This should be a loss coming-up the way his OL is playing because Notre Dame is a good team and because Kirby will NOT PLAY Netori Johnson – Isaiah Wilson – D’Marcus Hayes but WILL PLAY INSTEAD Pat Allen – Dyshon Sims – Lamont Gaillard – Sean Fogarty – Kendall Baker instead. Kirby got away with that against mid-major NOT AGAINST NOTRE DAME. Kirby is a fool to keep up these players on the OL not getting the job done because Kirby says they are doing well in practice. Not in the games they are not Kirby. Hopefully Kirby fixes this against Notre Dame. Kirby is going to have to demote at least 3 of his OL he is playing who can not compete against Notre Dame.

Ben Cleveland should have started for us last year and should be this year too.  Isaiah Wilson should be starting this year.  Instead neither are and instead smaller not getting the job done OL are starting last year and this year.  We are trying to impose our will on running the ball every down and can’t with Mark Richt type small OL yet have recruited top-rated big men on the OL who could impose their will.


What is wrong with this picture ?



You saw what the OL looked like AGAIN Saturday.  Kirby is going to have to just leave.  I am FED UP with Kirby’s BS on the OL last year and again this year with ALL THIS HELP he could be playing instead.


It’s just wrong as it can be.


Give us   –   Netori Johnson – Isaiah Wilson – D’Marcus Hayes  – Kirby or move along Kirby.  I have seen MORE THAN ENOUGH of your inability to recognize talent on the offense Kirby.