The economic impact to the host city of having Georgia-Florida game in Jacksonville is the same Economic Impact having GA-FL play in Athens or Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz NFL Stadium which stands at $ 100 million dollars. One hundred million dollars. The Red & Black ran a story which states that : “Georgia brings in more money by playing yearly in Jacksonville than it would if the Bulldogs hosted the Gators in Athens every other year.” But that is patently untrue. It would be HUGE for the game to be played ‘Tween The Hedges every other year and would boost the local economy $100 million dollars each year held in Athens or in Atlanta – just as it does to Jacksonville every year. EverBank Field has NOT hosted a major event in more than a DOZEN YEARS now back to 2005 built 10 years before that in 1995.

Why have bowl games if there is no economic impact on the host city ?


Why would Jacksonville be paying money to have the game there every year – because there is no economic benefit to Jacksonville ?


Sure there is.


If you put aside that the city of Jacksonville gets $ 100 million dollars otherwise which would not be spent in Jacksonville the game represents in essence a 8th home game for Florida at the site of the annual Gator Bowl.  This has been documented that a home game for a game of this stature is worth $100 million dollars.  It’s been proven.


Every UGA Coach ever has stated that he is at a huge disadvantage taking-on Florida down there.


Every player has told us how huge it would be instead to be playing the game ‘Tween The Hedges.


Sony Michel offers-up about this 2017 Georgia Florida Game : “That would be pretty cool us going to Gainesville and them coming to Athens would be extremely over the top.”


In the last 25 games there in Jacksonville Florida at the site of the annual Gator Bowl UGA has won only 6 times often not only ruining our season but often as well when our # 1 Rival was clearly the inferior team yet somehow beat the snot out of us again ANYWAY.


Athens Georgia has no say in this renewal for the next 5 years at their host city down there instead and neither does the city of Atlanta.  I am certain that a package at least as lucrative to the teams could be set up in either Athens Sanford Stadium one of the nation’s top venues or in Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium which hosts not only the Super Bowl but the national championship game to end this 2017 season.


As long as folks write articles with lies such as this then the ending to this competitive disadvantage with our # 1 Rival will continue despite what Sony Michel might want  : “Georgia brings in more money by playing yearly in Jacksonville than it would if the Bulldogs hosted the Gators in Athens every other year.”


The economic impact to the Athens Economy has been devastating to us on many levels :


EverBank Field JAX is ranked the # 26 worst stadium in America by Athlon Sports :



  1. Losing $ 25 million in Revenue having the game at Sanford every other year in the WLOCP.
  2. Losing economic impact to # 1 College Football Town of $93.7 million* every 2 years no Florida.
  3. Having sad home schedules for which we all pony-up so much money to watch 6 cupcakes.
  4. Some schools get-in 9 “home” games for their team vols for example do so frequently.
  5. Never play our # 1 Rival at home.
  6. Our coaches have ALL STATED that playing there is a DISADVANTAGE for our players.
  7. The humidity is such that it is a huge difference compared to Athens causing us to show-up not acclimated to their climate


Continuing to play the game at such an outdated old stadium is a drain on the game itself compared to playing it at say Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium as it does not lead to the prestige of the game itself as much as it would at Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium for example.




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