KIRBY SMART QUOTE : “The Florida game technically would be home-and-home usually – but we end up traveling each year. Just lack of sleep I think is the biggest concern. Not getting back until two or three in the morning makes it as if we had to play a night game on the road – which can be frustrating.”



7 Quality Opponents remaining at least six (6) quality opponents remaining. We could get better in some areas and it might be time for Kirby to BURN REDSHIRTS.

Quality Opponents Remaining 2017 season BURN REDSHIRTS – go for it 2017 instead ?


# 111 Passing Offense 2017

# 90 First Downs by our Offense 2017

# 87 Penalties per game 2017

# 60 Punt Returns 2017

# 23 Kick-Off Returns 2017



  1. 6-2 South Carolina nearly ranked team
  2. 6-2 Auburn is ranked # 15
  3. 6-2 Kentucky nearly ranked team
  4. 4-3 Georgia Tech frankly nearly ranked last week then lost to defending nat champ
  5. 8-0 Alabama # 1 team SEC Championship Game
  6. Bowl Opponent ranked team obviously – could be two (2) bowl games right ? Goal 2.
  7. Play-Off Opponent ?  If we play 15-game season this is remaining quality opponent # 7 right ?





Colley Matrix Official BCS Poll UGA Georgia Bulldogs # 1 team in the nation October 30 2017. So too are Anderson-Hester Poll and Peter Wolfe Poll – all 3 Official BCS Computer Polls have Georgia Bulldogs # 1 team in the nation October 30 2017

# 1 Georgia Bulldogs Colley Matrix Rankings Poll :


# 1 Georgia Bulldogs Peter Wolfe Poll :


# 1 Georgia Bulldogs Anderson-Hester Poll  :


# 2 Georgia Bulldogs Richard Billingsley Poll :


# 2 Jeff Sagarin RECENT Poll (he has 3 polls one guy)


# 3 Massey Ratings Poll UGA worse than Notre Dame AL :


# 2 AP Poll UGA better than Ohio State # 3 :


# 2 Coaches Poll UGA better than Ohio State # 3


College Football Playoff Poll tomorrow night Tuesday expects UGA # 2


Kenneth Massey and 2 Jeff Sagarin Polls have Notre Dame whom we beat on their home field ahead of us expecting us to lose to Alabama and Notre Dame to not only win out but to beat us in re-match without THE CATCH.





# 1 The Georgia Bulldogs in TWO (2) polls this morning BOTH Anderson-Hester Poll and Peter Wolfe Poll – both former Official BCS Polls have Georgia Bulldogs # 1 this morning.




Alabama # 1 Georgia # 2. Mississippi State South Carolina and Kentucky could all 3 end up ranked this week. Notre Dame is already in the Top 10. Auburn is # 19 and moving up as well. Basically our STRENGTH OF SCHEDULE just got a LOT BETTER today with us having maybe 7 ranked teams right there plus our bowl game is 8. ACC took it on the chin today. SEC looking great today and not just because we have # 1 and # 2. I still would feel a LOT better with 3 redshirted top 5 offensive linemen playing 2017. Told you SEC Championship 2017. Said that since TCU win last year. Hey Florida way to run your mouth.


KIRBY SMART : “Most teams right now they peak out. Some of them start dinged up. Kids get tired of it. They don’t get better. And very few teams in the country continue to get better throughout the season. A lot of teams lose focus. We’ve got to do a great job of staying away from that. The easiest thing to do is focus on each day. And that’s what we try to do.”



SEC has both # 1 and # 2 teams going into the first College Football Playoff Poll 2017 Tuesday October 31 2017 Georgia and Alabama as any questions about that ended with LOSSES by TCU and by Penn State tonight while we ROMPED and Alabama had the day off. Lots of scenarios now where BOTH Alabama and Georgia can make the playoffs 2017.


FU 2017. Fromm to D’Andre Swift then Nick Chubb 7-0. Fromm to Javon Wims 14-0. Sony Michel 74-yard 21-0. 4th Down FU goal line incomplete. 4th Down FU pass into end zone incomplete. Sony Michel 8-man box 28-0. JR Reed Forced Fumble on sack TD 35-0.

Garbage time one each including Holyfield TD run. 42-7



“I think it is what it is. The biggest disadvantage advantage to me is the recruiting aspect. I’ve always said you lose a great opportunity once every other year and you figure in your state you’re going to have a hundred top players. Every four years they’re in high school there’s two opportunities to bring them to a big game to an environment that would be second to none. You lose that opportunity. You don’t get that opportunity at a good chance to recruit prospects and have them on your campus.” Kirby about advantages/disadvantages of playing in JAX EVERY freaking year. B.S. We made an agreement NOT to bring ANY prospects EVER to Georgia-Florida game. Game in JAX. NEVER bring ANY prospect to the damn game. Jesus Christ it is in FLORIDA the # 1 hotbed of recruits and recruiting. Really dumb to agree to THAT.


Georgia Florida 2017 Bulldogs Gators Jacksonville Florida JAX disadvantage




I contend of course that Jim McElwain is no stinking good as Offensive Coordinator and NEVER HAS BEEN. # 104 on 3rd Down Conversions 2017 Florida Passing Offense # 100. Rushing Offense # 60. And Dell McGee should be our Offensive Coordinator.

Jim McElwain :


# 104 on 3rd Down Conversions 2017 Florida Passing Offense # 100. Rushing Offense # 60 :


2009 Jim McElwain Alabama National Champion 2nd season Offensive Coordinator # 92 Pass Offense # 42 Total Offense # 62 on 3rd Down Conversions despite all the talent.


2011 Jim McElwain Alabama National Champion 4th season and last as Offensive Coordinator # 69 Passing Offense # 31 Total Offense # 18 on 3rd Down Conversions despite all the talent.



I contend of course that Jim McElwain is no stinking good as Offensive Coordinator and NEVER HAS BEEN.


There are some other big games today NC State Notre Dame. Penn State Ohio State. Oklahoma State West Virginia. TCU Iowa State. UCLA Washington. Clemson Georgia Tech. Washington State Arizona.


Any of these teams including Georgia loses today and it is all over for the losing team making the 4-team play-offs. There are too many top teams ranked highly for Tuesday 31 October release of the College Football Playoff Poll Top 4 teams by the committee 2017.


# 100 Total Offense Colorado State 2012 Jim McElwain # 100 Scoring Offense :



# 44 on 3rd Down Conversions Colorado State 2013 which is in what is left of the Mountain West :



# 54 Red Zone Offense # 69 Rushing Offense # 70 Sacks Allowed Colorado State 2014 again in remnants of Mountain West :



Florida Jim McElwain all I can see when I type that name is he on that shark. I can’t see anything else. I have been all over Jim McElwain since the day Jeremy Foley chose him in a long line of bad choices by Jeremy Foley.


# 95 on 3rd Down Conversions 2015 Florida Passing Offense # 87. Rushing Offense # 124 :



# 55 on 3rd Down Conversions 2016 Florida Passing Offense # 79. Rushing Offense # 113 :




# 104 on 3rd Down Conversions 2017 Florida Passing Offense # 100. Rushing Offense # 60 :


How is that an Offensive Coordinator ?


I will wait for your answer on this.



Dell McGee who BANNED Mark Richt from recruiting NOW Jake Rowe says is the # 1 college football coach in recruiting gaining commitments from a mighty long list of top prospects already and got a BIG RAISE for it. I could see Dell McGee as head coach at Georgia. D’Andre Swift. Justin Fields. Zamir White. James Cook. Dominick Blaylock. Azeez Ojulari. Chris Smith. Elijah Holyfield.

Dell McGee is one great football coach.  When Mark Richt was here and Dell McGee was head coach Dell McGee BANNED Mark Richt from recruiting his players.


Now Dell McGee is the # 1 college football coach at recruiting.


“I say that to show them that the incident that occurred wasn’t appreciated.  The biggest thing is, the University of Georgia knew, they had knowledge of the player and his parents coming there for the weekend. For them not to communicate that they had rescinded that offer before that was not very professional.  Coach Richt called me and told me he was sorry it happened like it did.”


Now Dell McGee is the # 1 college football coach at recruiting.  The man has CLASS.
“To protect our kids and my program, Georgia won’t be welcome on my campus.  They’re not going to recruit anybody.”  Dell McGee told GHSF Daily late Monday evening.
# 1 recruiter 10-28-2017 Dell McGee

UGA’s Dell McGee now ranked as nation’s top recruiter

A UGA assistant now stands alone atop the 247Sports Recruiter Rankings.

Jake Rowe


D’Andre Swift. Justin Fields. Zamir White. James Cook. Dominick Blaylock. Azeez Ojulari. Chris Smith. Elijah Holyfield.  All brought here by none other than Dell McGee.



I have called for Coach Dell McGee to be the Offensive Coordinator HERE since the day he was hired.   8 previous posts I have made that statement here on THIS BLOG.




# 5 recruiting ranking class of 2018 for Kirby with commitment of Miami Central James Cook but the Offensive Line 2018 recruits just stand-out what we don’t have commitments for yet 2018. # 6 Kirby 2016. # 3 Kirby 2017. 2018 now # 5 on 247 Composite Rankings day before JAX Florida game at 7-0 week 9 the # 3 consensus team.


# 6 composite Recruiting rankings 2016 Kirby Georgia Bulldogs

# 3 composite Recruiting rankings 2017 Kirby Georgia Bulldogs

# 5 so far 2018 on composite rankings for Kirby.  Outstanding.  Much better than Mark Richt.  I made this point EVERY DAY here after 2007 that whomever we hired would be a BETTER recruiter than Mark Richt who just didn’t care about winning as a priority in his life.


Florida is going down.


Florida would love to have our recruits including especially Jacob Eason.


Dell McGee proves again why I would have and still do want to make him our Offensive Coordinator with this commitment by Dell McGee of James Cook RB at 4.5 in the 40-yard dash.



NCAA Rankings show Georgia even better than Florida in key team component comparisons but games are NOT PLAYED on paper while Florida is 3 points away from an undefeated season in The SEC. # 23 LSU beat Florida by 1 and # unranked now AP Poll Texas A&M beat Florida by 2. Of course # unranked AP Poll now Michigan pasted Florida by 17-33. The other 2 losses besides Michigan shellacking of Florida Florida only scored 17 points or 16 points each game then too. Therefore Florida is # 95 Scoring Offense of 130 FBS teams. Jim McElwain averages 4 losses per season at Florida and NEVER HAS HAD an offense. He really wanted Jacob Eason.

# 95 Scoring Offense Florida otherwise known as FU 4 losses per season avg Jim McElwain

# 104 on 3rd Down Conversions Florida 2017 week 9 running mouth all week how badly will beat us

# 99 Penalties per game of 130 teams which seems about right for discipline shown this week bragging

# 14 on 1st Downs allowed by their excellent defense at Florida 2017 season

# 125 on 1st Downs by their sucky offense again 2017 as EVERY year with Jim McElwain

# 81 Kick-Off Returns by Florida 2017

# 1 Kick-Off Returns allowed by Florida 2017

# 100 Passing Offense Florida 2017

# 112 Punt Return Defense Florida

# 105 Punt Returns by Florida

# 47 Rushing Defense Florida

# 60 Rushing Offense Florida

# 102 Team Offense Florida

# 36 Team Defense Florida

# 67 Won/Lost Record Florida 2017 at just 3-3



Peter Wolfe Poll – former Official BCS Poll – has The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs ranked # 1 in the NATION this morning October 26 of 2017 and has The SEC ranked the # 1 conference. UGA # 1 SEC # 1 football Peter Wolfe

# 1 Georgia :


# 1 Conference SEC  :


Polls Peter Wolfe Poll – former Official BCS Poll also – # 1 UGA # 1 SEC



“The University Athletic Association takes the safety of our student-athletes coaches staff and families very seriously. Our administration met with Coach McElwain this afternoon and he offered no additional details.”

FU’s Athletics Association spokesman Steve McClain said in a statement.


I have ALWAYS maintained that Jim McElwain was NOT QUALIFIED for the job at FU since the day he accepted the position.


“I think it’s a pretty good lesson for the way things are.  There’s a lot of hate in this world and a lot of anger. And yet, it’s freedom to show it. The hard part is, obviously, when it’s threats against your own players, death threats to your families, the ill will that’s brought upon (you) out there. And yet, I think it’s really one of those deals that really is a pretty good testament to what’s going on out there nationally. There’s a lot of angry people. And in this business, we’re the ones you take the shots at. And that’s the way it is.”  Jim McElwain.






179 lbs. 5′ 11″ started 3 games last year 14 catches 177 yards -0- TD Joshua Hammond only has 11 catches 2017 season for only 138 yards and again zero TD catches but “FLORIDA CAN NOT LOSE TO GEORGIA.” “That brings a lot of confidence to us – just knowing that Georgia isn’t a team that we lose to.”

Sure Georgia is a team you can lose to, smart ass.  Anyway that is something you have NO SAY in big mouth.  That is a really fine art for a short guy who can’t even start on his team to run to the press and BRAG pre-game how Georgia can NOT beat Florida the piece of shit has to offer-up today.


You LOST to LSU Michigan and Texas A&M but Georgia can NOT beat you.  That’s not what you do that in the last 27 games we’ve beat you 6 times down there in Jacksonville Florida.  Since 1990 we have played Florida 27 times and only won 6 but this bullshit artist Joshua Hammond says that we can NOT beat Florida this year.–109351359


Kipp Adams @KippLAdams


“We haven’t lost to Georgia in the last three years. Our seniors have never lost to Georgia so I think that mentality that they bring – being that they’ve never lost to Georgia – that brings a lot of confidence to us – just knowing that Georgia isn’t a team that we lose to. So I think that’s the message in the locker room right now: They can’t beat Florida. That’s our mentality going forward and we’ll come out and be ready to play.”


God damn FOOL bragging pre-game as a guy who has NEVER scored a TD in college EVER how some team you have to play this week can NOT beat you.


Sure we can.


Watch and LEARN.


This is your claim to FAME Josh Hammond.  5′ 11″ and 179 lbs.  NEVER scored a college TD bragging pre-game when the most you have in ANY SEASON is 177 yards in a season.  There are players who do better than that in ONE GAME Josh Hammond.  Trash-talking asshole – here stick this up your God Damn Asshole Josh Hammond.




7-0 Georgia consensus # 3 is – 14.5 pick Las Vegas odds over Florida 3-3 who has lost 2 in a row. THIS IS THE YEAR although we are # 39 in getting 1st Downs. # 111 Passing Offense. # 99 in penalties. # 82 Kick-Off Return Defense. # 60 Punt Returns by us. And Florida has a good defense. We still do not call a good offensive game plan. Florida was supposed to be good then they LOST to now unranked in the AP Poll Michigan. Then LSU beat them. Then Texas A&M beat Florida with a freshman QB. In their 3 losses Florida has scored either 16 or 17 points only. So they are a LOT worse on offense than even we are.



If TCU is so great – we beat them December 30 to make them 6-7 losing record last year. And if Notre Dame is a PLAY-OFF team 2017 we beat them AT THEIR HOUSE in week number two this season. The Big XII really boils down to Oklahoma games coming-up against TCU and Oklahoma State. Whomever loses is OUT. And Oklahoma is already out unless FIVE (5) other teams ahead of # 9 Oklahoma lose. Oklahoma is not that great as they showed AGAIN today. Play-Off Poll comes out after we beat Florida. 2 SEC teams making it to play-offs is STILL a possibility. “Power 5” Conferences. OKLAHOMA LOST to a lousy Iowa State.


Kirby now # 11 finally for 2018 recruiting ranking. That is really fine recruiting. With 17 commitments and 20 we lose after the season all 20 of whom STARTED for Kirby we have MORE COMMITMENTS coming. Welcome to Adam Anderson Rome Georgia ! Selects UGA over Clemson LSU Alabama vols all whom gave him offers. Tall this U.S. Army All-American can sack the opposing QB. Composite Recruiting 2018 Ranking UGA Bulldogs # 6 now.

I am sorry that our quarterback next year got injured with a broken index finger but it is not an ACL or leg will heal in a couple of months and he will be fine, so this is all good.


Georgia is NOT Alabama ?  So what ?  We can still beat them and are as good if not better than every other program at beating Alabama.  Anyway I have predicted SEC Championship for us 2017.  I could care what someone at AJ-C DawgNation or some coach we beat has to offer-up on that either.  We CAN win.  Get over it.


Why can we win ?  Because we are REALLY good.  And because we do NOT have Mark Richt who did not give a shit about winning here any longer.


I wish Kirby had more sense of urgency about winning himself.  I wish he was not all about some process but about 2017 and doing the best we can 2017 by playing EVERYONE.



# 11 UGA


# 6 UGA


# 12 UGA ESPN but only shows 16 commitments of our 17


# 9 Rivals UGA but only shows 16 of our 17 commitments so ESPN and Rivals are NOT RELIABLE rankings


This man might lead the nation in sacks and as you know that is a critical element in being selected to play in the NFL as well – so if ESPN and Rivals BOTH fail to list this man as a commitment because he committed to UGA prior to this and then to LSU – then that makes ESPN and Rivals BOTH unreliable.


Frankly this is EXACTLY the type Bullshit ESPN and Rivals have ALWAYS PULLED that has prevented ME from listing THEM either one on this site as a top recruiting service such as and such as Composite Rankings both of whom I consider MORE RELIABLE and ones you see me quote daily.


If you can not even get the number of commitments right what freaking good are you as a recruiting rankings’ service ?  Tell me that ?  Go ahead.  I will wait.  This is now 8 hours after his commitment and neither ESPN nor Rivals has his commitment on their sites.  That’s bullshit.




MVP Jake Fromm Captain *-* Leading Rusher Nick Chubb *-* Top Freshman All-America D’andre Swift *-* Top All-Around newcomer getting expanded touches 2017 Mecole Hardman Junior *-* Captain Defense Roquan Smith *-* Biggest Surprise Newcomer J.R. Reed *-* Top Special Teams’ Performer Cameron Nizialek *-* Best Coach Mel Tucker and Dell McGee


MVP Awards so far 2017 season Georgia Bulldogs UGA




Mark Richt would NOT want to play Alabama. Mark Richt lost 18 of his last 24 games against top 15 teams after 2007 here at Georgia and GOT FIRED FOR IT along with his 12 losses time game or for season to UNRANKED teams after 2007. # 45 in the nation against top 15 teams averaging # 7 recruiting ranking all after 2007 his last entire 8 years here and STILL YOU MUST SPEAK ABOUT HIM. Jesus Christ. When in the name of God are you EVER going to get over freaking loser Mark Richt ? My God. Now can we get back to THIS FLORIDA who has BEAT US EVERY TIME SINCE 1990 EXCEPT 6 TIMES. 27 GAMES WE’VE WON 6.




We have done VERY WELL against Alabama – as well as any team ever has.


This is Mark Richt thinking that we DON’T WANT TO PLAY ALABAMA really.


Sure we do God Damn it.






The economic impact to the host city of having Georgia-Florida game in Jacksonville is the same Economic Impact having GA-FL play in Athens or Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz NFL Stadium which stands at $ 100 million dollars. One hundred million dollars. The Red & Black ran a story which states that : “Georgia brings in more money by playing yearly in Jacksonville than it would if the Bulldogs hosted the Gators in Athens every other year.” But that is patently untrue. It would be HUGE for the game to be played ‘Tween The Hedges every other year and would boost the local economy $100 million dollars each year held in Athens or in Atlanta – just as it does to Jacksonville every year. EverBank Field has NOT hosted a major event in more than a DOZEN YEARS now back to 2005 built 10 years before that in 1995.

Why have bowl games if there is no economic impact on the host city ?


Why would Jacksonville be paying money to have the game there every year – because there is no economic benefit to Jacksonville ?


Sure there is.


If you put aside that the city of Jacksonville gets $ 100 million dollars otherwise which would not be spent in Jacksonville the game represents in essence a 8th home game for Florida at the site of the annual Gator Bowl.  This has been documented that a home game for a game of this stature is worth $100 million dollars.  It’s been proven.


Every UGA Coach ever has stated that he is at a huge disadvantage taking-on Florida down there.


Every player has told us how huge it would be instead to be playing the game ‘Tween The Hedges.


Sony Michel offers-up about this 2017 Georgia Florida Game : “That would be pretty cool us going to Gainesville and them coming to Athens would be extremely over the top.”


In the last 25 games there in Jacksonville Florida at the site of the annual Gator Bowl UGA has won only 6 times often not only ruining our season but often as well when our # 1 Rival was clearly the inferior team yet somehow beat the snot out of us again ANYWAY.


Athens Georgia has no say in this renewal for the next 5 years at their host city down there instead and neither does the city of Atlanta.  I am certain that a package at least as lucrative to the teams could be set up in either Athens Sanford Stadium one of the nation’s top venues or in Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium which hosts not only the Super Bowl but the national championship game to end this 2017 season.


As long as folks write articles with lies such as this then the ending to this competitive disadvantage with our # 1 Rival will continue despite what Sony Michel might want  : “Georgia brings in more money by playing yearly in Jacksonville than it would if the Bulldogs hosted the Gators in Athens every other year.”


The economic impact to the Athens Economy has been devastating to us on many levels :


EverBank Field JAX is ranked the # 26 worst stadium in America by Athlon Sports :



  1. Losing $ 25 million in Revenue having the game at Sanford every other year in the WLOCP.
  2. Losing economic impact to # 1 College Football Town of $93.7 million* every 2 years no Florida.
  3. Having sad home schedules for which we all pony-up so much money to watch 6 cupcakes.
  4. Some schools get-in 9 “home” games for their team vols for example do so frequently.
  5. Never play our # 1 Rival at home.
  6. Our coaches have ALL STATED that playing there is a DISADVANTAGE for our players.
  7. The humidity is such that it is a huge difference compared to Athens causing us to show-up not acclimated to their climate


Continuing to play the game at such an outdated old stadium is a drain on the game itself compared to playing it at say Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium as it does not lead to the prestige of the game itself as much as it would at Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium for example.




Receiver Antonio Callaway who has over 1000 yards receiving and tailback Jordan Scarlett who has over 1000 yards rushing are among all the football players at the University of Florida who are in question as to whether or not they go to prison on felony charges for using stolen credit card information for purchases from the University of Florida Bookstore and various off-campus companies. The amounts taken ranged from $ 550 (known as a felony for $ 550) up to $3570. Gators’ Football team 2017 once ranked # 16 this season has dropped out of the polls all together the last 2 weeks now at 3-3 including the losses to 3 average teams 2 of which are unranked teams who beat Florida this season.

This on-going investigation has gone on all season now but none of the players involved have played nor are likely to.


It was very devastating to The SEC when Florida lost in the opener this season to Michigan right after this scandal broke.


Now basically what the press says about The SEC is that The SEC has Alabama and Georgia and really no one else.


But Alabama and Georgia are 2 of the 3 best teams in America and represent as well 2 of the 4 most talented teams in America as well this 2017 season.  Both Alabama and Georgia could both end-up in the College Football Play-Offs no matter what happens between us in our SEC Championship Game.


That would mean this monkey on our back of basically losing nearly every game in Jacksonville after Vince Dooley retired is for once this season anyway – not in question.


How about that turn of events that Georgia fans feel that there is no chance Florida has of unseating us 2017 in football pregame ?


How about THAT ?


Georgia is ranked in the top 10 and Florida is ranked the # 61 team 2017 as a direct result hereof.


Georgia which originally started as a 3-point favorite has grown to a 7 and half point favorite according to Las Vegas odds over Florida October 29 of 2017 at 3:30 p.m. Jacksonville – a place we just have to get out of.



We’re 7-0 without having played the top teams yet but we will have to and you need to realize the continuing mistakes of Kirby in how he holds certain players back and refuses year after year now to do anything but be obstinate about his preferences for players. It just make no sense. Last year it was Freshman Mecole Hardman Jr. Kirby held back along with 3 freshmen Offensive Linemen and Freshman QB Jacob Eason Kirby held back and would not let get out there and work with the # 1 unit despite the obvious that HE JUST HAD TO. It costs us 5 LOSSES. This year is more of the same and AGAIN now sophomore Jacob Eason again is MISTREATED by Kirby to the detriment of the team. 25-point lead and not one snap Kirby ? 2-point conversion up 25 points with 10:27 left and I am the only one criticizing Kirby for that too ? 3 MORE Freshmen Offensive Linemen REDSHIRTED this season after 3 were redshirted 2016 who could’ve helped Kirby 2016. D’Andre Swift would be FRESHMEN Heisman Trophy Candidate with ANY OTHER COACH BESIDES KIRBY. I swear Kirby does NOT SEE talent on Offense and Special Teams when it bites him in the FACE. I do like it that we are WORKING NOT TAKING THE WEEK OFF. I like that. I would like to sell-out for 2017 season not some future year when Kirby loses 20 who started for him here after this season.

I see all these glowing grades for Kirby coaching last night and I swear he purposely is trying to tell Jacob Eason to piss off.


He tried to tell Mecole Hardman Jr. that last year.


I can name the mistreated offensive and special teams’ players until the cows come home.


Yet Kirby brags how he rolls all these freshmen in and out on defense and we see how deep we are THERE.


For a smart guy Kirby really was DUMB to NOT PLAY JACOB EASON LAST NIGHT AT ALL.


There is no excuse for not playing Jacob Eason except to make the point that well Kirby is the coach and we are none of us not.



Play your freshmen offensive linemen you are REDSHIRTING Kirby God damn it.


And play Jacob Eason.  You dumb shit.  You told us all that Jacob Eason was better than Jake Fromm.  We told you what we saw was that Jake Fromm has more of a sense of urgency and is more accurate along with more willing to use his bulky body to run the ball as an unaccounted for player on offense.


You told us Kirby that we were ALL WRONG that Jacob Eason is your QB.


Now in a 25-point blow-out – that is MORE than 3 TD and a field goal lead Kirby – you go for 2 points at 10:27 in the game and do not let Jacob Eason get a single snap.  Every other player got to play.


Not Jacob Eason.






# 3 consensus Georgia Bulldogs now that Clemson and Washington both lost. We overcame 7 more penalties tonight by rushing for 389 yards. D’Andre Swift is the leading rusher tonight while Elijah Holyfield had 6 more carries for 48 yards. Monty Rice had a hell of a game getting a START tonight at Mike Linebacker.





I am in Love.


Alabama Penn State and Georgia are top 3 football teams in every poll now and there is no 4th team.  I do not feel that anyone thinks TCU and Wisconsin are serious contenders and again I say unto you that The SEC might have 2 teams in the play-offs.




696 yards of total offense against Missouri SEC team

Up 53-28 ahead by 25 points Kirby not only went for 2 points with 10: 27 seconds remaining but he never did take out Jake Fromm.


Bring on Florida who LOST to Texas A&M and their true freshman quarterback Kellen Mond.


7-0 for the first time since 2005.


That was a LOSS to Florida and then a loss to Auburn and the loss to West Virginia.





Javon Wims 6 drops TD pass down the left side off his hands – bad place to hit him in the hands – so Jake Fromm throws to Riley Ridley 8 down the right side for the TD to go up 14-7.

Then Aaron Davis 35 is beat on 63-yard TD pass to tie it 14 all.


Sony Michel takes it to the house.


Then Tyrique McGhee 26 is beat on 63-yard TD pass too to tie it again 21 all.


Then we get a Field Goal.


Then we get an Interception and Jake Fromm runs it in after several nifty runs that series where Charlie Woerner leaps their defender.


This puts us up 31-21 at 3:53 in the half remaining.


Then another Field Goal and we’re up 34-21.


The crowd is LOUD tonight.


Beautiful day today to be outside all day.



FISH FRY Paul Johnson QUITS as football coach – can’t handle losing like he did to vols and then to Miami of Florida – 2 games he thought he won

It doesn’t get ANY better than that.


Finally found a reason to root for Miami of Florida because they have no hope of beating us 2017 season.





Kellen Mond unranked Texas A&M 4-2 Freshman QB or Jake Fromm # 3 Georgia Bulldogs Freshman QB 6-0 throwing higher percentages bigger boy doing better higher rated as a QB than Kellen Mond as well. Jake Fromm plays for # 3 UGA (Thank you Clemson losing to 3-3 Syrcause.)

If you are 4-2 have not been ranked and still are not ranked all season long folks tend to look at your size your stats and your record.  Folks also look at what the publications have said and are saying about you as a QB.


Jake Fromm beat Notre Dame on the road who have not otherwise lost – ranked team.


Kellen Mond LOST to unranked UCLA who has lost to 2 lousy football teams and remains unranked.

Kellen Mond was not as highly thought of coming-in.


Kellen Mond :

5* Rivals

4* PrepStar





Jake Fromm :

5* Rivals

5* PrepStar





Jake Fromm 60% pass rating 164 with 10 TD 2 INT 6-0 with 5 sacks 2 rush TD

Kellen Mond 56% pass rating 124 with 7 TD 3 INT 4-2 with 13 sacks 2 rush TD


I’ll take Jake Fromm over Kellen Mond and so will everyone else.  Thank you Clemson for making Jake Fromm # 3 in the nation this morning.



If Alabama has to LOSE to Georgia Bulldogs in The SEC Championship Game for two (2) SEC teams # 4 and # 1 to both be in the College Football Play-Offs 2017 then I say unto you that EXCUSE ME I said Georgia Bulldogs WIN SEC CHAMPIONSHIP 2017. I said this after the TCU Game last year and EVERY DAY HERE ON THIS BLOG SINCE. Get over the fact that Mark Richt is HAPPY we are doing well. Are these all Kirby’s recruits ? Kirby has been here a year and a half – you tell me ? Kirby could not do this without Mark Richt recruits ? After 2007 Mark Richt’s last entire 8 years here Mark Richt was # 45 against top 15 teams losing 18 of 24 games vs top 15 teams with the average # 7 recruiting rankings and was FIRED for it. Mark Richt could not do this WITH Mark Richt recruits – see to it that YOU SAY THAT got it ?

Only 4 teams have more talent than The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs 2017.  Are some of those Mark Richt recruits ?  This is Kirby’s Season Number Two – so you tell me.


Mark Richt was NOT FIRED for being # 7 average recruiting rankings every year.


Mark Richt was FIRED because he LOST with them.  Mark Richt lost to 12 unranked teams time of game or for season after 2007.  Mark Richt lost to 18 of the 24 teams ranked top 15 teams time of game after 2007.  THIS IS WHY MARK RICHT GOT FIRED.


Not because he did not have good recruits.


Mark Richt did have good recruits.


He just could not win with them.


You will NEVER do SHIT in college football if you AVERAGE # 7 recruiting rankings and Mark Richt did and LOSE to 12 unranked teams his last 8 years here – which is what he did.


You will NEVER accomplish a God Damn THING in college football if you average # 7 recruiting rankings and Mark Richt did but LOST to 18 of the last 24 teams he played in the top 15.


Mark Richt could not win the big games.


And he LOST to cupcakes.




Get over the fact that Mark Richt is HAPPY we are doing well.


Sure he is.


It is something he could NEVER accomplish here himself.


He did not give a shit.


Are these all Kirby’s recruits ?  Kirby has been here a year and a half  – you tell me ?  Kirby could not do this without Mark Richt recruits ?


Mark Richt could not do this with Mark Richt recruits.


That is why THIS BLOG FIRED HIM after 2007.


Remember ?


After 2007 Mark Richt’s last entire 8 years here Mark Richt was # 45 against top 15 teams losing 18 of 24 games vs top 15 teams with the average # 7 recruiting rankings and was FIRED for it.


Quit trying to find something to congratulate Mark Richt for.  He’s gone.  I fired him.


See to it that you remember that.


Mark Richt could not do this WITH Mark Richt recruits – see to it that YOU SAY THAT got it ?




Front Page Sports AJ-C DawgNation print edition page C1 : KIRBY : “We rolled a lot of guys in there last year but they are a year older. They are a year more mature. All those freshmen from last year are paying off on defense a lot now.” WHY NOT do SAME on OFFENSE Kirby ? Jesus Christ play Netori JohnsonIsaiah Wilson D’Marcus Hayes before we play all these BIG GAMES COMING-UP KIRBY. Your offense # 62 in the nation SUCKS KIRBY.

What is good for the goose Kirby is good for the gander.


I fail to see why the freshmen on OFFENSE are not ROLLED IN THERE A LOT if it has worked so well on your Defense Kirby.




What’s the difference Kirby ?


Tori McElhaney AJ-C DawgNation Page C1 Sports Front Page.


Front Page Sports AJ-C DawgNation page C1 : KIRBY :


“We rolled a lot of guys in there last year but they are a year older.  They are a year more mature.  All those freshmen from last year are paying off on defense a lot now.”


Why can’t we roll in and out the 3 top Offensive Linemen 2017 signing class Kirby and have them ready for ALL THESE GAMES WE HAVE COMING-UP NOW ?


Or did you think we would be right back and # 4 again next year too Kirby with your PROCESS ?


  1. Netori Johnson consensus # 4 OG in the nation DOES NOT FIGURE in Kirby’s plans for 2017 says Kirby.
  2. Isaiah Wilson consensus # 2 OT in the nation does NOT figure in Kirby’s plans for 2017.
  3. D’Marcus Hayes  # 5 consensus OT in the nation does NOT figure in Kirby’s plans for 2017.




“Georgia has a very strong team it appears right now because their defense is so good. I don’t think they have quite the size of Bama but could they beat Bama? Oh yeah if they played extremely well and Bama doesn’t that day. But Alabama would be favored.” Steve Spurrier



“While 17 freshmen have seen the field this season – even more are waiting in the wing for their opportunity to contribute – whenever that might be.” The Red and Black Campus Newspaper. Every team plays Freshmen nowadays. They have to. “We do not hold anybody back that can help us win. If a guy is ready to help us win then the guy plays.” Kirby said at press meeting today. But Kirby added 31 new players 19 of whom he has played. The rest are REDSHIRTED including specifically 3 of the top 5 offensive linemen in the nation. Kirby is much more prone to play freshmen on defense for some odd reason and to hold them BACK if they are on offense and special teams so far in Kirby’s career.

  1. Netori Johnson consensus # 4 OG in the nation DOES NOT FIGURE in Kirby’s plans for 2017 says Kirby.
  2. Isaiah Wilson consensus # 2 OT in the nation does NOT figure in Kirby’s plans for 2017.
  3. D’Marcus Hayes  # 5 consensus OT in the nation does NOT figure in Kirby’s plans for 2017.

There is NO QUESTION that these three (3) could have helped Kirby on a largely unremarkable OL 2017 and that saving them for some future year is saving them for a year which will NOT BE AS GOOD A CHANCE for Kirby and us to win as it would have been to have played them this season in this 14 and possibly 15-game season.


These 3 stand out like a sore thumb that Kirby has HELD THEM BACK ALL 3 for 2017.–/article_f4c947ac-ad2f-11e7-9c2c-8b280536e0e7.html





ESPN states Georgia Bulldogs only have 45 percent chance of winning at Auburn but with the # 62 OFFENSE 2017 we could lose to South Carolina Kentucky Auburn Georgia Tech Alabama Bowl Game Opponent. We have a LOT of work to do to get our OFFENSE able to pass the ball.

We don’t block for the pass well.


We don’t pass the ball particularly well either.


We don’t call good passing plays.


We don’t have anything but guys who drop the passes they are thrown.


Never was a team ranked # 4 in the nation who finds only 4 other teams with the same talent we have who can’t really pass the ball to save our souls.


It is absolutely silly to think we can impose our will running the ball because we have good running backs when our OL is undersized already worn-out and not deep with 3 of the top 5 OL in the nation redshirted 2017 like there is some other year more important coming-up for Kirby than this one.


Or that he has another honeymoon this season too like the 5 games he lost last year.


We have the same weaknesses now we had pre-season.





# 3 Total Defense 2017 UGA # 62 Total Offense UGA 2017

What is wrong with this picture ?


What is wrong with this picture is that with only 4 other teams with more talent than Georgia 2017 season we are seriously holding-back our offense with Kirby meddling in the play calls and Kirby meddling with the talent he allows in fact to play 2017 again.


# 62 Total Offense Georgia Bulldogs 2017 with ALL THIS TALENT



2005 Mark Richt started the season 6-0 but Mark Richt played the only QB at Florida who could’ve lost that game to that lousy FL team in 2005. Then Mark Richt lost to Auburn and Mark Richt lost in the Sugar Bowl at the Georgia Dome falling behind 28 to nothing before I was finished booing Mike Adam$ and his wife. So 2005 Mark Richt did not end-up better in the final polls than Alabama nor LSU 2005. Mark Richt was # 3 of just SEC teams 2005 season in EVERY SINGLE POLL. So Mark Richt LOST 3 games 2005 season and this matches the last time Mark Richt started 6-0 ? God help us. Don’t tell me how well Mark Richt did 2005 because Mark Richt BLEW IT 2005 – which was 13 seasons’ ago when we started 6-0. USCe AU KY GT AL – all await us to do what OK and Michigan BOTH did today. Florida can not beat us. USCe AU KY GT AL these 5 can.

Don’t tell me about Mark Richt’s 2005 season which was 13 seasons’ ago now this season.  That not only was 13 seasons’ ago but he ended the season in EVERY SINGLE SOLITARY POLL the # 3 SEC team in every poll for the 2005 season – worse than Alabama and worse than LSU.


I was there I believe I would know.


We will be 8-0 when we face-off against remaining South Carolina Auburn Kentucky Georgia Tech and Alabama plus our bowl opponent.  There is no margin for error.  Ask Oklahoma.  Ask Michigan.



45-14 we empty the bench against Vanderbilt who is not a very good football team. But we will play good football teams 2017. And we’re going to need to find some receiver who can catch the football as Oklahoma puts 2 SEC teams in the play-offs at this early point.

We have no semblance of a passing game.  We can not line-up to throw and catch.  You are not going to beat the top teams by playing small offensive linemen and running the football with the best running backs in America.


All the receivers did was to drop the ball again today.  And the OL had penalty after penalty called on them illegal procedure and chop blocks and did not block for the pass well again either – and against a bad team.


Our offense is not going to get the job done against the good teams – but we’re in the 4-team play-offs today – if Kirby would play the rest of his good receivers and the rest of his good offensive linemen.


It’s a long season 15-game season.  14-game season.





Kirby signs a # 1 Quarterback a 5-star QB for 2016 makes him True Freshman STARTER at QB Jacob Eason. This makes Kirby 2016 the # 6 rank recruiting class. Kirby signs a # 1 QB another 5-Star for 2017 and he brings with him an entire class of players while Kirby makes him too True Freshman STARTER at QB Jake Fromm. This makes Kirby # 2 recruiting ranked class 2017 and # 3 in all the other rankings for 2017. THIS BLOG CALLED FOR Justin Fields to sign with UGA since Alabama has 5 QB now and UGA gets not just # 1 QB but top recruit nationally all positions 2018 and Kirby gets his commitment to put Kirby at # 15 so far for 2018 recruiting rankings with 20 leaving after this season and of the 20 gone after this SEC Championship Season 2017 all 20 started for Kirby here. IT IS A WEALTH OF QUARTERBACKS. Note Kirby signed all these QB – not Mark Richt. All 3 signed by Kirby as QB. Wow. If your name starts with a J and you are a QB come START for Kirby as True Freshman.

Justin Fields says I can play QB Kirby.


He’s fast.


This is a wealth of quarterbacks.


This makes Kirby # 15 of all teams ranked for recruiting for 2018 according to and # 11 according to Composite Rankings.




Natrez Patrick on scholarship since Mark Richt gave him scholarship January 2014 arrested on DRUGS for the 2nd time – out 40 % of the season AT LEAST by University of Georgia POLICY 40% of 15-game season would be SIX (6) games. Out of Mays High right when we get our team ranked in the top 5 ANOTHER MARK RICHT RECRUIT goes out and CELEBRATES LAST NIGHT after midnight arrested on several charges including DRUGS and DRIVING

A Defensive End but not big enough to play Defensive End in college or after college, Natrez Patrick has embarrassed The University of Georgia at a MOST inopportune time ranked in the top 5 of the AP Poll this morning.


Mark Richt was FIRED amid a long list of such ARRESTS of his recruits who just did NOT END-UP here at Georgia – guys who embarrassed the school off the field and were not on the team ON THE FIELD for Mark Richt either.


This blog has followed all of these very closely and related Mark Richt being FIRED to in fact the results of his recruits in being arrested and kicked-off the team.


Scholarship for Natrez Patrick ?  Not in my book Natrez Patrick for you have abdicated that scholarship – the Virginia & Kenneth McCall Football Scholarship.


Rescind it now Kirby.




This morning.


2008 to 2015 Mark Richt lost to 12 unranked teams time game or for the season, # 37 vs top 10 season, # 42 vs top 25 for season, # 38 vs top 25 time game, and # 45 vs top 15 time game.


This was because 40% 59 of 146 signed scholarship recruits to Georgia by Mark Richt beginning 2010 through 2015 were either kicked-off the team failed to qualify flunked-out never showed-up or quit.


Natrez Patrick is just another in this long list 60 of the last 146 signed scholarship recruits of Mark Richt here who did not finish their career here if Natrez Patrick joins them – over 40% of the last Mark Richt recruits gone not here for their career because of this kind of celebrating rather than discipline.


This blog has LISTED all 146 last signed by Mark Richt here and all 60 now gone from the team as a result if I get my wish and Natrez Patrick loses his scholarship too over this this morning.


Good job Mark Richt recruit Natrez Patrick.



I like Jake Fromm whose passes are on-target and who runs the ball well but moreover I love to watch him hurry-up to the line of scrimmage and get the ball out of there to a mostly inept dropping the ball receiver corps after a totally inept offensive line can not really block for the pass nor for the run including 3 of the best 5 offensive linemen in the nation who are being redshirted 2017 and 3 from 2016 who were redshirted last year as well and still are not playing really either. And their play-calling has been both years to just run the ball which has worked against the weak teams we have played 2017 but did not 2016 with 5 losses stacking the box against Jacob Eason. So to my way of thinking Jake Fromm has done a better job. It’s not Jacob Eason’s job. That belongs to Jake Fromm. Why is that ? Because he has done a better job. This is the Jake and Jake Show and I do love having both. Now if I were a QB # 1 in the nation and # 2 QB in the nation chose Clemson and # 1 considering GA Auburn LSU and Florida State and had obviously considered Alabama too I believe I would go to Alabama because of their proven head coach and then whom ? Well UGA of course would be my choice compared to these other lesser schools Auburn LSU FSU who are all 3 utter messes right now compared to what I see going on at UGA 2017 if for some reason I did not want to go to Alabama. And frankly I would think like Jake Fromm last year that I am a better QB and run the ball better than Jake Fromm and Jacob Eason. So I would come here and bring some receivers for a change with me and expect Kirby to put some OL out there who are big enough to establish the pass and the run. I would be worried about both those weaknesses and especially the play-calling Kirby allows Jim Chaney to call – which have not been good either year. Still I would chose UGA Justin Fields. Auburn FSU and LSU are NOWHERE near the school UGA is and neither is Alabama – which has been Fran Tarkenton’s take too. Excuse me Fran is quite smart and one of our 3 best players all-time who ponies-up his money for us and who has NOT BEEN WRONG about anything he has said yet including most especially him saying that if we wanted a damn Christian to be our head coach we should go to Seminary School and get one. That pissed-off the Mark Richt was great crowd ? Too bad. Life is tough. Football is tougher.


Me personally I would not chose Alabama.  I did not.  I chose UGA.  I live here.  I am glad I did chose UGA and not Alabama.  We beat Alabama when I was here at UGA and I have # 17 jersey Matt Robinson to prove it after the game in the locker room.  I was accepted to Cornell took classes in Princeton and could have gone really anywhere I wanted.  But I was not on scholarship.  I was a walk-on.  But if I were Justin Fields I would cut-off the recruitment and choose UGA as well and figure I could be the True Freshman Starting 2018 like the True Freshman who started 2016 and like the True Freshman who Started 2017 here at UGA.  But I do think Alabama has the better coach.


So what if Seth Emerson can not say that Jake Fromm is a better QB than Jacob Eason.  I can.


I did.  I have.  It is what I have seen.


What have you seen ?



“Listen we can quit with the coaching dramatics. Right now I believe Fromm is the guy. I believe Eason is an extremely talented quarterback. But that’s up to Kirby who he decides to go with. I mean he’s not fooling me – if that’s what we think we’re doing here. That young man Fromm’s won ballgames. He just came off a 41 to nothing win.” Vanderbilt coach Derek Mason who looks very smart on the sidelines to me and beat Kirby last year. Derek Mason beat Kirby last year here at Sanford just after vols beat Kirby here too and just before Georgia tek also beat Kirby here all 3 at Sanford. Kirby also lost at Florida. Kirby also lost at Ole Miss. Derek Mason parlayed his win over Kirby last year into playing in the Independence Bowl. Derek Mason looks good on the sidelines. Derek Mason looks smart on the sidelines. He coached in the NFL and at Stanford and is a great player in his own right. I’d say he NAILED this quote – wouldn’t you ? Tom Petty

I like this man Derek Mason.  I believe everyone does.  Derek Mason is one of the good guys.


And smart.


And looks great on the sidelines.


Derek Mason NAILED this quote.


“I mean he’s not fooling me – if that’s what we think we’re doing here. That young man Fromm’s won ballgames. He just came off a 41 to nothing win.  I believe Fromm is the guy.” Vanderbilt coach Derek Mason a fine-looking young head football coach with a bright future.

Is it just me or isn’t Seth Emerson the most impressive Bulldogs’ beat writer of all-time ?









Who is Vanderbilt 2017 ?

# 101 Offense 3rd Down Conversions


# 123 Offense in getting 1st Downs


So that is even worse than us.


# 43 in Penalties


So that is better than us – but then again who isn’t better than us at penalties ?



# 97 Kick-Off Returns


So not only do they have no Offense but their special teams suck too.


# 99 Net Punting


# 84 Passing Offense – that is as bad as our passing offense is


# 72 Red Zone Offense – surely it is confusing that Vandy ever scores


# 102 Time of Possession


Vandy is not a very good football team.



Total Defense Georgia Bulldogs # 2 in the nation. Scoring Defense # 3 in the nation for us. It’s our offense that is not going to get the job done against the top teams. You have to pass the football Kirby to open up your running game against the GOOD TEAMS. We WILL HAVE TO PLAY GOOD TEAMS Kirby.


Despite having really played none of the top teams here is how our OFFENSE ranks :



# 118 Passing Offense

# 69 in getting 1st Downs by our Offense

# 96 on 4th Down Conversions

# 88 on Passing Completion Percentage

# 94 Penalties – mostly on the OL holding jumping offside chop block

# 48 Fumbles lost

# 70 Passes had Intercepted mostly because of Brice Ramsey

# 37 on 3rd Down Conversions

# 21 Rushing Offense – this is NOT good enough for # 118 Passing Offense

# 53 Scoring Offense

# 45 Passing Efficiency – too many DROPS by all the receivers all of them

# 60 Turnovers Lost

# 83 Total Offense





We have a LOT of work to do to become reasonable on offense.


We have a defense capable of beating Florida Auburn Alabama Clemson Oklahoma and Penn State.


We do NOT have an offense capable of beating Auburn Alabama Clemson Oklahoma or Penn State.



Georgia Bulldogs jump Washington of the Pac-12. This gives SEC Georgia and Alabama in the Top 5 – both ahead of ALL Pac-12 teams. Got it ? It has been since 1972 when the Pac-12 last won the national championship in football. This ends the Pac-12 opportunity to be in the play-offs without 2 teams above Washington losing. Georgia has work to do to make it into the top 4 ourselves : Florida Auburn Alabama – 3 MORE RANKED TEAMS

This is very important that the AP Poll jumped Georgia by Washington of the Pac-12.



Jake Fromm likely SEC Freshman of the Week again going 8 of 15 on 3rd Down Conversions including several long runs while Kirby’s Defense held vols to only 1 of 12 on 3rd Down Conversions. DROPS dominated the day for Georgia quarterbacks again today as our receiver group is desperate to see what Kirby is stockpiling behind the receivers Kirby is playing. The OL blew a ton of assignments today and again we set the world on fire with penalties. Still this SEC Championship Team 2017 cracked into the Top 5 in the polls today – begging the question could Georgia AND Alabama both make the play-offs ?

Terry Godwin fumbled the ball and stood there reacting by raising his hands over his head to cover his head with this hands instead of attempting to recover the fumble.  It went out of bounds.  All the receivers did all night long was DROP the ball.  Again.


The OL blew assignment after assignment all night long.  They also contributed to the penalties called on the Offensive Linemen as well.


Still Kirby stood pat on his redshirting and not playing of significant help at both receiver and on the OL.


14 games is an incredibly long season while Auburn is showing quite tough themselves.  We could face Auburn twice and could face Alabama twice this season as well.


Yes we are that good.


I called prior to the season beginning that we would Win The SEC Championship 2017 and in fact I guaranteed that from the end of the TCU game until now.


I called for the Jake And Jake Show pre-game tonight.


I called for Jacob Eason at half time in that post then as well.


I do just wish we would play all our players.


Tonight I felt that Jacob Eason could have been brought in earlier than he was.  I saw the palpitations of anxiety and angst upon the face of Jacob Eason when ahead 38 to nothing in the 4th Quarter that Kirby sent Jake Fromm BACK OUT AGAIN.


That is just wrong.


Kirby could have handled that better.  Kirby does NOT want to have Jacob Eason transfer.


Kirby played 68 players tonight with Lorenzo Carter in his Dawg House who quickly dove on their fumbled snap.


I guarantee you will see some transfers now that game 5 is in the books and several stars who will play in the NFL are not playing while Kirby plays pattycake with guys such as at receiver and on the OL who will never play on Sundays.


Kirby has favorites and says they are because of practice which of course only he sees.  What we see is that we have tremendous talent on the team – some of whom barely get to play at all who just stand out when they do for us to see.


15-game season is a possibility.  Kirby is going to wish he had more than 68 players in the rotation 2017 season.  Why have 85 on Scholarship and play only 68 players Kirby ?


The national press has jumped all over us FINALLY while THIS BLOG said we would WIN The SEC Championship 2017 from the outset because only 4 other teams have more talent than we have.


It’s October.  Where would we be today without Jake Fromm ?


It’s October 1 Kirby.  It’s not too late.  Get your other Offensive Linemen in the games and get your other receivers in the games Kirby.  Good Lord son it was 41 to nothing and you still did not get your Offensive Linemen I called to be STARTING by now in the game at all and you did not throw to your talented receivers you have as well.


But the OL you did play had penalties and blown assignments all night long.


And your receivers did NOTHING but drop the ball Kirby.


Long season 14 or 15-game season Kirby.  You can not make it through such a SEC Championship Season 2017 with just 68 players playing Kirby this year.


It’s not too late.  Get your help on the OL out there playing in 41 to nothing early games Kirby.  And get your receiver help out there catching passes in 41 to nothing games Kirby.  You will certainly need both groups by game 14 I can assure you.