Las Vegas says take Auburn minus 2 and a half. They THUMPED Kirby’s offensive game plan ahead 40-10 near end game over us 3 weeks ago. Jacob Eason knocked them from their perch last year. Their Jarrett Stidham is one great QB. Gus Malzahn is innovative and Jim Chaney is NOT. Let’s compare DEEP SOUTH’S OLDEST RIVALRY us ahead 57-56-8 UGA ahead. After Florida, who do you dislike more ? Compare Georgia and Auburn ?

After Florida who do you dislike more ?



U.S. News and World Report Rankings Top Colleges 2017 :

# 1 Princeton

# 2 Harvard

# 35 Georgia Institute of Technology

# 56 University of Georgia

# 92 Florida State University

# 99 Auburn University



So there is that.  Georgia is a much better University than Auburn.  In fact Auburn would not even be a football program were it not for them coming here and taking our players from our state.  What do they tell them ?  That they are better ?


Really ?


I can’t find it.



I have looked.


Who has the most players in the NFL Georgia or Auburn ?  Do you know ?


Auburn is NOT one of those 7 colleges with more players on opening day rosters 2017 NFL than The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs.


25 consecutive years The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs have had our players drafted in the NFL Draft as top college football players while it has only been 14 years in a row an Auburn player (mostly from the state of Georgia) has been selected in the NFL Draft.


Auburn has had only 232 players drafted in the NFL Draft, and mostly they are from here in the state of Georgia is where they came from as high school players here in the state of Georgia they stole from us with lies.


Georgia has had 291 players drafted in the NFL Draft and damn few of those came from the state of Alabama since Alabama high school football does not hold a damn candle to state of Georgia High School Football and NEVER HAS.


So there is that.  Georgia players are far more likely to be drafted in the NFL Draft as better football players than Auburn players.


Who is the better team head-to-head ?


57-56-8 Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs lead the series, not Auburn.


So there is that.  Who is the better team when the 2 programs meet each other ?


I guess we answered that too right ?


Who is the better football program ?


803–418–54 (.651) Georgia Bulldogs


766–434–47 (.633) Auburn


So there is THAT as well.  Georgia is the better football program.


Who is better in Bowl Games ?


Auburn is 23–16–6 (.578) in bowl games.


Georgia is 30–19–3 (.606) in bowl games.


So there is that too then right ?  Georgia is a LOT better in bowl games as well.


Right down the line Georgia is BETTER AT EVERYTHING THAN AUBURN.


Aren’t we ?


Who has Won This SEC Conference Championship the MOST ?  Auburn with 8 or Georgia with 12 ?


So there is that too right ?


Consensus All-Americans 30 Auburn
Consensus All-Americans 31 Georgia


So there is that.  We have more of the better players don’t we ?

And always have.

And do again this year.


I have to give them credit for the War Eagle as he is awesome.


But I would rather UGA since UGA is the # 1 mascot all-time.


And Athens compared to Auburn Athens is named the # 1 college football town in the nation.  Auburn certainly is not.  What a hell hole.


So there is that.


Only 8 Auburn players while 12 Georgia Bulldogs are in the College Football Hall of Fame from each school.  So there is that as well of 50 % more Georgia Bulldogs.



Then there is this little guy Gus Malzahn whom Auburn fans were trying to FIRE earlier this 2017 season when he began this 2017 season with 2 early losses.  Both he Gus Malzahn and Kirby Smart both went 8-5 last year but Kirby beat Gus Malzahn behind Jacob Eason’s big day.    This was Kirby’s first year as head coach while Gus Malzahn had the history of not only 8-5 last year but 7-6 in 2015 and 8-5 in 2014.


Jarrett Stidham has transformed the career of Gus Malzahn who uniquely does know how to take advantage of a talent such as Jarrett Stidham who ESPN ranked the # 2 dual-threat QB in the nation when Baylor signed him although every coach in America offered Jarrett Stidham a scholarship EXCEPT for Mark Richt.  Jarrett Stidham kicked our ass last game.


So who has the better players this year ?



# 12 UGA 2013 who with redshirt are playing this 2017 season 247 Sports Composite Rankings

# 10 Auburn 2013 who with redshirt are playing this 2017 season 247 Sports Composite Rankings

# 8 UGA 2014 seniors playing this 2017 season 247 Sports Composite Rankings

# 6 Auburn 2014 seniors playing this 2017 season 247 Sports Composite Rankings

# 6 UGA 2015 juniors playing this 2017 season 247 Sports Composite Rankings

# 8 Auburn 2015 juniors playing this 2017 season 247 Sports Composite Rankings

# 6 UGA 2016 sophomores playing this 2017 season 247 Sports Composite Rankings

# 9 Auburn 2016 sophomores playing this 2017 season 247 Sports Composite Rankings

# 3 UGA 2017 freshmen playing this 2017 season 247 Sports Composite Rankings

# 9 Auburn 2017 freshmen playing this 2017 season 247 Sports Composite Rankings


So Auburn has recruited VERY WELL and in fact better than Georgia’s Mark Richt but NOT AS WELL as Georgia’s Kirby who has outdone Auburn in recruiting all 3 of his classes so far than Gus Malzahn who has NOT recruited as well as Kirby Smart.  Has he ?


Next year is more of the same Kirby # 5 recruiting class and Gus Malzahn # 10 so far for 2018 recruiting class according to 247 Composite Recruiting Rankings.


I am sorry but I do not see where Auburn is the better football program, has the better coaches, or has the better players than Georgia Bulldogs 2017.  It is closer this year than it will be in the future but Georgia has the better talent if we play it Saturday.  Don’t we ?




The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs with Kirby JUMP MARK RICHT Miami of Florida in the Polls

Georgia is up to # 6 where we are ahead of Mark Richt.

Where are the Mark Richt fans now ?

Huh ?

Tell me that ?

For years you have run your God Damn Mouths about how great Mark Richt is.

HERE on THIS BLOG you ran your freaking mouths about the moron coach last week in here.


Where are you now fools ?

I told you so.

Mark Richt is SO FAR BACK IN THE POLLS NOW AT # 7 that Miami of Florida fans are PICKING ON HIM DOWN THERE NOW TOO.


Pittsburgh beat Mark Richt.



Remember ?

Remember how UNRANKED TEAMS tripped-up Mark Richt EVERY YEAR here at UGA ?


You skimmed right over that his entire tenure here.



They are NOT MAKING EXCUSES for it in the College Football Poll tonight.


# 7 Mark Richt



They are NOT MAKING EXCUSES for it at Miami of Florida.



4-7 Pittsburgh who had lost to 4-7 Syracuse and Pittsburgh who had lost to 3-8 North Carolina – this UNRANKED Pittsburgh BEAT Mark Richt and Georgia JUMPED MARK RICHT in the polls.





291 NFL Draft Picks for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs 122 starting 1993 – the last 25 years 122 NFL Draft Picks for UGA : It’s GREAT to be a Georgia Bulldog. Only 7 colleges have more players on NFL Rosters Day 1 of 2017 season with 38.

One 2017 NFL Draft Picks for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs

Five 2016 NFL Draft Picks for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs

Five 2015 NFL Draft Picks for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs

Two 2014 NFL Draft Picks for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs

Eight 2013 NFL Draft Picks for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs

Seven 2012 Draft Picks for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs

Six 2011 NFL Draft Picks for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs

Five 2010 NFL Draft Picks for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs

Six 2009 NFL Draft Picks for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs

Four 2008 NFL Draft Picks for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs

Five 2007 NFL Draft Picks for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs

Seven 2006 NFL Draft Picks for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs

Six 2005 NFL Draft Picks for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs

Four 2004 NFL Draft Picks for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs

Seven 2003 NFL Draft Picks for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs

Eight 2002 NFL Draft Picks for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs

Six 2001 NFL Draft Picks for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs

Three 2000 NFL Draft Picks for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs

Six 1999 NFL Draft Picks for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs

Four 1998 NFL Draft Picks for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs

Three 1997 NFL Draft Picks for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs

Four 1996 NFL Draft Picks for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs

Three 1995 NFL Draft Picks for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs

Three 1994 NFL Draft Picks for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs

Four 1993 NFL Draft Picks for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs

122 NFL Draft Picks for UGA the last 25 years now – nearly average of 5 per NFL Draft for 25 years now.


Auburn is NOT one of those 7 colleges with more players on opening day rosters 2017 NFL than The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs and NEITHER is Michigan.




It really is an 8-TEAM PLAY-OFF 2017 SEASON and 6 of the 8 teams have to win Saturday or they are LEFT-OUT of the remaining 4-game play-off. 3 of the teams playing Saturday can NOT make the play-offs whether they WIN or not. Those 3 already OUT are Wisconsin who has as their best wins, wins over an 8-4 unranked team and wins over a 7-5 unranked team. Wisconsin therefore does not pass the EYE TEST. Ohio State is ALREADY OUT TOO as a win over hapless Wisconsin is not going to punch their ticket in. And the 3rd team ALREADY OUT is the team who 5-7 Pittsburgh beat last week Miami of Florida’s Mark Richt.


  1. Clemson LOST to 4-8 Syracuse.
  2. Oklahoma LOST to 7-5 Iowa State.
  3. Auburn LOST to 11-1 Clemson and lost to 9-3 LSU.
  4. Alabama LOST to 10-2 Auburn who lost to 11-1 Clemson and lost to 9-3 LSU.
  5. Georgia LOST to 10-2 Auburn who beat two teams the committee had ranked # 1.
  6. Wisconsin has as its best wins wins over unranked Michigan 8-4 and over unranked Iowa 7-5.
  7. Ohio State LOST to 7-5 Iowa AND Oklahoma 11-1 beat Ohio State too.
  8. Mark Richt Miami of Florida LOST to 5-7 Pittsburgh.



Ohio State is TELLING PROSPECTS HERE IN GEORGIA that if they come to Columbus Ohio they will be a 1st Round NFL Draft Pick and if they come to UGA they will be a 2nd Round NFL Draft Pick. Really Urban Liar ? That is your CRAPPY LIES you offer-up to 17 year old 5-star recruits like Stockbridge Georgia Brenton Cox.

Who do you think believes that Urban Meyer ?


I am looking forward to the NFL Draft and the Play-Off Selection Committee.  I believe UGA will have MORE NFL Draft Picks and higher ones than Ohio State and I fully expect The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs to have had a better year than Ohio State as well.


Let’s see how the College Football Play-Off Committee sees Ohio State and sees Georgia tonight shall we Urban Meyer ?


Ohio State 10-2 LOST to 7-5 Iowa AND Oklahoma 11-1 beat Ohio State too.

Georgia 11-1 LOST only to 10-2 Auburn who beat two teams the committee had ranked # 1.



Only is a 5-star prospect from Stockbridge going to be an NFL 1st Round Draft Pick if he goes to Ohio State and only is he instead going to be just only a 2nd Round NFL Draft Selection if he goes instead to lowly little ole Georgia with 3 SEC teams ranked AHEAD of Ohio State by the Selection Committee.


Urban Meyer you are a liar boy.  A complete liar.  It is so easy to see right through your lies.   You lose credibility Urban Meyer when you state as fact  OBVIOUS LIES.




Gary Danielson of CBS did everything he could do in the telecast to THROW KIRBY UNDER THE BUS saying that he did not think it was according to Gary Danielson CBS that : “I didn’t think it was off the record.” So let me get this straight then TROUBLE-MAKER Gary Danielson REPORTING THIS GAME and REPORTING THAT GAME now dumbass you think that coaches ARE ALLOWED TO CRITICIZE IN PUBLIC OFFICIATING IN THE GAMES HERE IN THE SEC YOU COVER Gary Danielson CBS ?

All you reported Gary Danielson is that Kirby Criticized The SEC Officials you reported in a public broadcast of the game by CBS by you.


Is that really your understanding of The SEC Rule that coaches are ALLOWED to criticize the Officials in an SEC football game Gary Danielson ?  That it is ON THE RECORD when they do so to you in private ?  THIS is how you have so infiltrated our program to get the DIRT on us Gary Danielson CBS ?


Hey Gary Danielson – stick THIS up your God Damn asshole.


“I didn’t think it was off the record.”



Verne Lundquist and Gary Danielson CBS Announcers have made-out Georgia to be a bust of a football program.  Gary Danielson specifically has stated every time he talks about us that we are the Clemson.  That we manage to find a way to lose.



That that is our identity.



Gary Danielson in particular says that “The Bulldogs ‘Georgia’d’ the game, again.”


That we stole defeat from the Jaws of Victory.  I am tired of it.


It really is all he says frankly.


He went to Purdue. He wasn’t any damn good.  He went undrafted.  In the NFL he threw as many interceptions as touchdowns. Purdue isn’t relevant either.  He’s from Detroit for God’s Sake.


There are nothing but empty buildings in Detroit.  Slums.


I don’t know what Gary Danielson expected me to say about him.  Maybe he’s so God Damn Stupid that he did not anticipate I would reply.


Who the living hell did he think he was speaking to on the telecast to say all this about The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs paying for his hotel his food his home his life ?


Well it is we who pay your salary Gary Danielson sir.


And what is the state of our football program ?


This is the same Gary Danielson who said that our schedule was an EASY SCHEDULE 2017 and that the OTHER TEAMS play tougher schedules than we do when in stark contrast I stated that it was because Georgia’s schedule is TOUGHER than the others have to face that that prevents UGA from looking as good as other teams who do NOT have to face who UGA faces.


I want EVERYONE to know EXACTLY whom it is this guy Gary Danielson is.  THIS BLOG has covered this LYING SON OF A BITCH for YEARS on THIS BLOG RIGHT HERE.


Gary Danielson is FULL OF SHIT and takes EVERY OPPORTUNITY TO PUT SHIT ON UGA that he POSSIBLY CAN dream-up and LIE about.





Alabama joins the play-off 4 teams : Clemson, Auburn, Oklahoma, Alabama. I have Wisconsin out no matter what they do 2 best wins 7-5 and 8-4 team for Wisconsin. That is NOT play-off team. Ohio State OUT even with win over weak Wisconsin who beat NO ONE. Miami of Florida screwed the pooch too like Ohio State and if they beat Clemson they are STILL OUT TOO after losing to Pittsburgh for God’s sake Mark Richt. TCU is out play-offs no matter what they do. No Pac-12 team can get into play-offs EITHER. Still are 2 SEC teams IN as I see it. Kirby MUST beat Auburn.

There is only one way for Kirby to make the play-offs : Kirby must beat Auburn who were leading 10 to 40 just 3 weeks ago.  Wisconsin would be left out in that scenario and Alabama would be IN.  Got it ?


If Auburn loses they are OUT but how could they LOSE when they were ahead 10-40 over Kirby 3 weeks ago ?  Well for one scenario somehow we got after Jarrett Stidham from Baylor.  I will tell you this too if Kirby does not get after Jarrett Stidham then he is SEC PLAYER OF THE YEAR and he beats us.  I think Kirby recognizes Stidham as the key to the game.  I give Kirby a LOT of credit for being smart but honestly Kirby has NO EXPERIENCE on offense and he has a long way to go to learn that part of being a head coach.  I would expect Mike Cavan to tell Kirby how good Stidham is.  I see it.


I have Alabama ahead of Kirby for several reasons such as Kirby redshirted OL who should have been playing Saturday and such as Kirby refuses to try to allow Jim Chaney to pass the football.


I am putting pressure on Stidham every play – that is my game plan.  Stidham is going to know I am after his ass.  I want to hit Stidham.  I want to be up in his face on every play.  Stidham is the difference in the game.




We’ve never played Auburn twice in a season before but lead in The Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry 57-56-8 after Kirby beat Auburn last year and got embarrassed this year which prompted Kirby to whine to The SEC league office after the shellacking 17-40 that Auburn held our receivers 6 times 6. And Gus Malzahn ran his mouth : “We whipped the dog crap out of them – didn’t we?” SAT 4 p.m. winner to FBS Play-Offs against Clemson who already beat Auburn (and Alabama) this calendar year and the very same Auburn who lost to a lousy LSU team – talented but POORLY COACHED with wasted players at LSU. Auburn is going to be # 4 and Georgia # 5 Tuesday ? Or Alabama # 5 and Georgia # 6 Tuesday ? The winner could face Oklahoma who will be # 2 behind Clemson Tuesday. Ohio State ALSO Tuesday will be AHEAD of Mark Richt. I knew this 2017 season would boil down to THIS and said so in EVERY BLOG POST all year long, every one beginning with beating TCU last year. Jarrett Ryan Stidham Key.

Mark Richt just could not win this type game and thus THIS BLOG took big criticism for daring to FIRE Mark Richt who with the # 7 average recruiting rankings and 2nd most NFL Draft Picks was # 45 against the top 15 teams time of game after 2007.


From 2008 to 2015 inclusive Mark Richt was only 6 wins out of 24 games against top 15 teams time of game with the # 7 talent nationally.  This was # 45 at beating top 15 teams time game.


Mark Richt is on the OUTSIDE looking-in this game and is OUT OF THE PLAY-OFFS.


Mark Richt’s entire career is on the skids this day after losing YET AGAIN to YET ANOTHER UNRANKED TEAM losing to 5-7 Pittsburgh to end his season.  Pittsburgh had LOST to Georgia Tech 17-35 more than twice Pittsburgh’s score.


Syracuse a 4-8 team had also beat Pittsburgh this season.


North Carolina a 3-9 team as well beat Pittsburgh this season.


THAT is who Mark Richt lost to to ruin his 2017 season.


5-7 Pittsburgh BEAT Mark Richt this weekend to derail Mark Richt’s career one more time.  Miami of Florida fans are only just getting used to this with Mark Richt.


But we all know here Mark Richt was one going to lose to Pittsburgh and two would NOT beat Auburn in The SEC Championship Game EITHER.


I would feel a LOT better about this game if Kirby had not redshirted three of the top 5 best OL in the nation 2017.  I tried to tell him that this was a long season and that we would need the 3 OL saved for another year.


Do you want to share with THIS WRITER what season pray tell was MORE IMPORTANT than 2017 ?


I’ve been a Bulldog for 64 years with seasons’ tickets and my entire family graduates including myself.  We won 37 years ago when I was 27.


We lose 20 after this season and talk is that 2 more would be DRAFTED in the NFL as Juniors if they jump ship after this 2017 season.


This 2017 season I have long since GUARANTEED SEC Championship for Kirby.


This blog has stated Kirby would win SEC Championship 2017 after we beat TCU in the bowl game to end last year – that was December in the Liberty Bowl last year.


Wisconsin beat unranked 7-5 Iowa and Wisconsin beat unranked 8-4 Michigan and now they face 2-loss Ohio State with only Wisconsin with any chance of making the final 4 based upon THESE TWO crappy-assed wins as their best wins.  Ohio State LOST to 7-5 Iowa among Ohio State’s 2 losses so Ohio State is OUT anyway as a win over hapless Wisconsin will do NOTHING to legitimize the Big 10.  Big 10 is shut-out of the play-offs by the committee.


Kevin Steele was the Defensive Coordinator at Alabama before Kirby.  Kevin Steele played for the vols.  Auburn has 8 SEC Championships and Georgia 12 but Auburn has won The SEC Championship in 2004, 2010 and 2014 while this is the second longest stint Georgia has not won The SEC Championship all the way back to 2005 when we ended-up the # 3 SEC team in EVERY SINGLE SOLITARY POLL.


The only time Georgia has not won The SEC Championship in Football longer than this today is from 1982 to 2002 and in 2002 The SEC was down that year.  It might be argued it is down again 2017.


Mel Tucker has a far more stellar coaching career than Kevin Steele and was a better football player than Kevin Steele too playing for Barry Alvarez.


In either case this is our best chance to Win The SEC Championship.  It will be far harder 2018 without the 20 players all whom Kirby STARTED here at UGA who leave and maybe Kirby loses two top juniors leaving early too after this 2017 season.


Jarrett Ryan Stidham is the nation’s # 6 best QB 2015 for Baylor a dual-threat from Texas.  He kicked our ass.  A 5-Star QB prospect according to both and according to Composite Ratings Jarrett Ryan Stidham is 6′ 3″ and 214 lbs.  ESPN rated Stidham the # 2 best dual-threat QB in the nation.  Stidham has changed the fortune of Gus Malzahn and that of Auburn.


Stidham is only a sophomore a redshirt sophomore and clearly is The SEC Player of the Year.


4.66 in the 40-yard dash Jarrett Ryan Stidham was wanted by Alabama Auburn Clemson Florida Miami Michigan Ohio State Oklahoma Oklahoma State Penn State TCU vols Texas A&M and Texas as their Starting QB.  Only Mark Richt did not offer Jarrett Ryan Stidham a Scholarship 2015.


202 completions out of 295 passes 2017 Stidham has thrown for 1000 yards more than Jake Fromm.  If you are going to beat Auburn, you must get after Stidham just as Auburn gets after our running game.  Elusive Stidham is impossible to really get after but THAT is the GAME PLAN.



There is ONLY ONE GAME NOW.  There is only this ONE game against Auburn.  If Mel Tucker does not get after Stidham the game is OVER.


After dancing on the sidelines November 11 all Auburn has done this season is to beat two # 1 teams Georgia and Alabama.


But they get us twice.





4 p.m. Saturday night SEC Championship Game which THIS BLOG GUARANTEED WE WIN 2017 December 2 and it’s Auburn who LOST at Clemson and at LSU. Kirby whined about 6 passing plays Auburn HELD UGA receivers Kirby sent to SEC Office according to CBS Announcer Gary Danielson. Really Kirby ? Jesus Christ Kirby. That had NOTHING to do with the THUMPING Auburn put on us 17-40 and it really was 10 to 40 Kirby. Remember now Kirby ? 10-40 a Mark Richt type performance.

CBS Gary Danielson – The Hack reports Kirby sent 6 plays to The SEC Office after the THUMPING put on Kirby by Auburn where Gus Malzahn had their QB just obliterate us.



Kirby knocks Paul Johnson out of any bowl game 2017 season for Georgia Tech 38-7 but THIS is no warm-up for The SEC Championship Game next Saturday. I guaranteed SEC Championship for Kirby this 2017 season. Oh and yeah Mark Richt LOST. Did I say that yet ?

Quit playing Georgia Tech in football and get us out of JAX please.







Georgie tek did NOT want REVENUE SHARING in The SEC but The SEC did REVENUE SHARING but BOBBY DODD who was a College drop-out at University of Tennessee at Knoxville did not want to have SEC Revenue Sharing. Then he lost to Vince Dooley when Vince was hired and in fact Bobby Dodd NEVER BEAT VINCE DOOLEY. So Bobby Dodd QUIT The SEC and QUIT COACHING football because (1) Bobby Dodd NEVER DID BEAT VINCE DOOLEY hired in 1964 and because (2) Bobby Dodd did NOT want SEC Revenue Sharing. Today Georgie tek makes only $ 76 million annually in sports’ revenue while UGA makes $ 123 million annually # 51 GT # 15 UGA. So one school competes in sports and the other does not and NEVER WILL according to this U.S.A. Today study. So why did Bobby Dodd QUIT The SEC – he said it was over SEC Revenue Sharing but THAT WAS A HUGE MISTAKE wasn’t it ? Or was it that Bobby Dodd NEVER DID BEAT Vince Dooley – wasn’t that what it really was all about ? IT WAS BOTH that college DROP-OUT Bobby Dodd NEVER BEAT VINCE DOOLEY and that College Drop-Out Bobby Dodd did NOT WANT to share revenue with The SEC. Talk about STUPID COLLEGE DROP-OUTS.



$ 123 million UGA July 2017 sports’ revenue annually # 15 in the nation


$ 76 million GT July 2017 sports’ revenue annually # 51 in the nation


It had gotten to the point in Bobby Dodd’s career at GT as head football coach that in his last 10 years at GT Bobby Dodd was only # 27 in won/loss percentage in college football.  His last entire decade here in Atlanta Bobby Dodd was ONLY from 1957 to 1966 # 27 nationally in win percentage at GT in football as head coach




Bobby Dodd won only 64 of his last 105 games in football as GT head football coach 1957 to 1966.


So he quit.


He said because he did NOT want to share REVENUE with The SEC.


Today SEC shares Revenue with UGA to the tune of $ 123 million UGA sports’ revenue while Georgie tek only has $ 76 million in sports’ revenue.


Georgie tek will NEVER be able to compete with UGA in sports with $ 47 million annually less to work with.


Look at today’s crowd for example.


5-5 Georgie tek welcomes 10-1 UGA to Grant Field (what a horrible name in Atlanta of all places) and the seats are full of UGA fans.



See ?



Bobby Dodd was a dumbass.  Did you know Bobby Dodd was a college drop-out who NEVER graduated from University of Tennessee at Knoxville.



Imagine did not want to share SEC Revenue.


Jesus Christ – what a moron Bobby Dodd was.


So when he could NOT beat Vince Dooley and lost EVERY GAME to Vince Dooley he QUIT coaching and removed GT from The SEC.




Do you think if Bobby Dodd was still alive today that Bobby Dodd would have WELCOMED The SEC Revenue Sharing to have $ 123 million annually in sports’ revenue instead of the paltry sum of just only $ 76 million by direct stark contrast pray tell ?


The fortunes of college football changed in 1957 for Georgie tek and in 1964 for UGA and it has NEVER CHANGED SINCE nor will it.




DawgFaithful November 12, 2017 at 12:19 pm “How’s Mark Richt looking right now you jaggoff?” NOT TOO GOD DAMN GOOD I CAN TELL YOU THAT JERK OFF DawgFaithful – LOSING to 4-7 Pittsburgh who lost to 4-7 Syracuse and Pittsburgh lost to 3-8 North Carolina BUT THEY BEAT Mark Richt. STOP ME WHEN YOU HAVE HEARD THIS REFRAIN HERE BEFORE OK ? It is MORE that Mark Richt LOSES TO UNRANKED TEAMS than his inability to WIN the BIG GAMES. Who gives a shit about Mark Richt ? NOT I I can assure you.

14-24 Mark Richt LOST to UNRANKED 4-7 Pittsburgh 2017

27-30 Mark Richt LOST to UNRANKED 4-8 Notre Dame 2016

31-38 Mark Richt LOST to UNRANKED should’ve been 8-5 vols 2015

20-38 Mark Richt LOST to UNRANKED should’ve been 7-5 Florida 2014 & 35-38 So Car 7-6 UNRANKED

27-31 Mark Richt LOST to UNRANKED Vanderbilt 2013

7-35 Mark Richt STOMPED by South Carolina 2012

4 games Mark Richt LOST 2011

7 games Mark Richt LOST including to UNRANKED 5-7 fired their coach Colorado 2010

19-45 Mark Richt LOST to UNRANKED vols and 27-34 KY UNRANKED both 7-6 teams 2009

42-45 Mark Richt LOST to UNRANKED should’ve been 8-5 Georgie tek 2008

12-16 Mark Richt LOST to UNRANKED 6-6 South Carolina not even in a bowl game 2007

22-24 Mark Richt LOST to UNRANKED 4-8 Vanderbilt 2006

2 should’ve been 8-4 UNRANKED teams beat Mark Richt 2005 Florida and Auburn 2005 # 3 SEC team

14-19 Mark Richt LOST to vols who LOST to 6-6 unranked Notre Dame but they beat Mark Richt 2004

13-16 Mark Richt LOST to should’ve been 7-6 UNRANKED Florida 2003

13-20 Mark Richt LOST to UNRANKED should’ve been 7-6 Florida 2002

Mark Richt LOST to UNRANKED should’ve been 6-6 Auburn and to should’ve been 7-5 Bos Col 2001



It is what MARK RICHT does EVERY year losing to lousy stinking unranked teams every year and sometimes more than one.


Tell me AGAIN how great Mark Richt is ?




2008 to 2015 Mark Richt lost 12 games to teams unranked time game or season.  Mark Richt was # 37 vs top 10 season 2008 to 2015.   Mark Richt was # 42 vs top 25 for season 2008 to 2015.  Mark Richt was # 38 vs top 25 time game 2008 to 2015. And Mark Richt # 45 vs top 15 time game.


Moreover Mark Richt LOST to UNRANKED TEAMS every year sometimes several times in a year.


I do love me some bullshit artists who actually think that the sea parted and Mark Richt emerged when as you can CLEARLY SEE Mark Richt LOST to UNRANKED TEAMS every single solitary year.  This is in ADDITION to his utter inability to win the big games too which he ALSO did.


But Mark Richt LOST to UNRANKED teams.  Didn’t he ?


Who gives a shit about Mark Richt ?  NOT I I can assure you.


And to HELL with Georgie tek.






Now that Thanksgiving is over and Black Friday is upon us, tomorrow is our game against a team I wish we no longer played any longer because there is nothing to be gained by playing them.

As much as I want us OUT of JAX, I wish we would quit playing Georgie tek even MORE.


Do you know why the game is at noon at Grant Field in the morning on ABC ?


Because Georgie tek is 5-5 and has to win the game to go to a bowl game.  Georgie tek CANCELLED its game AT UCF in Orlando Florida who remain undefeated today at # 12 in the Coaches Poll 10-0.


Why they would want to name their field after the name of the Commander and Chief of the Union Army in the War of Northern Aggression is beyond me – Grant Field.  By the way both Grant and his wife both owned slaves.




So what we have here is a football program with TONS of talent where EVERYONE wants to come HERE to play – and why wouldn’t they since they are all from here anyway ? We have a coach with NO EXPERIENCE on OFFENSE at ALL EVER ANYWHERE who MEDDLES with Jim Chaney 28 percent of all plays PASSES. 28% PASS. THIS is NOT CLOSE to a BALANCED OFFENSE. And we don’t even know whom it is who should be PLAYING. One poster said F – on here yesterday for OFFENSIVE COACHING. Yes indeed ! And why it is F – is (1) 3 runs to every 1 pass and they are ALL against stacked boxes run run run pass plays every time and (2) whole host of players held back ESPECIALLY on OFFENSE because our head coach has ONLY EVER coached defense.

The very WORST portion of this 28 percent of our plays are only PASSES all season is what our “head coach” Kirby said about it yesterday which was : ” What am I supposed to do with Sony Michel and Nick Chubb when we are NOT running the ball ? ”   Of course, any nincompoop on offense or football in general knows the answer to THAT QUESTION KIRBY is to throw them the football.


This is how badly we are coached on offense.

I offer-up FURTHER that EVERY DAY all last season all of 2016 from DAY 1 THIS BLOG stated Ben Cleveland should have been STARTING last year on that lousy stinking itty-bitty OL Mark Richt left behind last year 2016.


Last year all season THIS BLOG stated as FACT that Mecole Hardman Jr. should be getting TOUCHES in EVERY GAME as the # 1 athlete in the nation.  Kirby said : “If he is Elite then after 3 or 4 practices watching him I will KNOW IT.”  No you WOULD NOT Kirby. THAT is the WHOLE ENTIRE POINT Kirby.


This year Ben Cleveland and Mecole Hardman Jr. BOTH proved that I was right EVERY DAMN DAY last year on THIS BLOG about them BOTH.


Now this season I have spent EVERY DAY the entire season telling Kirby how WRONG he is about my guarantee of SEC Championship 2017 if only 4 MORE guys who I said HAD TO START THIS ENTIRE SEASON on the OL :  Ben Cleveland and Isaiah Wilson consensus # 2 OT in the nation REDSHIRTED and D’Marcus Hayes # 5 consensus OT in the nation REDSHIRTED and Netori Johnson consensus # 4 OG in the nation REDSHIRTED ? Where are they Kirby ?  Without them I stated this season will be SHOT.  That after this season Kirby loses 20 plus another 2 leaving early all 22 whom Kirby STARTED here for Kirby.


Now here we are Al Knight telling Kirby that he earns an F – offensive coaching.


Without a doubt Al Knight sir.


And EVERY DAY all season I have stated that D’Andre Swift would be a HEISMAN TROPHY CANDIDATE on ANY other team but instead Kirby has given him only 62 carries in 11 games 5 carries a game when HE is our LEADING RUSHER nearly 8 yards per carry.  And this blog has complained that our receivers last year and this year drop the football and that when Kirby DOES RECRUIT a guy who flashes good hands that Kirby DOES NOT RECOGNIZE it such as Ahkil Crumpton whom I would have made a STARTER.


Ahkil Crumpton no snaps vs Auburn LOST


Richard LeCounte III  no snaps vs Auburn LOST


DeAngelo Gibbs no snaps vs Auburn LOST


Jacob Eason  no snaps vs Auburn LOST


Jeremiah Holloman no snaps vs Auburn LOST


William Poole no snaps vs Auburn LOST


Lorenzo Carter  did NOT start vs Auburn LOST


Ben Cleveland did NOT start vs Auburn LOST


Sony Michel did NOT start vs Auburn LOST


Isaac Nauta did NOT start vs Auburn LOST


Natrez Patrick did NOT start vs Auburn LOST he too was AVAILABLE to start


Trenton Thompson did NOT start vs Auburn LOST seems Kirby had loads in his dog house eh ?


Kirby you are a fine defensive coach but until you can QUIT MEDDLING with the offense you will NEVER be any good as a head coach – not passing the ball only 28 percent of our plays all season long now and counting.   THIS IS NOT GOING TO CHANGE against Alabama or the top 4 teams.  THIS is who Kirby WANTS us to be.


One would think even a DEFENSIVE COACH KIRBY would know that you can NOT just pass the ball 28 percent of the time.  If on defense you can key in on the 1 tailback back there 3 out of 4 times and always the 1st down and always the 2nd down both just only runs ALL SEASON LONG EVERY GAME, you increase the odds to stop both the run and the pass.


I think Kirby would have NO PROBLEM going up against his own offense – NONE.  He would stuff the box and run blitz 1st down 2nd down and pin their ears back on 3rd down.  Even as a secondary player you know you have to support the run stop the first 2 downs EVERY TIME.


F – Offensive Coaching.  It’s Kirby who runs this offense.  Jim Chaney was NOT ALLOWED to tell you Friday last week that this offense can not continue to JUST RUN THE BALL to the CBS telecast crew according to Seth Emerson.  What does that mean ?  That Jim Chaney DISAGREES with Kirby’s offensive mandates to ONLY RUN THE BALL and therefore pass the ball 28 percent of the time (3rd down in other words.)





F – indeed offensive coaching






Al Knight : “ UGA offensive coaching …… F- “


Yes sir Al Knight sir.


Absolutely sir.



Indubitably Al Knight sir.





Jake Fromm hit an open Nick Chubb downfield for a touchdown. APRIL FOOLS’ DAY. Only 28 percent of our plays are passes all of 2017 season AND Kirby has not let any QB throw ANY (none) TD passes to Nick Chubb or to Sony Michel ALL SEASON LONG. Al Knight : “ UGA offensive coaching …… F- “

Al Knight : “ UGA offensive coaching …… F- “



THIS BLOG has reported that Kirby only lets us PASS the football 28 percent of the time all 2017 season. 205 of 712 plays passing plays. NO GOOD TEAM IN FOOTBALL has EVER won with 28 percent of the plays passing plays. IT DOES NOT WORK. Now Seth Emerson REMINDS US that Jim Chaney sat beside CBS Announcers and RAN HIS MOUTH when KIRBY has gagged the dumb son of a bitch since the day he HIRED HIM as Kirby’s FLUNKY. Kirby will NOT LET Jim Chaney pass the ball. “What am I supposed to do with Sony Michel and Nick Chubb when we pass.” Kirby chides Seth Emerson. How about throw EITHER ONE OF THEM their first TD pass of the entire freaking season Kirby ? “We cannot keep doing this – not passing the ball.” Jim Chaney

Neither Sony Michel NOR Nick Chubb have had a TD pass thrown to EITHER ONE all 2017 season Kirby.  What do you do with THEM on passing plays Kirby ?


Throw them the God Damn FOOTBALL KIRBY.


Jesus Christ.


“We cannot keep doing this – not passing the ball.”  Jim Chaney




25 percent. That is how often Georgia Tech beats us in football nowadays. They USED to play football. Not for the last 54 years now – this year included. 14 times they have beat us out of the most recent 53 games. 25 % win percentage against us. THIS is what their acrimonious attitude is all about. TO HELL WITH TECH.

I live in Atlanta. I always have. Do you see any license plates with their school on it ? Do they even make one ?


Honestly I don’t know. I haven’t seen one. Never have.


Have you seen one of their license plates ?





They must make one.  They make one for Auburn.  Florida has one.  vols have one. I have seen ALL of those.  Clemson has one.  South Carolina has one for their alumni.  FSU has one for their Seminoles here in Atlanta.  I even have seen Michigan State University tags for the state of Georgia for the rear or your car; seriously.  Mississippi State I have seen those here too.  Alabama I have seen several of those.  Even North Carolina the University of North Carolina has Georgia state license tags you can buy all I presume for $ 80 or so.


Georgie tek ?  Do they have a tag here in this state with all these other schools having their team on their car here in Atlanta that claims the nerds as their school ?


Honestly I have NEVER seen one.


Not in my circles.


There is no house divided here.  We ALL went to UGA.  I could have gone to Cornell or Georgie tek.  I took the invite to Cornell.  They tried to feed me snails.  So I went to UGA.  I was NOT ABOUT to go to Georgie tek.  Giving out bad grades is not my idea of how you have a top school.


They can’t recruit or pass and their defense can’t get off the field.


So just what is it that they cling to ?


No one follows them.


No one cares.


If you could ever find one of their fans and tried to tie their fan down all you would hear is that they really don’t care about football.



They’re arrogant.


Believe that.


They actually think # 36 is like being Princeton or Harvard # 1 best colleges when we’re # 51 and closer to them than they are to being in fact Princeton or Harvard as top colleges.  All you hear from them is how great they are.  They BRAG they are # 36 best college U.S. News and World Report latest rankings to our # 51.  We’re # 36.


We’re # 36 !


Hey nerds no one brags they are # 36 at ANYTHING.


They know they have more Asians than women.


They know they have a general feeling of not being safe there in slums where they stubbornly remain. They have good reason for concern.


Business owners here are all University of Georgia graduates. Our governors are all UGA alumni. We’re passionate about football all of us. We have good reason to be.


We beat them 3 times out of 4 for as long as anyone is alive can remember.



The Top Passing Offenses have thrown the ball 412 times. Kirby has ONLY let us throw the ball only 205 times. That is only 1804 yards passing all season. THAT is DEAD LAST in The SEC while some teams have thrown the football for 3694 yards this 2017 season. While some teams have thrown for 38 TD we have thrown for only 17. That is Freshman UGA Bulldogs record in a season but it is still only 17 TD passes all season to 38 for some others. DEAD LAST SEC Passing. It ‘s unacceptable. Talking to Kirby you would NEVER KNOW IT. Kirby knows he will NOT let Jim Chaney call Passing Plays. 74 Passing 1st Downs all season AGAIN DEAD LAST SEC Georgia Bulldogs. Kirby also has 615 yards in PENALTIES 55 per game which ALSO is DEAD LAST SEC except for just only 1 team who has 13 more yards penalties than Kirby. THAT is NOT out-of-character Kirby; that is EXPECTED 55 yards in penalties per game is just God Awful Kirby – not uncharacteristic as YOU SAID KIRBY. Sony Michel will be Georgia Bulldogs # 19 to rush for over 1000 yards in a season 2017. Sony Michel and Nick Chubb BOTH have 12 TD rushing but it is INEXCUSABLE that NEITHER has a single TD reception all 2017. Roquan Smith will have over 100 tackles 2017 and is expected to go PRO after this 2017 when we lose 20 seniors who have STARTED for Kirby plus 2 juniors expected to leave too. All boils down to Alabama and us passing the ball in that game. But first it’s Georgia Tech. TO HELL WITH TECH.




Lady Bulldogs 3-0 including last two road wins in a row with FRESHMEN leading the way to the wins as it should have been MORE OF in football too 2017 season.

Impressive win on the road over Virginia who THUMPED us last year without these freshmen.


We play again Tuesday.


The Lady Bulldogs are a Top 5 Women’s Basketball Program All-Time.


We just did not recruit last year or the year before after Andy Landers up and quit.


This year we have a top freshmen class joining our team and we are TIRED of LOSING.


Que Morrison a Freshmen has LED the WAY for The Lady Bulldogs.


Caliya Robinson is our mainstay who will excel at the next level in the WNBA in her Junior year now.


Mackenzie Engram is a senior and she used to be our main player.


Taja Cole is a redshirt sophomore and she has really come on this year.


Gabby Connally is a freshmen sensation pouring it on as well.


Haley Clark and Simone Costa are trying to hold off all these freshmen we just added this year 2 more seniors.


With 3 more on the bench we are 11-deep including Sophomore Stephanie Paul.


It’s a good fresh start for a change for our women’s basketball team here at UGA Georgia Lady Bulldogs.  This season shows promise.  Tons of promise.  We should have a very good team this 2017-2018 season.




ONLY 28 % of our 712 plays are passing plays – THAT IS NOT BALANCED – only 205 passes has Kirby allowed Jim Chaney to throw all season of 712 plays. DEAD LAST in The SEC. Not going to work against Alabama any more than it did against Auburn – OR ANY OTHER TOP TEAM. Pussies like Kentucky – sure. We’re not geared to beat TOP TEAMS but to be embarrassed which is why Kirby has lost 3 of 4 games vs top 15 teams.



Our leading RUSHER per carry 2017 season would have been Heisman Trophy Candidate for ANY other team 7.6 yards per carry and we ONLY gave D’andre Swift only 62 carries 11 games 5 carries per game. Sad Kirby really sad.

Kirby found it in his heart to let Jacob Eason get 4 snaps at the end of the blow-out tonight.


And Kirby found-out what I told him ALL YEAR LAST YEAR that Ben Cleveland needed to be STARTING on the OL all LAST YEAR and all this year.


Ben Cleveland has been in Kirby’s doghouse for 2 years now.  He is a fine football player.


As you saw.


We’re in trouble on my prediction of a SEC Championship 2017 season for Kirby.  Kirby’s idea of what constitutes an offense and mine are not the same idea.



We’re never going to line-up little guys on the OL and impose our will on the top 4 teams in the nation.


It doesn’t work like that.


We do NOT pass the eye test on offense because we can not recognize talent when we are handed it on offense and prefer to play guys who practice well.



Kirby you need guys who PLAY WELL on offense in the games.


Not practice players.



Our Offense is NOT BEATING Auburn or Alabama and would not beat about 10 more teams I can name too.




19 Georgia Bulldogs have rushed for 1000 yards in a season

1,000 Yards Rushing Season Georgia Bulldogs :


19 Georgia Bulldogs rushed for over 1000 yards in a season :


1,000 Yards Rushing Season Georgia Bulldogs :

  1. 1,891 – Herschel Walker, 1981 SEC Record
  2. 1,752 – Herschel Walker, 1982
  3. 1,616 – Herschel Walker, 1980
  4. 1,547 – Garrison Hearst, 1992
  5. 1,547 – Nick Chubb, 2014
  6. 1,400 – Knowshon Moreno, 2008
  7. 1,385 – Todd Gurley II, 2012
  8. 1,334 – Knowshon Moreno, 2007
  9. 1,324 Musa Smith, 2002
  10. 1,320 – Nick Chubb, 2017-2018 season
  11. 1,312 – Willie McClendon, 1978
  12. 1,216 – Tim Worley, 1988
  13. 1,161 – Sony Michel, 2015
  14. 1,130 – Nick Chubb, 2016
  15. 1,129 – Sony Michel, 2017-2018 season
  16. 1,103 – Frank Sinkwich, 1941
  17. 1,059 – Rodney Hampton, 1989
  18. 1,058 – Kevin McLee, 1976
  19. 1,016 – Lars Tate, 1987


updated as of 1-1-2018


Nick Chubb accomplished this three times while Sony Michel accomplished this twice.  Knowshon Moreno is the only other player to accomplish this twice for us besides Herschel Walker Nick Chubb and Sony Michel.


First undefeated season Georgia Bulldogs against SEC East ever.

I predicted SEC Championship Georgia Bulldogs 2017 season after the win over TCU last year.


So I have some more work to do.

First up Georgia Tech.





There is no excuse for Kentucky losing to Ole Miss who does not even have a winning record nor for Kentucky losing to 3-6 Florida but Kentucky did and they haven’t played ANYONE. Kentucky has NO HOPE this afternoon – NO CONTEST – should be 45-nothing.

Of course Auburn LOST to LSU

—-LSU lost to TROY for God’s sake in Baton Rouge no less Troy

—-LSU also lost to Mississippi State 37-7 who we beat 31-3


We have out-recruited Auburn EVERY YEAR.  There is NO EXCUSE for Auburn being ahead of us 7 good guys 30 Auburn.


Later the score was 10 for UGA Georgia Bulldogs

40 for Auburn…



Kentucky has NO hope against us this afternoon.



But that is NOT the question.


The question is whether or not Kirby will tell Jim Chaney to TRY to pass the ball and whether Kirby will give Jake Fromm any protection on the OL for those passes and whether or not Kirby will give Jake Fromm anyone to throw the ball to who will NOT drop it.


THIS is what this game is about.


Jim Chaney has GOT TO GO because he will NOT stand-up to Kirby and tell Kirby he HAS TO THROW THE GOD DAMN FOOTBALL.


Last home game of the season.




No one Kirby plays at Receiver for us can catch the football except for our Tight Ends and our Tailbacks and we don’t throw to them. Alontae Taylor from state Tennessee would be a HUGE UPGRADE and one of the top receivers in the nation 2018. Ahkil Crumpton flashed some hands but Kirby does not play Ahkil Crumpton. WHY DID KIRBY GET THUMPED BY AUBURN ? I’d say Kirby got THUMPED. What say you ?

There are a LOT of players Kirby does not play.


Ahkil Crumpton no snaps vs Auburn LOST


Richard LeCounte III  no snaps vs Auburn LOST


DeAngelo Gibbs no snaps vs Auburn LOST


Jacob Eason  no snaps vs Auburn LOST


Jeremiah Holloman no snaps vs Auburn LOST


William Poole no snaps vs Auburn LOST


Lorenzo Carter  did NOT start vs Auburn LOST


Ben Cleveland did NOT start vs Auburn LOST


Sony Michel did NOT start vs Auburn LOST


Isaac Nauta did NOT start vs Auburn LOST


Natrez Patrick did NOT start vs Auburn LOST he too was AVAILABLE to start


Trenton Thompson did NOT start vs Auburn LOST seems Kirby had loads in his dog house eh ?





# 4 OG *Netori Johnson 6′ 3.5″ 348 lbs. Cedar Grove # 82 overall and # 5 OG prospect nationally 2017 by Composite Signed LOI 2-1-2017


# 7 OT *Isaiah Wilson 6′ 7″ 350 lbs. Brooklyn New York # 42 overall prospect nationally 2017 # 32 overall by Composite # 2 Overall ESPN RecruitingNation Signed LOI 2-1-2017


# 14 nationally overall JUCO # 2 JUCO OT *D’Marcus Hayes 6′ 5″ and 320 lbs. Madison Central Mississippi JUCO # 5 JUCO overall prospect nationally 2017 # 14 nationally JUCO by Composite Signed Enrolled 1-9-2017 


Why did we lose ?  We did NOT lose to Auburn because Auburn has the better players.  We LOST to Auburn because we did NOT play our best players.  Kirby has out-recruited Auburn and so did Mark Richt but somehow Kirby managed to NOT play our best players against Auburn.  Kirby did that on purpose ?


Now Kirby wants to play these guys ?  Now Kirby wants to START these guys ?  WTF ?




Kirby was losing 7-30 and then Kirby was losing 10-40.



I’d say Kirby got THUMPED.  What say you ?





Kirby was # 6 recruiting class 2016, last year Kirby was # 3 recruiting class nationally and now 2018 Kirby has us all the way up to # 5 recruiting class 2018. It has been a long haul to get here as JORDAN DAVIS from NORTH CAROLINA all 6′ 6″ and 330 lbs. DT of him brings his considerable raw skills to our real need for him on the DL an area where we really just have NOT GOTTEN THE JOB DONE despite multiple TALENT at JORDAN DAVIS’ position. Yeah ! The one aspect of our football Program Kirby has definitely done well is RECRUITING. Getting them ready and on the field not so much for Kirby yet.

We need help at the Defensive Tackle Position and Jordan Davis gets penciled-in at DT for loads of playing time 2018 for us.  We lose so much after this season 20 whom Kirby STARTED for us here after this season are gone and in fact it could be 22 including 2 top juniors who might jump ship early after this season too.



There is NO QUESTION that Kirby can definitely RECRUIT


Recruiting Rankings :


# 6 for 2016


# 3 for 2017


# 5 for 2018


Now if Kirby can just get them out there on the field for us and get them going.


We really needed help this 2017 season at receiver on the OL and as it turned-out at the QB position.

Instead Kirby really WHIFFED on getting those guys ready and lucked-into Jake Fromm being ready when Kirby certainly did not give Jake Fromm ANY practices with the # 1 unit until AFTER Jacob Eason went down.


Our help on the OL Kirby only now is looking around game 11 to see if he can MAYBE play some bigger boys to help us.


And the receivers just have not been promoted forward despite the fact that they none of them recruited for 2017 could have been ANY WORSE than the ones Kirby already have all of whom just can not catch the ball to save their souls.


But it is on the OL where Kirby has WHIFFED the most 2017 getting those guys he recruited here into the game plan and on the field trying to help us.


It’s a shame.


We really needed them.

And we really needed Jordan Davis.


Thank you Jordan Davis.



Let’s brag about HOW GREAT WE ARE and forget we can NOT block for the run nor for the pass and have REDSHIRTED 3 of the top Offensive Linemen in the NATION 2017 – like there is some year coming-up which was MORE IMPORTANT than beating Auburn 2017. WE’RE FOOLS on OFFENSE and prove it EVERY GOD DAMN GAME. We have NO CLUE WHATSOEVER on OFFENSE or SPECIAL TEAMS. We DO PLAY DEFENSE but they can be TIRED-OUT by our lousy STINKING OL and bad play calls. WHO DID YOU THINK WE WERE GOING TO BEAT in The SEC Championship Game with that undersized OL Kirby keeps telling us is so great – then they go out there AND CAN NOT BLOCK FOR RUN NOR FOR PASS. Who were we supposed to beat in The SEC Championship Game with this undersized OL ? Who ? Go ahead. I will WAIT for that answer.

Why don’t you tell me it’s MY FAULT that I am a bad fan because I dare to SPEAK OUT and say the truth ?

No real Georgia Bulldogs’ fan would do THAT.


Why don’t you say that I should WAIT UNTIL NEXT YEAR when 20 of Kirby’s players he had START here are gone after this year ?


Why is it that we can NOT address that our OL was a problem all year, that we NEVER recruited proper receivers who can hold on to the ball, and that this team is # 91 in penalties ?   Why act like this is a SURPRISE ?


It is game 11.  I have been telling you that since BEFORE the season started every blog post.  Kirby LIED to you and told you how great the OL was and I told you that was unadulterated bullshit.  He sent the same receivers out there never giving the back-ups on the OL nor at receiver ANY REAL CHANCE to TRY to help the team.  And then with us # 91 in penalties Kirby LIED to you and told you it was uncharacteristic.  BULL SHIT it was NOT what his undisciplined team has done all season long and ALL LAST YEAR TOO.

And Kirby sitting over there telling Jim Chaney ONLY RUN THE BALL.


Got what we deserved.

Got what I told you we would get with these receivers and this OL.

NOW we have MORE losses coming.

For the same GOD DAMN REASONS.



Tim Brando who NEVER PLAYED college sports while at Louisiana Monroe is 64 years old and has JUST LOST IT. Senile he guaranteed Florida State would beat Alabama’s ASS this year – instead Boston College a 5-5 team beat FSU’s ass this year along with 6 teams beating FSU’s ass so far this 2017 season at 3 wins 6 losses including the LOSS to 5-5 Boston College. FSU does play Louisiana Monroe in the LAST GAME this 2017 season so they at 4-5 face FSU at 3-6. Nice Tim Brando. NOW WHAT WAS IT YOU SAID ABOUT Georgia you senile old coot Tim Brando ? Who gives a SHIT what you say ?

“This time Alabama may get their ass kicked by Florida State.   Florida State athletically is in my opinion as close to on par with Alabama as just about any team out there.”  August 30, 2017 9:58 a.m. Tim Brando







College Football Analyst: Florida State Might Kick Alabama’s You-Know-What



Who gives a SHIT what you think about Georgia Tim Brando ?


Tell me that boy ?


You could NOT be MORE WRONG about the bullshit you rant about now that you have LOST IT in your old age Tim Brando.




Do us and yourself a favor.




THIS BLOG HAS BRAGGED THAT WE HAVE A HORRIBLE OFFENSE ALL YEAR EVERY GAME AND THAT OUR OFFENSIVE LINE CAN NOT BLOCK FOR RUN OR PASS. Why don’t we BRAG on our team and act like we are great having beat only a Notre Dame team by a point who claims they are PLAY-OFF BOUND. # 91 penalties – # 86 first downs offense – # 52 kick-off return defense – # 110 Passing Offense – # 52 punt returns – # 47 red zone defense – why don’t you tell me how great we are with one win over top team Notre Dame – otherwise nondescript wins all. NCAA Rankings to evaluate our team? I have been TRYING to tell you. You did NOT want to hear it. We have MORE LOSSES for the SAME REASONS.

We have much work to do to become a great football team and beating stinking lousy disgraced losing record on the season 3-6 Florida is not going to change THAT.


# 91 penalties –

# 86 first downs offense –

# 52 kick-off return defense –

# 110 Passing Offense –

# 52 punt returns –

# 47 red zone defense –



A LOT of work to do.




What did you EXPECT me to say ?



Virginia beat us by 25 points last season and that was HERE at Stegeman Coliseum and now Thursday night we travel to Virginia to take them on again 2017. Virginia went on to the Women’s NIT at 20-13 while Joni Taylor only went 16-15 last year. But Joni Taylor RECRUITED for the first time in 3 years this off-season and HAS A TEAM 2017 as we beat Wofford by 40 points last night here as Joni Taylor went 11 deep which she has not been able to do her 1st two FAILED SEASONS here. Taja Cole and Que Morrison freshmen STARTERS were GREAT. Maya Caldwell not so much.

Looking to bounce back and beat Virginia on the road at John Paul Jones Arena and get payback for the slaughter of us last year at our house, The Lady Bulldogs travel to Charlottesville Virginia at 7 p.m. 16 November 2017 Thursday night.


There is no excuse for The Lady Bulldogs – Top 5 Women’s Basketball Program All-Time – to go 16-15 last year except that Joni Taylor did not recruit a LICK last year and now this year has 2 phenomenal freshmen starters Taja Cole and Que Morrison who combined to go 13 of 20 from the field last night including 5 of 10 from the 3-point stripe adding in 11 rebounds to go with their 32 points adding 8 assists to only 4 turnovers along with 3 steals.  It is quite the debut for Taja Cole and Que Morrison.



Dawgfaithful November 12, 2017 at 12:19 pm “How’s Mark Richt looking right now you jaggoff?”

Yes, I FIRED Mark Richt for losing 18 of his last 24 games against the top 15 time of game after 2007 through the 2015 season.  What of it ?  You still don’t go to the games and NEVER HAVE DawgFaithful.  When are you going to get over the fact that there is NOTHING you can do about me FIRING Mark Richt 3 years ago ?


Do you think Mark Richt was going to put Georgia in this position ?  No.  Do you think Mark Richt is NOT going to do that which he ALWAYS DID here of losing to cupcakes and losing the big games too ?  Well do you punk ?


Kirby Smart is 1-3 vs top 15 time of game so far and has showed that he really does know about defense and is working on his special teams and offense but our guys are ready with Kirby and frankly EVERY YEAR Mark Richt had our guys not ready REPEATEDLY.


How does Mark Richt look ?


He looks like a gray-haired old hoot who gave-up coaching 2007.  I look better than Mark Richt and I am quite a bit older.




I remember now.


You MADE EXCUSES for Mark Richt’s performances here with the average # 7 recruiting rankings for # 11 all-time wins Georgia Bulldogs winning only 6 of his last 24 games vs the top 15 teams.


So you are PROBABLY  are thinking you should attack while the iron is hot right DawgFaithful ?


No.  You run in here to brag on Mark Richt that he should be our coach you say this morning DawgFaithful.


Mark Richt is not any God Damn good at coaching football.  He was a back-up player who called offensive play calls against cupcakes and lost to one or two of them every year and lost every big game in addition.


How does Mark Richt look ?


Like shit.




Here are my Top 15 : Alabama Clemson Oklahoma Miami Wisconsin Auburn Georgia Ohio State Penn State Notre Dame Mississippi State TCU Oklahoma State LSU N.C. State – in THAT order 11-12-2017. I predict UGA # 7 but we have to fix Offensive Game Plan AND OL to move up from # 7

Here are my Top 15 :


# 1 Alabama

# 2 Clemson

# 3 Oklahoma

# 4 Miami of Florida

# 5 Wisconsin

# 6 Auburn

# 7 Georgia – have to FIX Offensive Game Plan AND OL to MOVE UP 2017 season.

# 8 Ohio State

# 9 Penn State

# 10 Notre Dame

# 11 Mississippi State

# 12 TCU

# 13 Oklahoma State

# 14 LSU

# 15 N.C. State





11-12-2017 at 8:30 a.m.




“It was out of character. I resort to things I don’t normally do. What made it so lopsided was the undisciplined penalties. We certainly lost the momentum there with some really really uncharacteristic dumb penalties.” Excuse me Kirby you have been # 91 in PENALTIES all year long. Last night was not as bad on penalties as some of your other games which have been worse. You are CONSISTENTLY # 91 in the nation at PENALTIES Kirby. Do NOT LIE Kirby that this was out of character – not what your teams normally do Kirby – that it was somehow all of a sudden uncharacteristic when you are # 91 in PENALTIES the entire 2017 season. Your football teams are undisciplined Kirby. What the PROBLEM was was NOT that out of the blue you got some penalties called you never had called on you before but that you have a HORRID OFFENSIVE GAME STRATEGY of just ONLY trying to run the ball and doing so having REDSHIRTED 3 of the top Offensive Linemen in the country 2017 and therefore playing with one hand tied behind our back trying to block for the run and trying to block for the pass with YOUR UNDERSIZED Offensive Line. Where are Isaiah Wilson consensus # 2 OT in the nation REDSHIRTED D’Marcus Hayes # 5 consensus OT in the nation REDSHIRTED Netori Johnson consensus # 4 OG in the nation REDSHIRTED ? Where are they Kirby ? What year are you saving them for Kirby ? Wait until NEXT YEAR ? After this year Kirby you lose 20 who you had START for you here Kirby therefore 2018 can NOT possibly be a better year than this year. And you will STILL have the SAME UNDISCIPLINED team 2018 Kirby and you will still have the SAME Offensive Coordinator 2018 Kirby and you will still have the same Offensive Game Strategy 2018 Kirby to run the football ONLY even with them absolutely knowing you will be undisciplined and just only even TRY to RUN the football. You are STUBBORN Kirby but WORSE than that Kirby you are a God Damn LIAR Kirby. You got BEAT falling behind 7 to 30 and then 10 to 40 because of your OFFENSIVE GAME PLAN not because you got some out of character penalty called which you never had called on you before Kirby. FIX your OC now Kirby or 2018 will be MORE of THAT SAME.

Don’t LIE to us Kirby.  I swear to God ABOVE every time you TRY to LIE to us that I will EXPOSE you for it Kirby.

I promise.

I guarantee.


# 91 in Penalties all season long 2017 Kirby.  Out of character ?


# 91 in Penalties all season long 2017 Kirby.  Don’t normally get called for penalties ?


# 91 in Penalties all season long 2017 Kirby.  Uncharacteristic ?


Bullshit Kirby.


The PROBLEM was your Offensive Coordinator’s GAME PLAN and your redshirt of 3 of the top Offensive Linemen in the nation like there is some year coming-up which is going to be better than 2017 when you lose 20 you STARTED here Kirby as your STARTERS whom you LOSE after this WASTED 2017 season.


This season is OVER.  The season was over when you REDSHIRTED  Isaiah Wilson consensus # 2 OT in the nation REDSHIRTED D’Marcus Hayes # 5 consensus OT in the nation REDSHIRTED Netori Johnson consensus # 4 OG in the nation REDSHIRTED and then sent out Jim Chaney telling him to ONLY run the football with your undersized OL or try to block for the pass with your undersized OL Kirby.


Your undersized OL got eaten alive by better more talented players on Auburn when you have players on this ROSTER who could have matched-up better with Auburn’s players but REDSHIRTED them Kirby.


Playing instead smaller undersized OL who can not block for the RUN nor for the PASS Kirby against bigger better Auburn players on the line – on both sides of the line Kirby.


And it tired out your defense.


When you were losing 7-16 I said then that you were LUCKY you were not run out of the stadium with your Offensive Game Plan Kirby.

Then you were.

7 to 30 and then 10 to 40.





Well that is the end of it Kirby for 2017. Congratulations. That is the MOST LAME OFFENSIVE GAME STRATEGY The Georgia Bulldogs have EVER HAD. And with all this talent too. Sad really. PLAY-OFFS OVER for Bulldogs. 7-30 run the football only for a yard per run whole game KEEP JUST ONLY RUNNING. 7-30 became 10-40 then late TD. Sad Kirby that that is what PASSES for an OFFENSE for you Kirby. And where were Isaiah Wilson consensus # 2 OT in the nation REDSHIRTED D’Marcus Hayes # 5 consensus OT in the nation REDSHIRTED Netori Johnson consensus # 4 OG in the nation REDSHIRTED ? Huh Kirby ? NOT NEEDED boy ?




# 1 team in the nation behind 7-30.

Behind 10-40.



Inexplicable that THAT would pass for an OFFENSIVE GAME STRATEGY Kirby.







Isaiah Wilson consensus # 2 OT in the nation REDSHIRTED D’Marcus Hayes # 5 consensus OT in the nation REDSHIRTED Netori Johnson consensus # 4 OG in the nation REDSHIRTED as stubborn Kirby ONLY TRIES to run the ball – a FAILED OFFENSE I told you ALL YEAR LONG – so it is 7-16 and frankly lucky we are NOT RUN OUT OF THE STADIUM with this BULLSHIT offensive game plan Kirby lets us play.

NONE of these guys could be HELPING YOU TODAY Kirby against all these great Auburn defensive guys ?  God Damn it Kirby.  What are you saving them for ?  After this season you lose 20 whom you STARTED here Kirby so 2018 is NOT going to be a better chance than this was.


This goes into the I told you so storyline but it did NOT have to be this way.  Obviously we could NOT afford to redshirt :

  1. Isaiah Wilson consensus # 2 OT in the nation REDSHIRTED

  2. D’Marcus Hayes # 5 consensus OT in the nation REDSHIRTED

  3. Netori Johnson consensus # 4 OG in the nation REDSHIRTED


Can’t run the football and all Kirby will let us do is run the football including on 1st Down at the 22 second mark in the 1st Half after Mecole Hardman Jr. returned the punt to their red zone.

Sad Kirby.

Sad play calls.






Netori Johnson, Isaiah Wilson, D’Marcus Hayes, Matt Landers, Robert Beal, Latavious Brini, Eric Stokes, Tray Bishop, William Poole are ALL BEING REDSHIRTED because there are MORE IMPORTANT SEASONS than 2017 coming-up LATER.

Update on redshirts? Matt Landers, specifically. Any word on how Netori Johnson, Isaiah Wilson, D’Marcus Hayes are developing?
– LarDawg

Those four are all redshirting, along with outside linebacker Robert Beal and defensive backs Latavious Brini, Eric Stokes and Tray Bishop. (William Poole played in the first three games but not since then, so if there’s an injury situation with him he would be eligible for a medical redshirt.) Landers has gotten a lot of kudos from Smart for his work as the main scout-team receiver, at least when Georgia is playing a team with a tall receiver. As for the offensive linemen, it’s quiet on that front, though that’s not necessarily good or bad.




If you have not read this article on ESPN today – you can not be Bulldogs’ fan and not read it – best article EVER on Kirby Smart ANYWHERE.


ATHENS, Ga. — Had Kirby Smart not made Nick Saban a promise right before Smart left to interview for the open head-coaching job at Auburn in 2012, who knows what the SEC coaching landscape would look like right now?

For that matter, Smart might even be on the home sideline Saturday on the Plains when Auburn and Georgia renew the Deep South’s oldest rivalry.

Either way, Smart is glad that he made that promise.

“I promised [Saban] that I would stay on at Alabama to coach through the national championship game if I got the job,” Smart told ESPN. “It was important to me to finish what I started.”

Ultimately, Auburn hired Gus Malzahn, and one of the factors working against Smart, multiple sources told ESPN, was that Auburn athletic director Jay Jacobs wasn’t comfortable with Smart being the Auburn head coach and pulling double duty as the Alabama defensive coordinator for the next month.

“The others on the search committee [Bo Jackson and Pat Sullivan] were good with it, I think, but I don’t think Jay could ever get past the thought of the Auburn coach coaching at Alabama for another month and all that went into that,” Smart said. “I get that, and the truth is it worked out the way it was supposed to. My experience is that it usually does.”

He wouldn’t get any argument from the red-and-black-coated masses at Georgia. Smart, in his second season as the Dawgs’ head coach, has his alma mater unbeaten, No. 1 in the College Football Playoff rankings and absolutely killing it on the recruiting trail. It’s the first time Georgia has been No. 1 in either of the major polls or the CFP rankings during the season since 1982. For perspective, Herschel Walker was still “running over people” between the hedges in ’82.

Smart, who spent 11 seasons working under Saban at Alabama, LSU and the Miami Dolphins, has never been one to get ahead of himself, and he’s not about to start now.

“They don’t measure races at the 60-, 70- or 80-meter mark. They do at the finish, and that’s our goal,” Smart said last week following the Dawgs’ 24-10 win over South Carolina.

He was obviously talking about this season, but there’s the bigger picture, too.

“I tell our kids all the time that humility is just a week away, and that goes for our entire program,” Smart said. “We’re not there yet, not even close. We’ve made progress and are continuing to make progress in a lot of areas. We’ve got good players, and I love the way our kids are working and have bought in. But we don’t have the kind of players Alabama has. They’re the standard, and we’ve got to keep recruiting better players, developing those players and coaching them.”

The irony that it’s Auburn this week for Georgia isn’t lost on Smart, who says the No. 10 Tigers will be the Dawgs’ toughest test of the season. And, yes, Georgia won at No. 3 Notre Dame the second week of the season.

“They’ve got the best defense we’ve faced and a quarterback [Jarrett Stidham] who throws it as well as anybody we’ve faced,” Smart said. “That’s my focus — not what might have been or what might not have been five years ago when I interviewed for the job.”

If he sounds like his old boss, it’s not a coincidence. Smart worked closer and longer with Saban than any of the other current head coaches who’ve branched out from Saban’s coaching tree. Smart is as familiar with Saban’s “Process” as anybody.

“The most important thing I took from him was holding everybody’s feet to the fire, holding everybody accountable, and that goes for every single meeting, every single drill, every single practice and every single day,” said Smart, who was with Saban for one season at LSU in 2004, one season with the Miami Dolphins in 2006 and then nine seasons at Alabama from 2007 to 2015.

“You take on what’s right in front of you and don’t get caught up in everything else.”

It’s precisely that mindset that landed Smart his dream job. He kept his head down and worked, grinded and learned all those years under Saban and paid little attention to the expanding narrative that his head-coaching window might have closed.

“I knew the right one would come,” said Smart, who will turn 42 in December. “I didn’t necessarily know it would be this one. This was my school and the one that meant the most to me, but I had a good job making a lot of money at one of the best programs in the country and working for the best coach in the country.

“I didn’t care what anybody else thought, that I should take a head job at a smaller school and then work my way up. I didn’t care that people were saying our defensive success at Alabama was really Saban’s success. None of that bothered me. I was going to do the best job I could do where I was and trust that it was all going to work out.”

It helped that Smart was the son of a coach. His father, Sonny, was a longtime high school coach in Georgia and coached Smart at Bainbridge High School.

“My father was a defensive coordinator before he was a head coach, and that’s what I always wanted to be, a defensive coordinator in the SEC,” Smart said. “Growing up, I learned from him that the best job is the one you have, and that’s the one you put all of your energy and focus into. I never looked at it like my career would be unfulfilling if I didn’t become a head coach at a certain place or by a certain time. I was too busy coaching.”

Smart understood unequivocally what the stakes were when he took the Georgia job. His predecessor, Mark Richt, was fired despite a winning percentage over 15 seasons (.740) that ranks first among all Georgia head coaches. But what Richt hadn’t done was win an SEC championship in a decade. Smart, in his second season, already has the Dawgs headed to Atlanta for a Dec. 2 date in the SEC championship game, but he didn’t come back to his alma mater to play for championships. He came back to win them.

He’s coaching and recruiting that way.

To open the game against South Carolina, Georgia attempted an onside kick. The Dawgs didn’t recover, and Smart was asked about it after the game. His answer only fueled Dawg Nation’s fire.

“I don’t want to be the hunted. I want to hunt,” Smart said.

It’s been a similar story on the recruiting front. Georgia had more than 100 prospects on campus for the South Carolina game, and it was a who’s who on the Dawgs’ sideline before the game. The top prospects from Georgia, Virginia, Tennessee and both Carolinas were in attendance, and the Dawgs already have committed in this class the nation’s top quarterback and No. 1 overall prospect (Justin Fields) and the nation’s top running back (Zamir White), according to ESPN’s rankings.

“Players see what we’ve got going here and where Coach Smart is taking us,” Georgia senior running back Sony Michel said. “They want to be a part of that. Why wouldn’t you?”

Smart coached under Richt at Georgia as running backs coach in 2005, and Smart said they still keep in touch.

“They don’t come any finer than coach Richt,” Smart said. “I still talk to him some, and it says so much about him the way he’s continued to support the kids on this team and support Georgia. The cupboard wasn’t bare when we got here. Now, we had to go sign a quarterback, but we had players. I know a lot of new coaches talk all the time about how they don’t have enough good players when they get there, but I can tell you this place was in better shape than Alabama was when we got there in 2007.”

One of the main reasons Georgia is considered one of the best head-coaching job in America is the wealth of talent in the state. But as Smart points out, everybody all over the country is trying to recruit the state of Georgia, which makes relationships and pinpoint evaluations even more important.

“We’ve got be sure we take the right players, and sometimes that means telling good players from this state that we don’t have room for them,” Smart said.

“You’ve got to make hard decisions, but that’s not a bad problem to have,” said Smart, who shrugs at the thought that the Dawgs might be further along overall than most people expected in his second season.

“I’m not going to sit here and say I expected us to be No. 1 [in the rankings], but it doesn’t really matter where we’re ranked right now.”

Spoken like someone who knows a little something about the “Process” and is content to let that process run its course.





Georgia has the TOUGHEST STRENGTH OF SCHEDULE of all the top teams according to ESPN this morning and 2nd toughest among the top teams is Notre Dame. It’s a long way down before any other team is listed. And none of them being considered for the play-off poll are even in the top 25 strength of schedule. Gary Danielson PICKS on GEORGIA because of our schedule but the FACTS are we can’t win it all because of our schedule Notre Dame Auburn Alabama Mississippi State Bowl Opponent # 1 Bowl Opponent # 2 while Kentucky and Georgia Tech are NEITHER easy wins – tough teams – TOUGH SCHEDULE Gary Danielson you God Damn PIECE OF SHIT LIAR. You are TELEVISING the God Damn Game Gary Danielson – do not LIE about the opponents pre-game DEFEND YOURSELF whole entire broadcast.

# 9 Strength of Schedule Georgia Bulldogs

# 16 Strength of Schedule Notre Dame touchdown Irish Jesus’

# 32 Strength of Schedule Aladamnbama

# 33 Strength of Schedule All Barn

# 39 Strength of Schedule Mississippi State

# 42 Strength of Schedule Ohio State boy are they a disappointment

# 45 Strength of Schedule Choke-la-homa

# 46 Strength of Schedule Climpson

# 49 Strength of Schedule Michigan State

# 55 Strength of Schedule in the ACC FSU wow easy schedule with 5 losses

# 68 Strength of Schedule Texas in the Big XII with 5 losses

# 78 Strength of Schedule Penn State in the Big 10 with all those pussies’ schedules


Just LOOK at these Strength of Schedules of these teams acting so High and Mighty.


Just look…



Our schedule is the TOUGHEST you lying piece of shit Gary Danielson CBS.  Name me a team with a TOUGHER SCHEDULE Gary Danielson ?


Go ahead I will wait.



Kirk Herbstreit – the total SHIT – says now today : “Can Jake Fromm throw the ball on 3rd and 7 at Jordan-Hare against top-10 Auburn consistently? Until they do we have to wonder.”

This is the same Kirk Herbstreit who said that a 11-3 Penn State just HAD TO BE IN THE PLAY-OFFS.

The very same Kirk Herbstreit who got a job at ESPN despite never doing ANYTHING in college football as a player.

In fact Kirk Herbstreit was NOT EVEN drafted by ANY TEAM into the NFL.

Kirk Herbstreit NEVER threw a pass or played a down in the NFL.

But he can QUESTION Jake Fromm.

5 TD passes is all Kirk Herbstreit threw in college.  He played 4 years 1989 90 91 and 92.

He played 8 8 12 and 12 games those 4 years and threw 12 interceptions.

And he wasn’t ANY dual-threat QB either with only 1 yard per rush in college at Ohio State.

56.4 percent of his passes Kirk Herbstreit completed.

THIS shit-ass player Kirk Herbstreit publically ridicules Jake Fromm.


“Can Jake Fromm throw the ball on 3rd and 7 at Jordan-Hare against top-10 Auburn consistently? Until they do we have to wonder.” 




Chipper Towers AJ-C DawgNation although Seth Emerson is our UGA Bulldogs’ beat writer WANTS US TO DISCUSS MVP difference maker between 5-loss 2016 and now 2017 with THIS GAME MEANING SO MUCH TO EVERY FOOTBALL PLAYER COACH FAN AND TEAM IN THE U.S. Chipper Towers says it is NOT Jake Fromm who is the DIFFERENCE 2017 between 2017 and 2016 losing 5 games. Bullshit Chipper Towers. Bullshit son.

Jake Fromm.  What is the difference between this year and last year ?  Andrew Thomas ?  D’Andre Swift ?  J.R. Reed ?  If I were to list the differences and listed someone other than Jake Fromm which I will NOT, I would list J.R. Reed and I listed Roquan Smith.  I love Roquan Smith realizing he is not only as fast a player as we have but that he is the most likely to succeed Sundays at the next level, but he really is the glue.  I love glue.  Don’t get me wrong.  The guy to make the play.  The glue.  Roquan Smith had 95 tackles last year and this season is on target for more depending on how many games we get to play in 2017 season so it is hard to say our top NFL Draft Pick Roquan Smith is the DIFFERENCE with his 95 tackles last year too when Kirby did not even start Roquan Smith every game last year.  No I would say Jake Fromm is the difference and Roquan Smith the MVP the best player on the team the leader of the defense and leader of the team academic star and best player but he was that last year too.  Not the difference.  J.R. Reed has had some spectacular plays and unreal games.  D’Andre Swift would be Freshman Heisman Trophy on any other team.  Andrew Thomas has certainly done what 3 other top 5 OL in the nation as freshmen this year have NOT been able to do and that is START while they instead were redshirted which I still say costs us the most this one most important season 2017 our SEC Championship I guaranteed 2017 for us.  But Jake Fromm has just really got to be recognized for what he has done.  I told you he was accurate.  I told you I saw him throw 16 strikes in a row in the Little League World Series where he also hit 3 home runs for Warner Robins.  I told you he goes to Alabama if Mark Richt stays here – not even an offer to Jake Fromm.  Now I have to tell you who our MVP is.  He comes to the line on a mission to get the ball out of there.  He is accurate.  He can run the ball.  I told you he could move when I saw him in baseball years ago.  I love his mom Lee and she’s cute too.  Do what you do Jake Fromm.  Do what you do.  Thank you Jake Fromm.  I am sorry but Auburn – Georgia would not mean what it does without Jake Fromm.  I would NOT want to be Auburn and face Jake Fromm were I them.  He hustles to the line and gets the ball out of there on-target even to this lackluster receiver corps and even with these 3 top 5 OL in the nation redshirted 2017 like some other year will be as great as this one thanks to Jake Fromm.  Not when we lose 20 whom Kirby had START for him here who leave after 2017.  Whole season is Saturday 3:30 CBS and we’re in here discussing MVP 2017.  And MISSING THAT BOAT too.  Thanks for asking Chipper Towers you dumbass lying piece of shit.  Jake Fromm is the difference.


Chipper Towers writes FLUFF PIECES.  Chipper Towers takes a hiatus.  Chipper Towers is AFRAID of the TRUTH.  Chipper Towers lies.  Chipper Towers does NOT get it.  Chipper Towers is NOT the beat writer for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs but Seth Emerson instead.


Chipper Towers does not even know what MVP means.


Do you think we might talk about the Auburn game Chipper Towers AJ-C ?


Dumbass son of a bitch.



Whatever last year was. We’re all pulling in the same direction this year. But can we beat hated Rival Auburn ? This is what this season has boiled down to. All those five (5) losses last season with all these same players except for Jake Fromm and D’Andre Swift and Andrew Thomas and J.R. Reed and I guess Mecole Hardman Jr. whom we really didn’t give a shot last year to help us with only 1 touch all season 2016.

Can we beat Auburn ?

There is no question that Auburn not Notre Dame is the best team we’ve played this season.

We really need this Rivalry Game Kirby.

Really Really Really.


57-55-8 Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry – can we win ?



Auburn is another team who does not get many penalties called like South Carolina is. Only 6 teams have fewer penalties than Auburn 2017. And Auburn has a great defense. And Auburn has an offense that matches our own offense. NOW SPECIAL TEAMS shows an opportunity for Georgia. Let’s exploit that and get the win baby.




Kirby gets FIVE (5) votes for Number One in the AP Poll and ONE (1) vote for # 1 by the Coaches’ Poll today 11-5-2017 after showing that Jake Fromm CAN TOO THROW THE DAMN BALL. What bullshit.

So I wonder who the coach is who voted The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs Number One in the Nation just now ?




3rd time this season 9-0 Georgia lead by Jake Fromm as Player of the Game. 57-55-8 Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry next up at Auburn CBS. Ohio State and Penn State 2 teams who were not overtaking Georgia even with an UGA loss to Alabama BOTH GONE while THIS BLOG has guaranteed an SEC Championship for Kirby 2017 followed by 20 who STARTED for Kirby here leave after this season.

57-55-8 Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry is up next while Jake Fromm has had 5 really top-notch performances.



# 1 Georgia Bulldogs Number 1 improve to 9-0 as Jake Fromm hits Terry Godwin at the 4-yard line who fumbles the ball again. Jake Fromm blocks out wide # 22 Steven Montac defensive back springing Sony Michel 7-0. Jake Fromm hits Javon Wims for the TD 14-7. Jake Fromm to Mecole Hardman Junior 21-7. Jake Fromm designed run – stopped short of the goal line FG 24-10. Jake Fromm 16 of 22 for 196 yards 2 TD player of the game.


Kirk Herbstreit is a smartass shit who NEVER did anything in college football. His career records at Ohio State University where he was a quarterback are only 5 TD passes and 11 interceptions and 1989 1990 1991 and 1992 playing 8 8 12 and 12 games those 4 years. Kirk Herbstreit completed only 56.4 percent of his passes. And in 117 rushes ran for only 140 yards one yard per rush. Kirk Herbstreit was undrafted by the NFL and never threw a pass in the NFL. Kirk Herbstreit is a NOBODY. How this qualifies him for a job at ESPN is anyone’s guess. He has so pissed off everyone in Ohio that he had to sell his home and move-out. Kirk Herbstreit has an opinion ? Who gives a shit ?

I do not give a rat’s ass whatever Kirk Herbstreit has to say on any topic.  His statements on GameDay Live are always so lame.


He was not a good player and his insights sound like a cheerleader to me – not like you would expect from a top-drawer player ESPN typically hires which this twit absolutely is not.  I remain surprised ESPN keeps him on.  Universally this is the most disrespected ESPN personality.  Why keep the guy ?


Let him go ESPN.




South Carolina # 107 Total Offense. # 104 at 1st Downs by their STINKING OFFENSE. # 104 at 3rd Down Conversions by their STINKING DEFENSE. # 104 Rushing Offense. At 6-2 on the season South Carolina USCe Gamecocks before they play # 1 Georgia send forth their players to TELL US BEFORE THEY PLAY US that WE Georgia Bulldogs can NOT pass the ball.

AJ-C DawgNation Seth Emerson


South Carolina safety Chris Lammons : “They can NOT pass.”



South Carolina is NOT a very good football team at Offense or Defense while you want to discuss anything but them like the Auburn game time or how we might do against Alabama of our 7 remaining Quality Opponents. What South Carolina DOES DO is NOT lose the turnover battle and not get called for penalties.

# 21 winning percentage 6-2

# 12 turnover margin

# 4 fewest penalty yards per game


That is the good news for South Carolina.


The bad news ?


# 103 on 3rd Down Conversion Defense

# 64 on 3rd Down Conversion by their Offense


# 104 at 1st Downs by their Offense

# 79 at 1st Downs allowed by their Defense


Their Defense is just not good and neither is their Offense.


# 73 Passing Offense

# 93 Passing Yards allowed by their Defense


# 104 Rushing Offense


# 79 Sacks allowed by their Offensive Line


# 107 Total Offense


South Carolina is really quite sad at Offense and Defense aren’t they ?


South Carolina therefore has LOST to two (2) really average teams Kentucky and Texas A&M while having beat NO ONE at all.


9-4 for 2017 season South Carolina will not have beaten anyone any good – not with this offense and this defense.  Losing to Clemson and to Georgia is no disgrace but if South Carolina wanted to be good 2017 Will Muschamp had to beat Texas A&M with a freshman QB and had to beat Kentucky and as Will Muschamp has done he could not accomplish dick 2017 yet again.


As always for Will Muschamp who just does NOT field competitive teams.



Will Muschamp has had one (1) good year as a football coach ever and even that year he LOST to Georgia and LOST to a most average Louisville and therefore found himself FIRED and replaced by Jim McElwain.  I said THEN that Jim McElwain was no good and on the run-up to the Florida game 2017 I said every day that Jim McElwain should NEVER HAVE BEEN HIRED at Florida.


In fact I said that every day from day one when he was hired to replace Will Muschamp.


This is NOT a good football team Will Muschamp fields 2017 on offense nor on defense now is it ?


Will Muschamp does not recruit well either.  Who would want to play on such an offense or on such a defense ?


No recruit.


Will Muschamp does not recruit well because he isn’t any good as a coach.


24-23 will be Will Muschamp’s record against SEC teams after Saturday.  Middling.