vols are # 31 won/lost record starting 1999 season. $4.1 million year through 2020 season Butch Jones is only 15 wins 21 losses vs SEC teams as a head coach only 41% win percentage vs SEC teams. $ 2 million dollar per year buyout so $ 6 million to fire Saturday. # 6 Coaches’ Hot Seat .com THIS BLOG SAID SEC CHAMPIONSHIP GEORGIA since bowl game ended 2016 season.

vols play in Music City Outback and TaxSlayer bow games and talks and talks to the press then fails to follow-through. vols’ fans would like to do something in football but they haven’t since their tainted National Championship in the 1998-1999 season when their QB Tee Martin lied then came clean and said he was PAID to play for the vols eight grand a pop at 7-11 stores many times. “I am a Christian now. I would NEVER take those monies now – those payments of eight grand each at the 7-11 stores back then when I was QB for the vols. Yes I lied at the time when the NCAA asked me about the payments for me to QB for the vols.”





# 6 on CoachesHotSeat.com




Lost to Georgia in 2008 when at Central Michigan 56-17 UGA.




vols are # 31 team in won/lost record starting 1999 season :




vols have lost 90 football games starting 1999 season 90.


90 losses 19 years – vols average 5 losses a year for 19 years now this season.




19 years of BAD.


None of the kids remember when vols were ANY good at all.


Sad really.


Butch Jones is sad really.




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