South Carolina is NOT a very good football team at Offense or Defense while you want to discuss anything but them like the Auburn game time or how we might do against Alabama of our 7 remaining Quality Opponents. What South Carolina DOES DO is NOT lose the turnover battle and not get called for penalties.

# 21 winning percentage 6-2

# 12 turnover margin

# 4 fewest penalty yards per game


That is the good news for South Carolina.


The bad news ?


# 103 on 3rd Down Conversion Defense

# 64 on 3rd Down Conversion by their Offense


# 104 at 1st Downs by their Offense

# 79 at 1st Downs allowed by their Defense


Their Defense is just not good and neither is their Offense.


# 73 Passing Offense

# 93 Passing Yards allowed by their Defense


# 104 Rushing Offense


# 79 Sacks allowed by their Offensive Line


# 107 Total Offense


South Carolina is really quite sad at Offense and Defense aren’t they ?


South Carolina therefore has LOST to two (2) really average teams Kentucky and Texas A&M while having beat NO ONE at all.


9-4 for 2017 season South Carolina will not have beaten anyone any good – not with this offense and this defense.  Losing to Clemson and to Georgia is no disgrace but if South Carolina wanted to be good 2017 Will Muschamp had to beat Texas A&M with a freshman QB and had to beat Kentucky and as Will Muschamp has done he could not accomplish dick 2017 yet again.


As always for Will Muschamp who just does NOT field competitive teams.



Will Muschamp has had one (1) good year as a football coach ever and even that year he LOST to Georgia and LOST to a most average Louisville and therefore found himself FIRED and replaced by Jim McElwain.  I said THEN that Jim McElwain was no good and on the run-up to the Florida game 2017 I said every day that Jim McElwain should NEVER HAVE BEEN HIRED at Florida.


In fact I said that every day from day one when he was hired to replace Will Muschamp.


This is NOT a good football team Will Muschamp fields 2017 on offense nor on defense now is it ?


Will Muschamp does not recruit well either.  Who would want to play on such an offense or on such a defense ?


No recruit.


Will Muschamp does not recruit well because he isn’t any good as a coach.


24-23 will be Will Muschamp’s record against SEC teams after Saturday.  Middling.



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