Total Defense Georgia Bulldogs # 2 in the nation. Scoring Defense # 3 in the nation for us. It’s our offense that is not going to get the job done against the top teams. You have to pass the football Kirby to open up your running game against the GOOD TEAMS. We WILL HAVE TO PLAY GOOD TEAMS Kirby.


Despite having really played none of the top teams here is how our OFFENSE ranks :



# 118 Passing Offense

# 69 in getting 1st Downs by our Offense

# 96 on 4th Down Conversions

# 88 on Passing Completion Percentage

# 94 Penalties – mostly on the OL holding jumping offside chop block

# 48 Fumbles lost

# 70 Passes had Intercepted mostly because of Brice Ramsey

# 37 on 3rd Down Conversions

# 21 Rushing Offense – this is NOT good enough for # 118 Passing Offense

# 53 Scoring Offense

# 45 Passing Efficiency – too many DROPS by all the receivers all of them

# 60 Turnovers Lost

# 83 Total Offense





We have a LOT of work to do to become reasonable on offense.


We have a defense capable of beating Florida Auburn Alabama Clemson Oklahoma and Penn State.


We do NOT have an offense capable of beating Auburn Alabama Clemson Oklahoma or Penn State.




Georgia Bulldogs jump Washington of the Pac-12. This gives SEC Georgia and Alabama in the Top 5 – both ahead of ALL Pac-12 teams. Got it ? It has been since 1972 when the Pac-12 last won the national championship in football. This ends the Pac-12 opportunity to be in the play-offs without 2 teams above Washington losing. Georgia has work to do to make it into the top 4 ourselves : Florida Auburn Alabama – 3 MORE RANKED TEAMS

This is very important that the AP Poll jumped Georgia by Washington of the Pac-12.