How can anyone TRY to MAKE EXCUSES for Notre Dame fans selling us their seats ? Anyone but US. Money means THAT MUCH to you ? Stadium seats total of only 77622 and we had 40000 seats by ALL ACCOUNTS. This means there were MORE Georgia Bulldog fans than Notre Dame fans at the game at THEIR HOUSE – or is it at Jesus’ house ? Notre Dame fans could have made the difference in a 1-point game. Instead they were interviewed BRAGGING they sold their seats.

Notre Dame has not been competitive in college football in quite some time now.  To act like a 77,622 seat stadium is some Mecca is just God-awful wrong when their own fans prefer to SELL THEIR SEATS and go home – which is what they did.


We had more than half the people at the game.  We controlled the end zone noise and we affected the outcome of the game by having HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE.


If you don’t know what HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE is then don’t write that there is some lame excuse for Notre Dame fans letting US HAVE IT at their stadium.


This has happened before for Notre Dame fans.  This is nothing new for them.  You can BUY their seats.


There is no question that Notre Dame NEEDED THIS WIN Las Vegas said they would get.  They – Notre Dame – were a 4 and a half point pick to win.






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