Georgia # 7 Notre Dame # 19 starting 1980 when Georgia last beat Notre Dame. The facts are that Notre Dame has not done that well in the ensuing years since our first game against each other while Georgia Bulldogs have done far better by direct comparison. The time to make THAT STATEMENT is AFTER we beat them. But more important than beating them frankly our program embarrassed Notre Dame’s program tonight. Kirby said we have 40 thousand fans there. What all of us saw was that in fact Georgia had MORE THAN HALF the fans at Touchdown Jesus. What does that tell us ? That Notre Dame fans would rather have eleven-hundred dollars than to be at the game cheering their own team on in its “own stadium.” This is the TAKE-AWAY that and Georgia beat them amid the thunderous roar to the approving fans at the game in the stadium cheering The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs on.

290-188-4 Notre Dame 1980 through today only # 19 nationally

333-135-5 Georgia Bulldogs 1980 through today # 7 nationally


The most embarrassing part of all of this is not just that we BEAT them with a true freshman QB, nor that our QB was better than their QB and THAT that was the difference in the game although we did and Jake Fromm was the difference but that this highlights the difference between the 2 programs in the modern Era.


The embarrassment for Notre Dame at HOME is that their fans sold our fans THEIR SEATS so that on your TV station we could exhort our team on to the win while you allowed us to absolutely DOMINATE your own stadium.


You brag about your program and say you are the greatest all-time in all of college football but the facts are the facts and your program does NOT MEASURE up and tonight you put that on CENTER STAGE right up front for the entire world to see Notre Dame fans.


You have a sweetheart deal and not just with NBC TV but with the separate status of Notre Dame playing ACC teams but remaining Independent from the ACC.


There is NOT another team with the 3 major TV networks who has a TV deal with one of the 3 major TV networks.  There is Notre Dame and no one else.  And then there is the special status for Notre Dame in the college football play-offs.


Then there is REALITY.


You don’t go to your own God Damn Football Games even Notre Dame fans.


Now do you punks ?


UGA The Georgia Bulldog MOST FAMOUS MASCOT in all of sports is NOT a PET.  He is a FAN – something Notre Dame doesn’t know shit about.




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