We’re 7-0 without having played the top teams yet but we will have to and you need to realize the continuing mistakes of Kirby in how he holds certain players back and refuses year after year now to do anything but be obstinate about his preferences for players. It just make no sense. Last year it was Freshman Mecole Hardman Jr. Kirby held back along with 3 freshmen Offensive Linemen and Freshman QB Jacob Eason Kirby held back and would not let get out there and work with the # 1 unit despite the obvious that HE JUST HAD TO. It costs us 5 LOSSES. This year is more of the same and AGAIN now sophomore Jacob Eason again is MISTREATED by Kirby to the detriment of the team. 25-point lead and not one snap Kirby ? 2-point conversion up 25 points with 10:27 left and I am the only one criticizing Kirby for that too ? 3 MORE Freshmen Offensive Linemen REDSHIRTED this season after 3 were redshirted 2016 who could’ve helped Kirby 2016. D’Andre Swift would be FRESHMEN Heisman Trophy Candidate with ANY OTHER COACH BESIDES KIRBY. I swear Kirby does NOT SEE talent on Offense and Special Teams when it bites him in the FACE. I do like it that we are WORKING NOT TAKING THE WEEK OFF. I like that. I would like to sell-out for 2017 season not some future year when Kirby loses 20 who started for him here after this season.

I see all these glowing grades for Kirby coaching last night and I swear he purposely is trying to tell Jacob Eason to piss off.


He tried to tell Mecole Hardman Jr. that last year.


I can name the mistreated offensive and special teams’ players until the cows come home.


Yet Kirby brags how he rolls all these freshmen in and out on defense and we see how deep we are THERE.


For a smart guy Kirby really was DUMB to NOT PLAY JACOB EASON LAST NIGHT AT ALL.


There is no excuse for not playing Jacob Eason except to make the point that well Kirby is the coach and we are none of us not.



Play your freshmen offensive linemen you are REDSHIRTING Kirby God damn it.


And play Jacob Eason.  You dumb shit.  You told us all that Jacob Eason was better than Jake Fromm.  We told you what we saw was that Jake Fromm has more of a sense of urgency and is more accurate along with more willing to use his bulky body to run the ball as an unaccounted for player on offense.


You told us Kirby that we were ALL WRONG that Jacob Eason is your QB.


Now in a 25-point blow-out – that is MORE than 3 TD and a field goal lead Kirby – you go for 2 points at 10:27 in the game and do not let Jacob Eason get a single snap.  Every other player got to play.


Not Jacob Eason.






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