Kirby has let our 2017 team throw the fewest passes of every SEC team but we are the # 2 team in The SEC in Passing Efficiency as Jake Fromm is # 2 SEC QB for Passing Efficiency at 172 for his career here at UGA.


Who is # 2 Georgia Bulldog in rushing 2017 ?


D’Andre Swift   


Who is # 4 in receptions 2017 for us ?


D’Andre Swift


Who is # 3 in Total Offense for us 2017 ?  D’Andre Swift behind only Jake Fromm and Nick Chubb.


Who is # 2 in All-Purpose Yards 2017 for us ?  D’Andre Swift.



Who is # 1 in punt returns for us 2017 ?  Who is # 3 in receptions 2017 for us ? And who is this same guy who is # 1 in kick-off returns for us too 2017 ?  That’s right Mecole Hardman Jr.  who is also # 4 in All-Purpose Yards 2017 for us after getting one touch all of 2016 going 8-5 as we did.


Mecole Hardman Jr.


Roquan Smith # 1 tackles – this is a MAN

J.R. Reed # 2 in tackles 2017 – how about THAT ?






Mark Bradley AJ-C DawgNation compares # 10 consensus all polls Georgia Bulldogs 2017 to 2012 team who LOST 7-35 to South Carolina and who 3 times had our QB ask Mark Richt should I spike it only to have Mark Richt tell him in front of me 3 times NO. We’ll catch Alabama NOT READY for an Aaron Murray pass which was tipped at the line and covered at the other end.

No Mark Bradley this had BETTER NOT be that 2012 Georgia Bulldogs’ team.


Jake Fromm is NO Aaron Murray who finished his career not only 3-12 vs ranked teams but even said pre-game that the underdog lesser-talented Mississippi State would BEAT Georgia at HOME – which is what I said about that pre-game when he said that.


“Georgia is way better than it was a year ago. It could be better than any Georgia team since 2012”


Oh you mean the year Mark Richt LOST 7-35 to South Carolina and played therefore 4-loss Nebraska in our who cares bowl game after 3 times telling Aaron Murray NOT to spike it.


Jesus Christ tell me it’s NOT TRUE.


THIS is the 2017 season I have guaranteed an SEC Championship for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs since the last game last season.