179 lbs. 5′ 11″ started 3 games last year 14 catches 177 yards -0- TD Joshua Hammond only has 11 catches 2017 season for only 138 yards and again zero TD catches but “FLORIDA CAN NOT LOSE TO GEORGIA.” “That brings a lot of confidence to us – just knowing that Georgia isn’t a team that we lose to.”

Sure Georgia is a team you can lose to, smart ass.  Anyway that is something you have NO SAY in big mouth.  That is a really fine art for a short guy who can’t even start on his team to run to the press and BRAG pre-game how Georgia can NOT beat Florida the piece of shit has to offer-up today.


You LOST to LSU Michigan and Texas A&M but Georgia can NOT beat you.  That’s not what you do that in the last 27 games we’ve beat you 6 times down there in Jacksonville Florida.  Since 1990 we have played Florida 27 times and only won 6 but this bullshit artist Joshua Hammond says that we can NOT beat Florida this year.




Kipp Adams @KippLAdams


“We haven’t lost to Georgia in the last three years. Our seniors have never lost to Georgia so I think that mentality that they bring – being that they’ve never lost to Georgia – that brings a lot of confidence to us – just knowing that Georgia isn’t a team that we lose to. So I think that’s the message in the locker room right now: They can’t beat Florida. That’s our mentality going forward and we’ll come out and be ready to play.”


God damn FOOL bragging pre-game as a guy who has NEVER scored a TD in college EVER how some team you have to play this week can NOT beat you.


Sure we can.


Watch and LEARN.


This is your claim to FAME Josh Hammond.  5′ 11″ and 179 lbs.  NEVER scored a college TD bragging pre-game when the most you have in ANY SEASON is 177 yards in a season.  There are players who do better than that in ONE GAME Josh Hammond.  Trash-talking asshole – here stick this up your God Damn Asshole Josh Hammond.