Dumb Shit.

Some of us God gave the sense to look and see that which is as what it is.  Others are so screwed-up in their biases that they can not see that which is as that which they saw.


What you saw Bluto senator of nothing was that Jake Fromm whom I have extolled the virtues of on this blog for five (5) long years now since when Mark Richt REFUSED to even offer him a scholarship :


(1) hustled to the line of scrimmage

(2) behind a small under-achieving wrong choices on the OL just like Kirby chose wrong OL 2016

(3) quickly got the pass play off

(4) despite the pitiful awful sucky play calls by Jim Chaney same as 2016 again 2017 too

(5) Jim Chaney directed by Kirby to run every first down again 2017 as he did 2016

(6) with the same WR as 2016 out there having Jake Fromm passes bounce off his chest drop to ground in front of him Terry Godwin who has been tentative as a WR since he got here and done NOTHING despite all his talent too now 2017 same as 2016 on that point as well

(7) Luck is what you make in life.  Some have it.  Some don’t.  Mark Richt certainly did NOT and you loved the shit out of him BLUTO.

(8) Jacob Eason has a left knee.  He is NOT STARTING.  I had this injury and STILL had it over a year later.  The doctors told me a sprain is a tear.  “It is a micro-tear.”  He should have never been running that play.   The only reason he did was that he did not want to throw an incomplete to make his completion percentage better.  He’s down.  He’s gone.  By my way of thinking he is NOT COMING BACK against Notre Dame.

(9)  There is no reason for him to even try to come back the following 2 weeks of easy Jake Fromm wins.  The first game to even consider where he is is the vols’ game.

(10) Try to keep up BLUTO.

(11) There is no piss ant controversy BLUTO.

(12) Who gives a shit if it is a change for good or not – we ONLY have one quarterback as ALL THE REST OF US SAW with our OWN EYES.

(13) But I digress as we forget of course that YOU BRAG YOU DO NOT GO TO THE GAMES BLUTO.

(14) Jake Fromm has IT.  He is in a hurry to get us a win and he knows what he is doing to do so.  Is he going to make mistakes ?  Who gives a shit about THAT either BLUTO ?  He is the STARTER vs Notre Dame or did you want to DISCUSS SOMETHING ELSE dumb shit ?

(15) Your QB is JAKE FROMM.  Get over it.  Get the God Damn Picture dumbass from those of us who did go to the game.


This is the SAME BLUTO who offered-up : Bluto “don’t think losing his job this year. (Nov ’15) can’t deny was decision that couldn’t be justified.Again not saying you can’t make a case that he didn’t deserve to lose his job”


Let us know when you get THERE BLUTO, ok ?  Tell me boy would you say you NEVER got over Mark Richt being fired either ?


Sure you would.


You did.


About 5000 times until we ALL threw-up.


Jake Fromm is your God Damn Quarterback BLUTO – what a total dumbass you remain daily.


Jesus Christ BLUTO.







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